A Saudi war fought with Eritrean troops?


By: Mohammad Abu Fares Date of publication: 8 May, 2015 Analysis: Saudi Arabia has been cosying up to Eritrea, leading to reports the African nation will join Senegal in offering troops for the war in Yemen, says Mohammad Abu Fares. Eritrea could be the second non-Arab African nation to contribute … more

Young African Migrants Caught in Trafficking Machine


ZAWIYAH, Libya — The no-money-down offer was too tempting for the children to resist. Smugglers had offered the boys and girls transportation out of the refugee camps along the Eritrean border, across the African deserts and the Mediterranean Sea, to a new life in Europe. There, they could quickly win … more

Explaining the Evil Mind that Is Destroying and Burying the Legacy of the EPLF and the Eritrean Dream: Revealing the Nature (Core Values) of Isaias Afeworki


EPDP Editorial PART II The point is Eritrean people in a deadly historical mistake entrusted Isais with their public space, their fundamental freedoms, their power of citizenry and sovereignty, and their revolution that they achieved in the decades before independence. The root causes of all contemporary Eritrean problems are political, … more

Isaias’ Last Ditch to Bury the Legacy of the EPLF: The End of the “Hope” for Constitutional Governance/Political Pluralism and his Resolve to Continue Clique/Personal Rule in Eritrea


EPDP Editorial In reality, Isaias is digging the last ditch to bury the legacy of the EPLF/the liberation struggle and with that comes the continuation of denial of Eritrean people their right to have a constitutional political system that upholds the rule of law and respects the fundamental principles of … more

West Chester filmmaker driven to tell Eritreans’ story


Cotter, a 37-year-old musician, is almost done making a documentary – Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus – to share people’s stories and raise awareness about human rights abuses in Eritrea, a country slightly larger than Pennsylvania on the Horn of Africa.  Cotter has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and traveled in … more

City man laments deaths of reporters


LAST year was a bad one for reporters in many parts of the world. In 2014, at least 66 were killed while working, 119 were kidnapped and 178 were imprisoned, says the annual report of Reporters Without Borders. “This is the tip of the iceberg,” said a former reporter and … more

Spike in the number of Eritrean refugee arrivals


According to OCHA, UN Agency, the refugee reception center in Ethiopia couldn’t coop with the number of people coming from Eritrea. The number of daily refugee arrivals spiked since the first week of September. At present, on average more than 200 Eritreans cross the Ethiopian border each day. They received 1,836 in September and 1,700 … more

Hidden Oppression in Eritrea


By VITTORIO LONGHI In Europe’s debate about how to deal with the flow of desperate migrants from Africa, there is an important element missing: the crisis in Eritrea. Every month almost 4,000 Eritreans flee to escape oppression, according to a United Nations special rapporteur. A visit to Asmara, the Eritrean … more

Berhe proud to represent Eritrea in NFL


The initial Tweet was really more of a question than a statement. Minutes after the New York Giants drafted Nat Berhe in the fifth round of May’s NFL draft, the Aztecs safety tweeted, “First Eritrean in the NFL?” “It was a question that had to be asked because I was … more



Madiha Al-Junaid (author) – Yemen Times Dozens of Eritrean refugees are scattered across the Al-Safeyah area of Sana’a, a densely populated neighborhood estimated to have the largest number of African refugees in the city. Women sit in groups on threadbare carpets, blankets, or mats in streets corners. They are surrounded by playing … more