A PFDJ Meeting Planned for Sunday Stopped by A Swedish High School Headmaster


The regime in Eritrea is not welcome here. Swedish Journalist Dawit Isaak has been imprisoned for over ten years without trial in Eritrea. We certainly do not rent out to someone who does not stand for democratic values, says the school’s new headmaster, Sirpa Wahlberg Borgström.

At the meeting it is planned that the Eritrean ambassador to Britain, Tesfa-Michael Gerahtu, will talk about how the Swedish authorities and media are to degenerate the regime.

I have tried to examine the political agenda of the organizers, but it is very unclear, and we cannot risk rent to someone who doesn’t stand for democracy, she says.

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A PFDJ Meeting Planned for Sunday Stopped by A Swedish High School Headmaster — 59 Comments

  1. Ab Sudan or ab zkhone kal’e Adi ente tekebu meselom eyu eilna zdegefe mdegefekum zteqaweme kea mteqawemekum gn ab Ethiopia?you forgot Ethiopia was the main problem what caused the desert of the youngsters from Eritrea (if there wasn’t war they would ve left to live their own life the way they want after serving 2years)but now they can’t be demobilized and have to stay in stand by.so again Ethiopia is the reason not to mention the jealousy efforts of fabricate lies to support the sanction on Eritrea(eritreans).
    So tell me why you went that low and put ur hands to ur enemy’s hands against ur family?do not insult my intelligence and tell me Agames care about eritreans?very sad you made unforgivable black history,and you will be listed as kehadtin sheytti hzbomn forevvvvvvvvvver.
    we won’t betray our ppl and PIA and thanks god all the Agames illwill against eritreans has been exposed and soon everything will change for better.

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