Heart Breaking Call by Nathan Alazar, Son of PFDJ Victim, to all Eritreans


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Heart Breaking Call by Nathan Alazar, Son of PFDJ Victim, to all Eritreans — 27 Comments

  1. My brother Nathan, I fully support you views and you call, your demand will be respected. This is also the demand of all Eritrean victim family’s. During my trip to Eritrea I have witnessed your feeling and your pain keep strong. Time for call to all Eritrean to stand for justices. I love you your sister Hermi

  2. Eritrea…not for alazar family, not for alazar and not for his kids…..kids have the right to live..the right to have father….unversal truth in the whole world.

  3. Nathan,
    Even though I really feel bad to hear this kind of heartbreaking news, I wish I could say I feel yours and your family’s pain as much as you do. There is no way to feel that pain equally or close to that until it hits you directly.
    It is so sad to see this kind of unfortunate things happen to our brave and intellect brothers and sisters. I hope God gives you the strength to hold on until you see your beloved and hero father. I wish you good luck.

  4. Nathan,
    we on your side and your family, be strong and brave like ytour father he is our brave brother we never forget him and we will bring the evils and the dictator to justice soon.

  5. Nathan

    You said you are from hamassien so who cares about you or your all hamassien people. Your people are killers so this is your fight to fight alone my friend.

  6. Dear Son
    I feel very sad for you and all the children of Martyrs in Eritrea. And also those children who have family but their parents are dead when thy are alive. This is because of the evil Esayas who is blood sucker who only cares for his fame and stay a leader for his whole life. He will destroy all the potential people who can understand his evil tricks having the media on his hand bullying the people.
    Any way your father was my close comrade during 1970. He was supporting the evil Esayas and was rival with me and others who wants the truth. Sorry it is too late for him to act. I left in the end 1978 because of such people who are in bad situation this time.

  7. Dear Nathan
    my family and I understand what you are going through, they took my aunts husband 15 years ago and never heard from him since then. however one thing that I can tell you now is we all are in your side, keep your head up brother and all of us together we will destroy this regime and get our freedom again.

  8. I can’t agree more. You know everyone feels your pain except those animals who are enjoying life in Eritrea. Essayas is transfering the country to be ruled by his son. Can you believe this can happen to Eritrea. I hope Abraham Essayas will leave the country rejecting his DaD!!!!! Fo FO Fo Fo ne Essayas and his people.

  9. Dear Nathan
    I wish you the best with all your family while I share your sad and pain. This pain is not only yours it is the entire pain of the Eritrean people. Change is inevitable the days of mourning and tears will be over and the bright day for Eritreans is coming keep strong Nathan.

  10. Hi Nathan,
    I just wanted you to know that how sorry i am to hear about you father. Hopefully he is somewhere in Eritrean.Probably in prison, detained for no reason. By the way where do you live? I mean do you live in Eritrean? If yes, you have to be careful. My advice to you, u can write a letter to Amnesty International. In the past people written letters about high – profile detainees in Eritrea but unfortunately no one seems to be bothered to know about the detainees. who knows you might be lucky just write a letter and express your concerns.
    All the best dear brother. May almighty God be with u and ur family

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