Ambassador Tesfamariam


Ambassador Tesfamariam — 7 Comments

  1. Wodi beshai unless his eldest brother Tesfazion who was early martyr from a courageous woodibawe sirah(organized in Asmera) killed by the ethiopian intelligence….he is netither a fighter nor a diplomat…he is Issyas busboy…waiting for mokshih… All tegadelti know him well…he is simply an opportunist.

  2. Wodibashay,
    Shame on you……you are a disgrace to your family, stooping so low to dishonor your people instead of inspriing the youth ….you let them …chase you out….And those who are manipulating you made skip over a fence….that is no work of true Hamasenay…A true hamasenay walks straight through the open and welcoming door of his host no matter who they are where they are from with confidence. You stooped so low and disgraced your family.

    • True hamasenay seems to a true racist aletegna you talk about your awraja instead of talking about the whole country Eritrea. Very bad to see such article.

  3. My coments are to assena .com because I couldn’t listen to the news.Also try to write on contact us and still couldn’t.So what’s wrong ,is it all over or just to me?

    • Selam Brikti, we are very sorry for that, but the problem seems to be only for you. Could you please try different broser than what you are using right now. Try Firefox for instance, if you are using explorer or Google Chrome, and get back to us if this doesn’t work for you.


  4. A Global Youth Movement against dictatorship, capitalism and corruption is in order. EYSC is a part of this Global Movement. No one is able to stop it. It is not only time to “Occupy Wall Street” but Occupy Embassy offices of Dictators!! Eritrea Never Kneel Down to DICTATORSHIP. Even the Stones are STILL Burning!

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