Eritrens in Seattle Hold Candlelight Vigils, Demonstrations


Eritreans residing in the metropolitan city of Seattle on Saturday held candlelight vigils in memory of their native nationals who lost their lives at the hands of human and organ traffickers in the Sahara desert and Sinai Peninsula. The memorial service was held across the PFDJ office which is registered and operates under the disguise of a community center and was hosting a quasi-clandestine meeting with Dr. GhedewonAsmerom’s chairmanship.

Even though the candlelight vigils had been planned to coordinate with the international initiative that has been taken by Eritreans across the US to come out on the day and  remember the victims, DrGhedewon’s continuous mockery on the suffering of the Eritrean youth and his inciting activities of the diaspora youth had given them a reasonto demonstrate as well.

Braving the cold and drizzly afternoon weather, the demonstrators used slogans, music and speeches to express their resentments to the dictatorial regime they allege as the root cause of the Eritrean misery.  The demonstrators alleged that Dr. Ghedewon and few others they named, using their American citizenship, are serving as accessories and proxies to enable the Eritrean regime go around the  movement restrictions put by the State Department on its diplomats so as to raise funds and incite the youth.

According to witnesses who attended the first separate meeting Dr. Ghedewon held for young diaspora Eritreans, he lectured them mainly on how Ethiopia, the West and Djibouti are the natural and mortal enemies of Eritrea and its independence. IssiasFikre, one of the attendees, said that the meeting had no substance except a repeat of the usual paranoia of the regime which seems unabatedly increasing. MussieKidane, another attendee, said that the professor and his handlers hurriedly closed the meeting after the youth started to challenge him on why the government resolve its internal problem instead of waging against the whole world.


Eritrens in Seattle Hold Candlelight Vigils, Demonstrations — 6 Comments

  1. Dr. Ghedewon and others boneheaded IA supporters are cowards with no soul. Their only friend is the devil,
    who are happy with him regardless the pain and despair of our people. We are inter-connected with our youth,
    it should raise a sense of urgency to find ways for a solution and highlight their plight. Their fate represents
    the destiny of the country. It is necessary to fight for the things that makes us good, and to fight for those that make us embarrased because of their unacceptible manners. I admire Eritreans in SEATTLE for your courage to stood-up for
    our youth. And for those who try to dismiss our current sad situation merely covering up for the high-ups, I beg
    you to be real for GOD sake, no need to go that low.

  2. the worst higdef animals are in Seattle Those who prefer Isyas than Jesus.Brainwashed Wellfare Queens Zealots and Bigots Good Job Seattelites Eritreans.

  3. I dont really Understand how come you call him Dr. Ghedewon? Do you think that an educated person can take a dictators side? This guy is ignorant at all….And, Pfdj gangs have either paid him or he is selfish naturaly…

  4. The Judgment days for Tyrant Eritrean Leader are numbered. He will pay the highest price for suffering the Eritrean people the past 15 years.

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