Appeals to the President of Sudan to lift the block on by his Government in Sudan


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

His Excellency,

Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir

President of the Republic of Sudan

Dear Sir,

Access to, an Eritrean website dedicated to promoting freedom of expression among Eritrean citizens, has been blocked in Sudan for several weeks.

Although we received complaints about the lack of access to our website from our visitors online, initially we did not believe that the Sudanese government would have taken such an action. However, we have recently received confirmation that indeed your government is blocking our website.

We are grateful to Sudan for accommodating those Eritreans who are no longer able to live in Eritrea.

Our principal concern however, is that they will no longer have access to up-to-date information about the illegal and criminal practice of human trafficking. This, as you must know, is rampant in the refugee camps, and regrettably involves some members of the Sudanese security forces.

The pain of the Eritrean hostage victims in Sinai who were abducted from Shagarab refugee camp, and of their families, is impossible to ignore.

We urgently appeal to you therefore to respect the rights of the Eritrean refugees to freely access information vital to their well-being, and lift the block on


Amanuel Eyasu

Founder and editor,

Assenna Foundation

London, UK

Copy to:

Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan, London UK

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Reporters without Borders (RSF)

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)

Pen International

Comments Appeals to the President of Sudan to lift the block on by his Government in Sudan — 12 Comments

  1. A so called country. How on earth are the Sudanese authorities block Eritrean website? Is the Sudan called a country like any other countries? They are literally governed by the Eritrean mafia group instead of their own most respected people.

  2. Kúlú ghizié hié zeketatel programka zehawey..betijúlu Amlak/Rebí xamaja yejfelca berahwan selamen melúh hiwet nejúlom eritrawian.Agejúm kúlujúm.

  3. Viva Assenna! Viva Amanuel! Izi nay merbeb Assenna ab Sudan miigad Assenna n HGDEF sigab kindey neknek abilatom kemzela zerii iyu! But don’t worry the eritreans in Sudan know very well that there is another way how to access to Assenna news.

    Good job Assenna

    selam n deki erey

    • could be also accessed on via services Ghostsurf, SaferSurf or JAP, if they are not blocked too.
      Another possibility would be via coded VPN tunnel, which allows the user access to a host/computer abroad. This host computer can be then used as a proxy.

  4. The dictator is now trying to control the diaspora. What a control freak? How long can he live like this? Sooner or later, people everywhere will say ENOUGH!

  5. Dear Eritreans where ever you are we have to support this by all means. The president has been the supporter of the Eritrean people not to the dictator Isaias. We admire and valued that very much.
    Assenna please prepare a petition on your web site and we will sign it.
    If we do not fight for our rights who is going to fight for us?!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Assenna

  6. I am not sure whether the news of blocking assenna is true or not, but if the news is true, this proves to me that the dictator government is SO AFRAID from the opposition forces Media, i am sure this will encourage all of us to do our best against this merciless regime,
    go a head Mr Amanuel and we are on your side !!!

  7. I was in Sudan up to last week you can not access. or my friend got access with different ways not every one has the means to that I hope they will left the banned

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