Fetsum: The Mess and the Goodie


As you know unexpected things happen to people but we can make the best out of any unpleasant happenstance and move on or break apart gravitating to the negative. I prefer the first choice and I hope you do too, for there no perfection in human life! No matter how … more

Fetsum: Whatever


Allah may give the wicked many chances to remorse and shape up but does not guarantee them everlasting support; rather leaves them face the consequence of the sins at the end of their melancholic role in society. God does his magic in mysterious ways when he gets tired of giving … more

This is Africa’s North Korea


THE-STAR /  18 January 2016 at 13:54pm By: Mercedes Sayagues Eritrea is losing its youth through mass migration. But what is everyone fleeing, asks Mercedes Sayagues. There is something odd in the camps hosting Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia and Sudan. Generally, refugee camps in Africa burst with women and children – … more

New Year Resolution: Don’t agonize organize


By Petros Tesgagherghis There is persistent talk that the Eritrean political parties should hand over leadership to the youth.  But it is not possible to hand over leadership in a silver plate. Leaders emerge or evolve in the process of organised   activities. So my New Year resolution is “Don’t agonize, … more

A response to the Disinformation Campaign Being Waged by the PFDJ Against the Commission of Inquiry’s Mission to Uncover the Truth About Human Rights Violations Occurring in Eritrea


The Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea (COI) is a UN commissioned body with a mandate to shed light on the human rights violations being perpetrated by the Eritrean government against its people. It is carrying out its mandate by collecting oral and written testimonies of ordinary Eritrean … more

Fetsum: Good direction but a lot more to go


Amanuel Iyasu’s recent appearances including in SEMER pal talk room was a step forward to the struggle that now appears in the stage of crystallizing the grassroots based bottom up strategy towards democracy. It was a very interesting dialogue with the crowd on the current political situation of the Diaspora … more

The daunting challenge of Saving the Eritrean State


Eritreans for Facilitating National Dialogue (EFND), December 18, 2015 A very basic indication of dictatorial rule is the absence of constitutional order that compels those in power to be accountable to citizens. In the absence of any legal restraint on their power dictatorial regimes generally tend to become self-serving, regardless … more

On International Migrants Day, 18 December 2015


GMT 17:53 Thursday ,17 December 2015 Petros Tesfagherghis I am a British citizen of Eritrean origin, the country that is the largest producer of refugees in Africa. Widespread public support for the “Welcome Refugees” campaign has given me hope that people care and are willing to give protection to those … more

Fetsum: The immediate challenge of our struggle


I was getting a bit frustrated by the brief silence of OUR VOICE after elevating the Eritrean hope for freedom in multiple controversial but down to earth appearances. The video-graphic exposure of Professor Araya Debessay at Assenna, however, changed my helpless and impatient state of mind on what to do … more

The Afars: Eritrea’s Forgotten Refugees


The Afars, a tightly knit Muslim minority in one of the most inhospitable corners of Africa, are determined to keep their home and the culture that sustains them. By Dan Connell, December 4, 2015. Many traveled by foot through the Danakil Depression, one of the lowest and hottest places on … more

Fast re-wind and fast forward


Amanuel Sahle In a clear night one can see forever. I don’t know who said it but I like the maxim, whatever it means. And in a serene mind one can think forever. There are people who love to think, and they travel far and wide, backward and forward, in … more

Change of attitude

Amanuel sahle

Amanuel sahle I have decided to write this article in English taking into consideration some readers whose grasp of Tigrinya is a bit too shaky to completely understand what I have written over the past few months. I think that in order to effect a change of attitude, one has … more