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  1. Well, maybe Isaias being a “prophet “,and the way Ethiopia is growing,he could be prophesizing ,that Ethiopia will soon develop to the level of America .Don´t you worry ,we could always be the Tijuana / mexico of the region.Being labourers & whores. Well, our university is closed. That is what less educated peopole do.It is not my wish ,it is just unfortunate future ,unless …..

    • Singapo- Eritrean
      What you said is not a joke, it is serious matter for people of wisdom. Many
      countries who fell in wars under oppressive regimes, their women end up in
      sex trade to support their families. Therefore unless the situation turned around
      the other way to the benefit of the people its consquences might be disaster.
      Young females crossing borders to escape from those mafia without support
      from close family members in foreign corrupted land, it is scary, man.

  2. Pfdj is politically and economically bankrupt entity. Sadly it is dressing the whole nation down the drain along with itself. We just want one brave man to stand out from the pool of the opposition to lead and curtain the prevailing situation in Eritrea. A generation of youth perished in unnecessary wars, are contained in an endless national service, or have deserted the country. The impact of this situation is yet to haunt our country again for the unforeseen future. The deceitful PFDJ kept Eritrea under the guns and baseless propaganda, but when the sun shined we saw there was nothing. Smerrrrrrrrrrr, I am starved for change. Smerrrrrrr this agony should end. Smerrrrrr we need to act to save our nation from imploding…
    It is a curse to be PFDJ, it’s a curse to support PFDJ, it’s crime to give it life. Smerrrrrrr

    • In deed it is a curse to betray your people by ignoring their plight.
      What a funny cruel world are we living ?

  3. Eritrea needs a man like IDRIS AWATE to get rid of the mad dog and his followers!

    Shame on us to let the mad dog destroy our culture, our land and our people!

    We should raise our liberation flag, the flag of our martyrs and implement the advise of the founders of our revolution.

    1) Woldeab W/ Mariam: “God blessed this crown (Eritrea) for us,
    Woe to him who dares touch it.”

    2) Ibrahim Sultan. “ Stand united my dear folks.
    Unite and work together for Eritrea.”

    Put down the tyrant Isayas’s flag and raise up our liberation flag!
    Dismantle dictator’s zobas and replace them by our origin anal provinces!
    Liberate our land and our people!
    Implement our constitution and Highi Indaba (the law of our land)!

    Death to the mad dog, the tyrant dictator and his followers!

  4. We must choose which style we should use to dismantle the tyrant dictator Isayas?

    1) Libyan style; we should get reed of him just like the Libyans did to Gadafi.
    2) Iraq style, we should let Ethiopia dismantle the dictator, just like US did to Sadam Hussein.

    If we don’t do it now, Ethiopia will do soon!

    • number 2 is better,because if you try to demonstrate, hgdef can kill all demonstator. its worse than Libya dictator. the styles of Libya would have been favorable, but western country can not help us, Libayns would not won against the dictator if there were no international intervention. But as we are Eritreans, there is no help to us, becausee they know us our history and we have no prospority to attract them. Hence the only solution possible is the intervetios of Ethiopian. Ethiopian can pay a heavy price to get rid of this crule regime of HGDF but at the end,Eritreans need to unity or Ethiopia can not move as they would argue you that they have rights for the land. because of the heavy payment they faced. the only thing is the people need peace and work together or it will weaken Eritreans if the intervention accupation lands continue. These brotherly people need only peace work together after Hgdef.

    • Neither 1) nor 2), both are devastating and leave scars amoung us. The only option [3)] we have is to wait until the dictator and his likes die, no matter how long the change lets us await. If we are lucky he could be saddenly sick and die. Our opposition makes him defiant and gets appetite to stay more in power. Time heals wounds; if we give him no attention (even if the wise people comply and dull people decide) he will have no more interest to be a dictator further.

      • well, do you many he could not pass to his sons and the geneeral, i thnk you are dead while you are frightenig to die, they say ‘ eritreans while they are dead, they are frighting to die,that the same as you are now. do you know when you will die yourself?
        i am really ashamed about you, you are simply a blind person who knowingly messing and sleeper, instead of to fight for freedom, you intend to pass this bratal regime to his sons by giving him more time until he die and you feel like you never die,
        grm zhawey,degimka hsebelu nebari hiwet yelen nebari ttarik amber! senef. hzbi antay trio aeleka,gelen yshwe,gelen y’amex…nezi t’agsti mbalka hmum mkanka yer’ayeka, kt’ages tedelika kid aebu koynka fetno. senef resah

  5. Man! I need to get the same “Hgdef haircut”. The cartoon got that right.
    Everytime, Issu is whipped; he cries America!

  6. ብሓቂ ዝድነቕ ደቂቕን ጽፉፍን ሓበሬታ ካብዚ ሓውና ንዝሓለፈ 12 መዓልታት ዝኣክል ሓበሬታ ረኺብና። ትማሊ በዚ ድሰንበደ ስርዓት ህግደፍ ንመርበብ ኢንተርኒት አብ መላእ ኤርትራ ዓጺወን ምውዓሉ ሓደ ዓብይ ዓወት ንቕድሚት ኢዩ። ከምዚ ዝኣመሰለ ሰፊሕ ትንታነ ከምኡ ድማ ናይ ምዝካር ተኽእሎ ናይ ብሓቂ ዘደንቕ እዩ። አብዚ ኣሸሓት ኤርትራውያን ዝተሳተፍዎ ናይ ፓልቶክ ሩም ከይመልእ ኮምፒተራትና ከፊትና ንስራሕ ክንወፍር ቀኒና። እዚ ኩሉ ሓበሬታ ቀዲሖም ናብ ዩቲዩፕ ድሰርግሕዎ ድማ መሰጋና ይግብኦም። ገለ ሕርኽርኽ ዝብለኩም ነገር ወይ ወን አብ ቤተሰብኩም አጋጢሙ መልሲ ድሳኣንኩሙሉ ምስ ዝህልው ድማ ምናልባት በዚ አጋጣሚ ክትረኽብዎ ትኽእሉ ሓበሬታ ክህልው ስለ ዝኽእል ተኸታተሉ። ንዓና ምሰሉ። ምስማዕ ዘይኮነ ምቅላስውን ሰለ ዘድሌ ክብርታትና ከነምልሰ ኩላትና ብሓደ ኮይና ንንቀሳቐሰ። ምሰጋና ንፓይሎት።

  7. When isayas was interviewed by an Al jazera journalist regarding young eritreans fleeing their country, his response as, IT IS A LIE, IT IS A LIE, … i do not have any report, IT IS A LIE.
    If one do not have the truth to justify with, denying may seem the best strategy…..
    They will deny everything till the end of their power and life.

  8. It’s hard to believe that the eritrean opposition has a meaningfull armed wing as they claim so often . Many groups like the redsea afar , eritrean salvation, kunama e.t.c have been claiming for the last ten years that they were ready to fight issu and his regime with the language it knows. So far their result is hardly incaraging. I mean what are they waiting for? How bad should it get in eritrea for them to finally put their words in action ? izgio meHarena !!!!

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