One of the most strange and pervasive attributes peculiar to Eritreans – possibly, Eritreans only – is obstinacy: the stubbornly unyielding refusal to change an opinion or a course of action.  To stubbornly speak and write about its importance, even when your venue is discredited.  It doesn’t matter its feasibility.  … more

Eritrea in 2015: Where the streets have many names


“Eritrea is Africa’s North Korea.” This glib comparison has defined Eritrea in the minds of the (very) few outsiders who have afforded it any consideration since it became a pariah state in the early zeroes. But Eritrea is defiantly different from anywhere on Earth—a nation apart, certainly, but one still … more

Part II: The Myth of Sanctions against Eritrea


‘Haba’e Kuslu, Haba’e Fewsu’ Part II:  The Myth of Sanctions against Eritrea I chose this issue as a separate topic because it exemplifies the twisted nature of politics.  The irony of the UNSC sanction is that both the regime and opposition see political benefits in maintaining the sanctions.  When examined … more

To All concerned Eritreans about meskerem.net


In this century of technology the advantages of the media are extraordinary, with news and other related activities like our fight to freedom, human rights and others. However, being responsible to what you post and say is very important as a single line or word could escalate conflicts and results … more

Which one is our enemy? Isyas Afwerki or Weyane?

molla-asgedom (1)

By Mohammed Barkay The people of Tigray and Eritrea are the most related people on earth. We share almost everything except the secrets. Behaviorally speaking, we Eritreans are more direct and aggressive in nature but the Tigreans are known as polite and  with ill-intention. Our people talk many stereotypes about … more

Why So Many Eritreans Are Fleeing To Europe

ROSENHEIM, GERMANY - AUGUST 31:  A young migrant couple from Eritrea look on a map of Europe as they prepare to depart with their son after they completed the registration process at a center for migrants at a facility of the German Federal Police (Bundespolizei) on August 31, 2015 in Rosenheim, Germany. German police monitor trains arriving from the Balkans and from Italy that go through Rosenheim and currently detain around 350 people a day for travelling without a passport. The police register the migrants, mostly from countries including Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea, fingerprint them and check whether any are already in the European asylum-applicants or criminal databases. From there the migrants are free to travel within Germany to reception centers where they can apply for asylum. Up to 1,600 migrants are currently arriving in Bavaria in southern Germany a day and will seek asylum. Germany is expecting to receive 800,000 asylum-seeking migrants this year and is struggling to cope with the record number.  (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

According to United Nations figures, Syrians have made up roughly half of the migrants trying to reach Europe by sea this year. They’re followed by Afghans and Eritreans. Thousands are believed to be fleeing the country in the Horn of Africa every month, even though the country is not at … more

Eritrea Focus


September 17, 2015 What happened on 18 September 2001? Eritrea has its own day that lives in infamy – 18 September 2001. On that day, Eritrea lost all vestiges of being a free and democratic society – and  in effect became  a totalitarian dictatorship and the personal fiefdom of Issiais … more

A trip to Mai Habar with Fessaha Yohannes Joshwa


September 18, 2001 was a horrifying day for Eritreans and international organizations advocating for journalists as well as freedom of speech. The day Eritrean private newspaper journalists and high ranking government officials were put behind bars was the day the nation came to an official standstill. As a journalist working … more

Melancholic drama or demonic reality?


According to Doctor Daniel R. Mekonnen, a former judge in Asmara, currently a Lawyer representing us in the ongoing effort of the Commission of Inquire on crimes against humanity, Eritrea had 8978 (with a little margin of error) jailed people without KISSI (case) under different authorities and the POLICE. The … more

The Unique Eritreans


“The harder they come, the harder they fall” and the harder the dictatorship presses the society down, the stronger our people explode on its face at universal dimensions of the relationship. Every attempt to neutralize the Eritrean character has been efficiently challenged by the extraordinary survival of our kids that … more

Fetsum: Let us go to work!


Guitar is the most complicated instrument in music to my understanding. Mood, tuning, temperature, state of mind and of course a little deviation from reality through the help of artificial intervention such as moderate alcohol matter in guitar like in operating any other musical instruments. The concept of musical improvisation … more

Refugee Journeys: Two Eritreans in Sudan


By Dan Connell, August 14, 2015. Two young women reflect on their decision to flee Eritrea, a small state that produces one of the highest rates of asylum seekers in the world. Neema and Afrah, both Muslims from Eritrea’s Blin minority, fled Eritrea a year apart. Today they share a … more

Fetsum: I think this is it!


My opinion on OUR VOICE’s latest article on the Urgency of Re-organizing and Strengthening Eritrean Democratic Grassroots Movements for Primary Elections by assenna, August 6, 2015 Remark: The final moment for the dictatorship and its evil doctrines to crumble has arrived for all of us to move forward nurturing the … more

Urgency of Re-organizing and Strengthening Eritrean Democratic Grassroots Movements for Primary Elections By Our Voice – Eritrea


Urgency of Re-organizing and Strengthening Eritrean            Democratic Grassroots Movements for Primary Elections                                                                            By                                                               Our Voice – Eritrea Outline Mission Statement The Role of Our Voice – Eritrea The Role of Opposition Political Parties and Civic Organizations in the Elections Criteria for Candidacy and Any Participation in the … more

Fetsum: On OUR VOICE’s concept of Eritrean History


I appreciate ASSENNA for its achievements and actualizing this bliss and God bless its management. In my last article I wrote the importance of OUR VOICE’s self-exposure to the efficiency, reliability and accountability of its objective because I as a person want to only deal with Eritreans on issues concerning … more