Eritreans still denied freedom 25 years after independence


Young people are fleeing at an alarming rate, preferring to face uncertainty in Europe rather than oppression at home, The Conversation reports Eritreans celebrate during the war with neighbouring Ethiopia in 1998. Photograph: Sami Sallinen/AP Valerie Frank for the Conversation, part of the Guardian Africa Network Twenty-five years ago the … more

Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia – AlJazeera


Ethiopia hosts the highest number of refugees in Africa, a large number of whom are fleeing neighbouring Eritrea. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia –  After Syrians and Afghans, Eritreans comprise the third largest group to cross the Mediterranean Sea. They are aware that their lives are at great risk during the journey, but … more

Who killed Colonel Kahsay in Holland?

Col Kahsay

  Nowadays we really hear shocking movements of PFDJ in the heart of Europe. The dictatorial regime tries all the means to kill its opponents even outside their country. Europe is no longer a safe place for Eritreans. Even the human rights activists who are sympathetic with our people are … more

Eritrea: A decayed revolution


By Owei Lakemfa ERITREA is a relatively unknown African country. Little news filters out. In October 2012, I wanted to pay with a hundred dollar bill in a Washington supermarket, and the cashier declined. He asked me to pay with a smaller denomination, which I did not have. Noticing his … more

Flight for Freedom: The Plight of Eritrean Refugees


Why are so many youngsters leaving the tiny country of Eritrea by putting their lives in absolute danger? The risk of perishing during the epic flights for freedom is high; and yet, tens of thousands of young Eritreans embark on this dangerous journey every year. They do that by navigating intrepidly … more

The Kleptomaniac Leadership and his Destructive Role on the Economic Dimension of Nation Building


An Illustration of the Manipulative and Destructive Self-Appointed Dictator and his Cohorts in Eritrea Paper Presented at the 16th International Academy of African Business and Development (IAABD) Conference from May 13-16, 2015 at Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya  By Desalegn Abraha, Ph. D Associate Professor in Business Administration Email:   … more

Eritrean Refugees’ Trek Through the Americas


by Dan Connell published in MER275 TAPACHULA, MEXICO—It is not hard to find the Eritreans in this low-key town near the Pacific coast a few miles north of the Guatemalan border. They gather on the front steps of the Palafox Hotel with the only other Africans here—Somalis, Ethiopians, a handful … more

Fetsum Abraham: What a legacy and what may our future be


Fetsum Abraham: What a legacy and what may our future be We suffered tremendously for the last 55 years from the long fight for independence and the surprising home breaded absolute dictatorship. The world’s perception of our people’s determination for independence was challenged by the dictatorship that reduced us to … more

A Saudi war fought with Eritrean troops?


By: Mohammad Abu Fares Date of publication: 8 May, 2015 Analysis: Saudi Arabia has been cosying up to Eritrea, leading to reports the African nation will join Senegal in offering troops for the war in Yemen, says Mohammad Abu Fares. Eritrea could be the second non-Arab African nation to contribute … more

Young African Migrants Caught in Trafficking Machine


ZAWIYAH, Libya — The no-money-down offer was too tempting for the children to resist. Smugglers had offered the boys and girls transportation out of the refugee camps along the Eritrean border, across the African deserts and the Mediterranean Sea, to a new life in Europe. There, they could quickly win … more

Explaining the Evil Mind that Is Destroying and Burying the Legacy of the EPLF and the Eritrean Dream: Revealing the Nature (Core Values) of Isaias Afeworki


EPDP Editorial PART II The point is Eritrean people in a deadly historical mistake entrusted Isais with their public space, their fundamental freedoms, their power of citizenry and sovereignty, and their revolution that they achieved in the decades before independence. The root causes of all contemporary Eritrean problems are political, … more

Isaias’ Last Ditch to Bury the Legacy of the EPLF: The End of the “Hope” for Constitutional Governance/Political Pluralism and his Resolve to Continue Clique/Personal Rule in Eritrea


EPDP Editorial In reality, Isaias is digging the last ditch to bury the legacy of the EPLF/the liberation struggle and with that comes the continuation of denial of Eritrean people their right to have a constitutional political system that upholds the rule of law and respects the fundamental principles of … more