Eritrea Turns Its Back on Ethiopia’s Call for Understanding

Addis Ababa, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) Following the call by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to start peace talks with Eritrea and resume bilateral relations, the neighboring country demanded certain conditions, the press reported today.   The

Addis Ababa, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) Following the call by Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to start peace talks with Eritrea and resume bilateral relations, the neighboring country demanded certain conditions, the press reported today.


The newspaper The Ethiopian Herald reported that Asmara made it a requirement an old dispute, already resolved through the Algiers Agreement, but in the opinion of specialists, the Eritrean government still uses in order to get some revenue.

After two years of bloody conflicts in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia and Eritrea finally signed in 2000 a global peace agreement in the capital of Algeria.

The pact compromised the belligerents to accept the mediation of the United Nations for the establishment of their final borders according to the principle established by the then Organization of African Unity respecting the border limits inherited from the colonial era.

However, Eritrea still insists that the border area of the Ethiopian northwest, in the region of Yirga, is an integral part of its territory, which repeatedly and repeatedly obstructs the calls for understanding of Addis Ababa, said Belete Belachew, an analyst at the Center of Dialogue, Research and Cooperation.

‘It is not Algiers that is hindering possible peace talks; it is rather the tendency of Asmara to use its conflicts with Ethiopia to obtain political gains. Consequently, it closes the hopes of reconciliation. ‘

In his view, unfortunately, the Eritrean authorities are manipulating the border conflict to stifle domestic political dissidents and generate other socio-economic challenges.

The Algiers Agreement applies to both countries; one cannot fulfill it while the other side is violating it; Eritrea cannot insist on the implementation of one component of the agreement while violating its other component, said the Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Strategic Studies of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Mogos Tekelemichael.

In turn, Tafese Olika, an academic of Political Science at the University of Addis Ababa, pointed out that there are many more opportunities for both countries to use to renew their friendship.

Algiers could have been a point of discussion, but the other aspects of the relationship between people are more than enough to restore ties, Olika said.

The situation of ‘no peace or war’ is not advantageous for Ethiopia, particularly for its people who live along the border between the two countries, experts said.

They agree that the relationship is more than a border issue and therefore, the two nations need to resort to other opportunities, among them the enormous cultural ties, to get out of the deadlock.


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Review overview
  • amanuel April 10, 2018

    If i were abiy ahmed i would give shabya badme and then see what the banckrupt iseyas would do with it. But i would not eastablish any kind of relationship with the thugish hgdf till it surrenders power to the people.

  • Duri Mohammed April 10, 2018

    First thing comes first. The Algiers agreement must be respected , Ethiopia should leave Eritrean territories. Unless this is achieved there cannot be no dialogue.Then will follow bilateral relations. Anything out of this idea is hot-air

    • amanuel April 10, 2018

      Zihazkayo ayemahaderkan.

      • ተስፋልደት April 12, 2018

        ምርጫ የብለንን ወያነ ፈትየን ዘይኮነ ከይፈተዋ

        • SenAfe April 23, 2018

          Unfortunately, it is poor you who doesn’t have any choices or even basic rights as a human {if you are a normal human with two legs & two hands) being.

  • Mussie April 10, 2018

    Iseyas and his fascist regime are not interested in peace. But the Eritrean people want the border issue to be solved as soon as possible. On the Ethiopian side, the Weyane are not much different from the regime in Eritrea. The two groups have a lot in common.
    A brutal one party system on both sides of the border has denied people, option to vote for whoever represents their wishes. Peace between the two countries is partly related to the issue of democracy in both Tigray and Eritrea. The day Iseyas and his regime are gone and Tigray finally has a pluralistic political system, there will be a demarcated border, respect for territorial integrity of each other and peace between the two countries

    • amanuel April 11, 2018

      That is true. Weyane is not much different from shabia/hgdf. Weyane is better than shabia only due to peoples resistance. Imagine if we had acria protests everywhere what would happen, if we had rejected hgdf. Every eritrean wants badme returned, but badme issue is totally d/t from complete repression and depreviation of our dignity. If we were colonized by dergi then what are we now? Liberated? Hgdf is 1000× worse than derg all eritreans who lived during the two knows this very well. You can not even compare the two. B/s derg is a government, hgdf is just group of thugs.

      • SenAfe April 23, 2018

        amanuel, you are a fake monster and should sty away from our peaceful Eritrea.

  • Danilo April 10, 2018

    All is ሑንኩሊቢቶ! Isn’t it? Now the issue of YRGA village is flashing point, because the straight line ( eagerly should be twisted. Despite we have to rid of hostage handler ( Hgdef regime ) Ethiopia is killing us as usual too. so let’s wake up men.

    • k.tewolde April 10, 2018

      You said it Danny,genuine desire for peace doesn’t put preconditions on the table,beats around the bushes,it just works and negotiates for peace relentlessly,however,since peace reveals the true character of these conquistadors in Asmara and leaves them naked for everyone to see,can you imagine the sight!!,they wear the trench coat and a hat of the flash-points you mentioned above and strut around town scaring the poor people,”the woyanes are coming!”. As the saying goes, “the marketplace chaos suits the thief.”

  • NAPOLEON April 10, 2018

    If Ethiopia has to keep Badme that way,then Eritrea has to reclaim Hanish and Zukur islands,much more important territories!!

    • Mesfin April 11, 2018

      If Eritrea claims Badme then Ethiopia would also claim Tserona as it was given by the Hague arbitration but was refused by Meles group to accept it as an Ethiopian town.
      In other word, if Ethiopia is to lose Badme to Eritrea then it has to gain other towns from Eritrea.
      Eritrea and Eritreans should not expect just a win win situation, it would be more like give & take.

      • AHMED SALEH !!! April 11, 2018

        We know BADME was handed to WEYANE by Issaias after they fulfilled the preconditions to show loyalty . The year was in 1981 .

        Tserona or ATKARO named by Saho people has not any connection with
        Ethiopia . People from TIGRAY across the border are the witness of their region
        history . My ancestors came from that area and some bastards try to tell me
        where do I belong . PLS leave those peasants in border area to live in peace as
        their fathers and grandfathers era . They saw unnecessary blood shed and suffered enough in their lives .
        Let stupid HGDF and WEYANE extremists go to hell .

      • Danilo April 11, 2018

        Again and again claim or demand. As Eritrean, i support a claim for badme and other villages currently occupied by Ethiopia. If we need peace Ethiopians should stop demanding which is not theirs. If we remember what lead the 30yrs of war, was illegal. Isn’t it? And now the same thing. Thanks to the command post in Asmara and Addis. In other words, Hgdef & weyaniye don’t differs from Mengustu / Haileelasie. So, unless we defend our hole country and people now! Ethiopian is paying way to claim again Eritrean as it’s province once more again.

      • amanuel April 11, 2018

        It does not matter who gets which, honesty is virtue and that virtue does not exist in weyane land and blood. Glad that weyane is kiked out of ethiopia and wish the same to hgdf in eritrea. A ruling is a rulling and must be respected and will be respected. Weyane nitigray kisara eyom. Hgdf win niertra kisara tirah eyom. Ezom kilte husurat fitret tarik koinom koinom kemzitefu tirtir yelen.

  • rezen April 10, 2018

    Hi k.tewelde,
    This is not a commentary on the above subject matter but to use it, with my apology to assenna,com, to bring to your attention my daring INPUT on another subject as a classical flawless TANGO of 69-words.. Please, give me A — if not A+!!!!!!!

    Click at VOICE OF ASSENNA: Panel Discussion Re Ethiopian PM’s Recent Call for Peace with Eritrea – Part 2

    • k.tewolde April 11, 2018

      Spot on rezen,I did.Remember life is about choices,even when you start your day,you choose to start it miserably or with joy and gratitude,you are the one who set the tone.I can’t grade you because I don’t have a scale that can measure your gargantuan contribution.

  • AHMED SALEH !!! April 10, 2018

    Reality taught Eritrean and Ethiopian people that WEYANE
    and HGDF governments are the true enemies of PEACE .
    After their fake marriage to solicit national wealth led them
    into greed and betrayal , a hidden agenda to cover up their
    evil deeds follows with NO PEACE NO WAR policy . Unless
    one of them surrendered the power of authority . it is likely
    the new prime minister noble intention to resolve border
    conflict may face resistance from these hard headed antagonists.

  • Sanka April 11, 2018

    The Adversaries and Quislings of Eritrea and their associates might disseminate misleading and dishonest information; but they cannot alter Facts, the Truth and a mountain of Evidence thereof that Ethiopia has been and continued to be at fault in respect of the Peace-deal aka “the Algiers Agreement” by violation same Agreement it signed.
    In that regard the later Lord Avebury’s response to the objection of the EEBC’s decision by Ethiopia, seeking further dialogue and reconsideration, in the letter of March 7, 2015 as partially quoted below, Lord Avebury explicitly stated that the time for dialogue is CLOSED “There is no question of ‘the two parties sitting down and discussing’” and the time for implementation of the Agreement is long overdue due to Ethiopia’s refusal to comply with the Final and Binding nature of the Agreement.
    “There is no question of ‘the two parties sitting down and discussing’ the demarcation on the border between them. The decision of the Lauterpacht Commission was ‘final and binding, and futile attempts to renege on that agreement have obstructed the resumption of normal relations between your country and Eritrea, at great cost to human life and economic development.
    I should be grateful if you would convey my observations to your government [of Ethiopia].
    Yours sincerely
    Eric Avebury”

  • Hidat April 11, 2018

    ክሳብ ትምለስ ባንዴራ ኤርትራ…………ፈጺምካ ዕርቂ የለን ምስ ኢትዮጵያ………..የለን ምሰ ኢትዮጵያ…… ይድረፍ ነይሩ ቀደም። ሕጂ ከኣ ካብ መሬት ኤርትራ ከይወጹ ዝግበርነገር የለን።

    • k.tewolde April 11, 2018

      It was a goodwill gesture from the young prime minister towards a sister nation and its people,however the illegitimate junta and its cronies instead of giving the initiative a chance,immediately they started bucking and as usual sounding the pseudo patriotic alarm and putting conditions on the table,I don’t have to go into details why this reaction.but one thing is clear,they don’t want peace,it takes away the “joker” from the deck of their playing cards,the status quo suits them perfectly,they don’t give a rat about Badme. That said,the prime minister should revise and make the call to the justice seeking movement both inside and in diaspora and help them rally the masses and elect democratically a leadership which represents them and hammer out a lasting peace accord…..If this job is left for HGDEF, we will be eating QUE’ENTI for a while.

      • k.tewolde April 11, 2018

        In other words, we the people we need to take matters in our hands and chart our destiny.Period.

        • amanuel April 12, 2018

          Right on k.tewelde.
          Tesekifna silezidegefna hafirnan hara mewxaeti tebelnayom ashkaelilomulnan abriesina sheynomulnan. Eziom husurat serekti enteda nexa mewxaeti elnayom ndergi eti higi zikitel sirat zekberenan entay elna kinxiwuo ena? Dergi gezaei sirat entelnoyoke hgdf dea entay kibehal eyu?