A community centre born of tragedy


THREE times a week, the sound of children fills the downtown community centre of the Eritrean community. Tutors work with children of refugee families, many of them who spent years in camps in Africa without formal schooling. The program is one of several run by the Eritrean Community In Winnipeg … more

Rebuilding a community

There is a large Eritrean community in California´s Silicon Valley in Santa Clara County. Like many other nationality-based communities in the area, members tend to be of varying political or ideological persuasions which sometimes hinder the development of strong community associations. … more

My experience in Pentecostal church.

The fragility of the government and its oppressive rule further crippled the freedom of young people. Hopelessness coupled with restricted freedom further created an opportunity for Pentecost to prosper. The mass conversion of young people had alerted PFDJ elites to the state of paranoia. They have introduced every punitive measure … more