Press Statement: EMDHR Holds Its 4th Congress

Press Statement

EMDHR Holds Its 4th Congress

The Eritrean Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (EMDHR) in South Africa held its 4th successful Congress on 17 February 2013 in Pretoria, South Africa. Members of the Movement travelled from around South Africa to participate in the Congress which was held in the wake of the historic movement by members of the Eritrean Defense Forces inside Eritrea who called for the implementation of the constitution, release of all prisoners, and the transfer of power to the Eritrean people- the theme of the Congress. It was with this renewed sprit that the membership represented from all chapters gathered to lend support to the forces of democratic change inside Eritrea and express their determination to seek for democratic change in Eritrea.

The Congress debated a report presented by the former Transitional Executive Committee in an open and transparent atmosphere. The report included the objective situation of our people who are suffering under a cruel system which does not recognize their basic rights and denied them justice. The report also discussed organizational matters extensively, among other issues. After an in-depth analysis of the challenges of the last few years, members expressed their resolve to renew their commitment to transform the EMDHR into an effective organization which can make a meaningful contribution in the struggle for democracy and freedom through its active non-violent principle. To this end, Congress made the necessary structural changes which are also reflected in the amended constitution of the Movement.

In the afternoon hours, Congress democratically elected seven-member of the Executive Committee (EC), three-member of Disciplinary Committee (DC), and an Audit Committee (AC). These structures are expected to strengthen the Movement by providing an effective, responsible, and accountable leadership. Moreover, congress decided to hold the next congress in two years while the General Council shall have all Congress powers to oversee all activities of the Movement between congresses. Before the Congress closed many members pledged substantial financial donations to help the EMDHR achieve its stated mission and objectives.

Finally, the Congress closed with the call upon all Eritreans and friends of the Eritrean people to make their urgently needed due contributions to bring about real democratic change in our country and end the misery of our people.

“Implement the constitution! Release all prisoners of conscience!  Transfer power to the people!”

EMDHR Congress

17 February 2013

Pretoria, South Africa


Press Statement: EMDHR Holds Its 4th Congress — 13 Comments

  1. Anta sherefikum hizkum suk zeytibilu. Mejemerita nebsi’kum mirihu ab SA. 15 sebat emo nihadhadikum zeytisaneyun metikel zeybilikum bikendu kea amir Politics zeyblkum keda’at entay ekum tideliyu?

  2. @Hasebela, we know you already. If someone from Hamassien, you don’t have to pay 2% or if someone escape from Eritrea you don’t have to pay 50.000, but if someone escape from zoba Debub their family go to prison or have to pay 50,000.

    So is there equality in Eritrea, those who support, and traitors in abroad are most of them from Hamassien.

    Now there is no queen of drama, we Eritrean know you already.

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