Hakeem the wise one


In the city of Bhagdad lived Hakeem the wise one, and many people went to him for counsel, which he gave freely to all, asking nothing in return. There came to him a young man who had spent much but got little, and said, “tell me wise one, what shall … more

From Babylon to Glory !


From Babylon to Glory ! fate or destiny ? he refuse to see, choose not to hear unable to foresee, the impending danger shattered by silence, strengthened by fear bitter revenge, essence of his character with clean slate, call for reforms confess your crime, reconcile with victims halt the exodus, … more

ወርቂ – ፍሥሐየ መብራህቱ


ወርቂ ፍሥሐየ መብራህቱ ርኣዩዋ በሉ ጓል ሃገረይ፡ ከም ንግሥቲ ተዓጂባ ከም ልዕልቲ ወርቂ ካባ ዘይዓጣ ዘይዓጅባ፣ ተዃሒላ ቀባሕባሕ በናጅር ኣብ ኢዳ ጨርባሕባሕ ኣልማዝ ካቲማታ ማሕማሕ ኵትሻ ኣብ እዝና ወዛሕዛሕ ጐባጉብ ኣብ ክሳዳ ፈሣሕሣሕ ወርቂ ሚዶ ኣብ ርእሳ ነፋሕፋሕ ሕልሕሎ ተኣንጊባ ሸማሕማሕ በራውር ኣንባር እግራ ሽዋሕዋሕ። እንድዒኸ! ናይዛ ኃውተይ ይገርመኒ ምስ … more

መን እየ ኣነ?


መን እየ ኣነ? ሽግር  ሓሊክዎ መልሓስ ተዓጽፎ ዓለም መኒኑ ይነብር ኣብ ቆፎ ንእሽቶ መስኮት ንትንፋስ ገዲፉ ኣብ ጉድጓድ ይቅመጥ ኣብራዂ ዓጺፉ ዝባነ ዝባን ሸነን እንታይ ክዓብሰሉ ብኣየር ዝጓዓዝ ድምጺ እንተዘይብሉ ሓደ ግዜ ግን ሓንቲ ምድረ በዳ ፈጺመ ኣይሩህሩህን ዝበልክዎ ከብዳ ድምጸን ኣጕሊሔን ነጢረን ዝከዳ ኣሎና ዝብላ ብቅጽበት ወሊዳ ንክብሪ ሃለዋት … more

If martyr’s rise for the day …


If martyr’s rise for the day …   if martyr’s rise for the day what would they say ? anxious to celebrate misery at the nations anniversary  reminiscing,  back in the day  when hope & glory led the way the “Sewura” and its cost  the comrades you lost  ideals, and visions you … more

The pleas from Sinai


Tears challenge my eyes Sadness defies my feelings Rage provokes my emotions The pleas knock on my conscience Depression tests my psyche I negotiate the bends of my thoughts On this issue I am more than an Eritrean More than an African I am at large, human I wish I … more