Head to Head – What is wrong with Islam today? – AlJazeeraEnglish – Published on 22 Jun 2013


Head to Head – What is wrong with Islam today? – AlJazeeraEnglish – Published on 22 Jun 2013 — 100 Comments

    • she like women. lesbian Solomon gomra , that means she I hate man don’t get your sister close to her. or your mother. hardcore lunatic. and that’s what she is. buy one get the second one free. good business. united we stand. remember we are in a Erirean. that we not allowed gay ladies.

  1. the lesbian lady try to to tell the Muslims is how to live how to think, agreat way to scapegoat you want to sell your book is write about Islam this is how you make money nowadays otherwise how she sale book . scholar hungry money. she don’t care about islam Christianwhatever the reason. she won wareis the mighty God of money. lady this is nothing new. muslims seen many hardships than that. get over it make that money. who you fooling around. lesbian

    • Brother Saïd,

      You have a point that she may be trying to sell books, but we have to listen to what she has to say on the subject and bring counter-arguments.

      No one of us has the right to judge another human being, that’s the decision of God, if you believe that we are all GOD’s creation.

      I like what she said about humility. Nobody has ever died and come back to tell us about the after-life. That’s why it’s called “እምነት” not “ፍልጠት”

        • Sorry Ida,

          That’s what you believe. It’s dificult to prove without believing in the divine origine of the holy book itself.

          All I’m saying is be humble when it comes to matters of faith, nobody knows for sure what our purpose on earth is. All I know for sure is that Human Beings are the same everywhere, there’s good and bad, but religious fundamentalism can turn good people into bad people.

      • well my first question will be have you read the book. I’m sure you did it. we don’t accept things blind so let’s talk about her book. she is very clever lady by writing at the end the page.Islam which is fine but let me too early but this woman which is you never going to like. the first 16 pages to 20 pages was her sexual preference and a few more about songs that you may not heard of before. I suggest you. don’t let your kid to see it because if they read it you’ll wonder what happened to them if you want to let your little daughter learn how to be a lesbian this is the best book for you. sister Your Mother. is moral obligation. we don’t live in a fantasy land. this woman is sick and lunatic. you probably do see what she said about Christianity. Hinduism Jewish my friend this lady don’t even likeher self. I’m going to give you more light later

        • Saïd,

          You don’t have to take her as a serious threat.
          I don’t care who she is, her sexual preference is non of my business.

          You can not hide your loved ones from the world just because there are people like her in the out there. Just like you cannot put a carpet that covers the entire surface of the earth, just to be able to walk barefoot! You can easily solve the problem by wearing shoes.

          It’s good that you have read the book, then you can refer back to your holy book and see if there is a inconsistencies/falsehoods.

          Knowledge is power! it’s those who are uninformed and who lack exposure to the outside world that fall for charlatans.

          • my brother I told you I’m going to give me some more light, she’s not only lunatic or lesbian, but she gave a reference that got my attention, I have no idea King James which is in the Bible he’s gay that she like the most that many Christian people believe evangelical, and then got me wonder. why not her books in South Africa in many European country including the United State. in fact I found in Middle East. I don’t want you to get offended like I say. idefend nobody butEritren I guess they are very capable of defending himself, but us. that’s why you don’t see it in your neighborhood. taxpayer now I want you to refill it in your holy book. is she she wasn’t wrong on that one. King James encyclopedia. good night man. united against dictator.

          • Brother Saïd,

            The King James Version (KJV), commonly known as the Authorized Version (AV) or King James Bible (KJB), is an English translation of the Christian Bible for the Church of England begun in 1604 and completed in 1611.

            What do you think about religious political parties in Eritrea? Should we allow it or forbid it?

          • Mr. zaul nobody asking for shira law in Eritrea, but Islam don’t chaos government. what so call awela . common interest law I buying citizen,. not demonize, he or she is believe. human right equal share, common interest, for the sake of the land. then we are okay is , if this is broken, Eslam with step in. by the way. two think that you cannot separate jihad in Islam. goes hand in hand. so if this implemented I will not worry for anything. I’ll look for democracy in Eritrea. we have no problem with that. we have to be the best example to anybody. don’t worry. united against dictator

  2. my question to Amanuel Iyassu is why you brong us with such debate today? What is the real message behind this? Do you want to tell us that you hate Islam? I don’t really understand about this debate? Are you going to bring us also the debate between Islam and Christianity to realize which religion is the religion of God?

    • Hi Abdela (if it is your name)

      You see, I can see now why you are offended by posting such interesting debate. Religious problems are every where including Eritrea. So it is good to discuss or listen about it. I think Amanuel’s point is this. I found the debate is very interesting for two reasons. Firstly we need to learn every thing including religion must be debated. Many people think religion is untouchable. Thus we always confront each other for lack of having enough knowledge about it. Secondly, Eritrean like many other African countries, is composed of Moslmes and Christians. In order to live in harmony and peace we need to address such issues openly. If we don’t bad people such as Isaias will use it for their personal gain as they have used since 1961. Let’s try to accommodate controversial issues from now as it is one of the cornerstones of democracy.

  3. Abdalla
    What is wrong if Amanuel posted this video. Isn’t the role of a media to inform and educate a public. I have learnt alot from the debate and I would like to thank Amanuel for bringing this video into our attention. Such kind of open debates even though it was politically correct debate in many of the pointed raised.

    But I have to say I admire the sharpness and courage of Irshad Manji,we are living in an era of 21 century where critical debate about Islam is still a scary subject.The Arab World is lagging far behind the rest of the world simply because of thier blind faith in Islam.

    I see the proble not in Moslims but in the religion itself. It is a religion with a violent history and verses. I take it this way for the people of other faith ‘Bad Moslims are good people, good moslims are bad people- in many cases become, Jihadists or terrorists. The scary thing is people are afraid to tell the truth about Islam.

    • brhanislam.com/‎

      Dear Senay, i know you are the enemy of islam
      please check this website to know whether islam is the religion of peace or violence and then you will come to know wether Bible with its horrible verses of killining infants or the Quran( which clearly says killing one innocent person is like killing whole the humanity

  4. Dear Amanuel the hater of muslim
    Amnuel Assena is here to discrimnate and divid eritrea peaple. This video and dabet does not relate to eritrea issue as we do not have any lesbane or gays , I do not know if amnuel is a gay so he is bring or supporting this kind of issue eritrea social media. Amnuel is of cross is a hater of muslim and islam religion but he does not have any place in eritrea sociate as this villager people who grew up amoung ignorant and back ground sociate
    Muslim jeberti

  5. The lady called Irshad is not a Muslim scholar, rather she is Lesbian. and and we don’t afraid anyone to debate unlike other religions. Our religion is always logic but not and we are ready to debate with any one. Our religion opens the eyes of this world where the rest of the world was living in dark. I wish you if you can read the history very well. As concern the fanatic Abyssinian orthodox christian, you don’t even have right to talk about Islam, because you don’t know fake and corrupted religion. There is no any problem with Islam at all. There will be problems with the Muslims as we as other religions too. If Islam was blind faith my Fanatic Orthodox Mr. Senay,why it is the fastest growing religion all over the world except to the blind people like you. Specially in Europe and USA. Do you think the blind is from Islam or from IRSHAD and people alike?

  6. Brother Abdo,
    If that guy called ” Amanuel Iyasu” is a very fanatic orthodox christian. I can understand from this clip that he posted on today’s news that he is against Islam and Muslims in Eritrea. We, as Muslims never defeated by anyone in our debate. The lady called Irshad is a white whore and specialized in Lesbian with her wife Michelle Douglas. She has to teach people how to be a lesbian. God has special punishment for such people like Irshad. The wonderful thing when she is talking with a very complicated matter about Islam. This is Amanuel a fanatic sheabia he tried to be smart.

    • aslamay dia kemey elka ktritae biafka. aslamay ablbu teretiu eyu hasawi abo hasot slezkone gn ms haki kikatae eyu znebr.hakn hsotn ykatia ykatia etia haki gn haki mukana ayterfan eyu nsa eya kia tsier mechereshtiu

    • Dear Brother Abdalla
      Thank you very much for your comment, i am surprised for Mr. Amanuel for posting like this debates, and we know it is not actually a debate, as we know know a debate is a discussion between two person or parties who has different oppinions but what we have seen is not a debate rather an attack against Islam from one side called Irshad(NB: the second party is a journalist not a Muslim scholar who can defend Islam)…I AM ASKING AGAIN…DO AMANUEL IYYSU IS READY TO POST SOME DEBATES OF SHAIKH AHMED DEEDAT OR DR. ZAKIR NAIK DEBATES !!!?????

  7. the history of islam and christianity started wi abrham(ebrahim).abrham had two sons one is esmael another one is esaak, esmael was born from egiptian slave her name is hagar,who use to be his slave and esaak was born from his wife sara to whom god gave promise that from ur desendant a a redimer will be born so isaak was the promis child because abrham accepted by faith but thete was a time when god delaid abrham started doupting and he started using his mind ,he didn’t relise that the mind is always a slave not the master ,there is only one master and thats the true god his name is yahwe and the devil uses the mind to drcieve us so abrham was decieved to blieve that ur wife canot be concive a chaild becouse she is to old thats his mind that was teling him ,but our gods power is beyond our way of thinking he told us that my thought and ur thought are like the distance between west and east so abrham slept with his slave hagar and had a child esmael because the mind (the slave)always produce worldly and faith produce spritualy esmel desendant always try to please god with do and don’t they havent got the master with them all they have is the mind and the god of lie whos name is devil.thats way islam is always has conflict conflict with evry one they started it with in them selves in the beginnig of islam after the profit mehamed e god of thworldrophit of this world god)

  8. hi mr assena Amnuel extremist christian who see the world with one eye which the hater of Muslims and Islam.
    Why do You bring this issue to Eritrea media? why do not talk and discuss that Eritreans matters? You are out of attach racist and bias man. I have notes your attitude and the way you are approaching about Islam and Muslims. This issue is to big for and you are a person who is full of hater and incapable to address this kind of issue . Just take my advise that talk about Eritrea , if there is Electric power is available in Asmara or if PIA have a tour around the countries and other full of lies of you such as if PIA sick, or Ali Abdu families arrested this kind cheap propaganda or yours .

    • Assenna.com | Politics, Culture, Religion

      Look at the banner : For Freedom Of Speech

      Muslim Jeberti one of the words is redundant, are there Christian Jeberti?

      Moderation is always best:

      Paracelsus, sometimes called the father of toxicology, wrote:

      “All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose permits something not to be poisonous.”

  9. sorry for the complication at the end of the paragrph i made a mistake when i try to corect it by mistake i press the submit buten fom my mobile. let me carry on frpm prophit mohamed the prophit of god the god god of this world after mohamed death ali killed husein until now shia and sunni arr killing each other and they come to christians to decieve us that theire god is better than our god .they come with swords to convet us unfortunately wha we are witnessig is what god told us . those who lift swords will be destroyed with swords.in history islam never defeet christians all they can convert and decieve is the pagans who didn’t have the gold but we have the gold we cannot compermise with iron so eritrean muslims we love u come to the right path to get eternal life only the true god who is alfa omega can grant iternal life through his son jesus christ who ever believe in him will have everlasting life . i know u have fear ,if i accept jesus as my savior what my fellow muslims will say .this problem didnt start with u even nikedimos the jewish scholar had this problem becouse he had zeal for god and he opens his hart to know the truth he use to come to jesuse by night to learn and have ever lasting life .its only christ that says I AM THE THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE we can only come to god through his son jesus christ who took the panishment and died in our place he died owfull death so we can have life so what will happen to wthose who refuse gods grace gods free gift

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