Ethiopia says foiled Eritrea-backed terror attack


The National Intelligence and Security Service and Federal counter-terrorism taskforce claimed the armed Eritrea’s mercenaries were caught by Ethiopian security forces in the country’s southern regional state. The heavy armed mercenaries were captured in a jungle at the southern tip of the country and were conspiring to launch a terrorist … more

Listhaug warns Eritreans against travel to Eritrea

Norway minister

When the regime in Eritrea this month marks 25 years, many Norwegian-Eritreans will travel to Eritrea to celebrate. Those who leaves is taking the risk of punishment, warns immigration minister Sylvi Listhaug In May there is expected thousands of Eritreans from Europe who will travel to Asmara, the Eritrean capitol, … more

Eritrea, Ethiopia worst journalist jailers in Sub-Sahara


By Tesfa-Alem Tekle April 29, 2016 (ADDIS ABABA) – Eritra and Ethiopia have respectively continue to become Africa’s leading jailers of journalists, according to a new survey released Thursday by an independent watchdog. The US-based Freedom House said governments of the two east African countries continue to show little tolerance … more

An Urgent Call to All Eritreans Worldwide


Dear Fellow Eritreans in the Diaspora, We are writing to invite you to be a signatory of a call that we will soon issue to all Eritreans in the Diaspora to join a Grassroots Movement whose goal is to elect Global Leaders who will represent Eritreans in the Diaspora. The … more

The Way Forward For Eritrea: Eritrean Education and Publication Trust in association with Initiatives of Change hosts a two-day conference in London


Our guest speakers will be: Mr Mesfin Hagos, former Minister of Defence; “Why haven’t the opposition united and achieved its goal?” Ambassador Abdela Adem; “Challenges to Mass Mobilization and Wider Participation”. Ambassador Adhanom Gebremariam; “Efforts Needed to Forge a Viable Common Strategy?” Mr Suleiman Hindi, Head of Engineering, EPLF; “Effective … more

Murder on the streets of Asmara


Friday 8 April 2016 Murder on the streets of Asmara Earlier this week, on Sunday 3 April, the brutal Eritrean regime murdered tens of its own citizens. Forced conscripts who jumped from an army convoy were shot in cold blood and civilians who tried to help faced the same murderous … more

Celebrating International women day in London


Celebrating International women day in London date 20/03/2016 By Petros   Tesfagiorgis Women are fighting and emerging for centuries of being held down.  It has been a difficult battle which is still not complete. During the 30 years of armed struggle the question of equality of women was taken very seriously. … more



To mark World Day Against Cyber-Censorship, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is today launching Operation Collateral Freedom #2, in which it is unblocking access to websites that are censored in five countries and is unveiling the RSF Censorship Detector app. The aim of this operation – the continuation of Operation Collateral … more

Ethiopia warns Eritrea over fresh aggression


By Tesfa-Alem Tekle February 25, 2016 (ADDIS ABABA) – Ethiopia on Thursday threatened to take actions against neighbouring Eritrea over what Addis Ababa said was in response to latest aggression by president Issayas Afeworki-led regime in Asmara. At a press conference held in the capital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s communication minister, … more

Eritrean gunmen kidnap dozens of Ethiopian gold miners


By Tesfa-Alem Tekle February 20, 2016 (ADDIS ABABA) – A group of Eritrean armed men allegedly carried out mass kidnappings from a region in North Ethiopia bordering the tiny Red Sea nation. Multiple sources toldSudan TribuneSaturday that a group of armed men allegedly dressed in Eritrean army uniforms crossed borders … more

US company to construct Ethiopia Djibouti pipeline


United States Company has agreed with Ethiopia to construct the fuel pipeline linking landlocked Ethiopia to Djibouti.US secretary of state said in a statement seen by APA on Friday that the black Rhino company owned by funds from United States investment firm Blackstone Group has obtained the privilege of the … more