Review overview
  • Z. Hagos June 16, 2017

    Ato Dafla in his leadership of stopping and failing the YPFDJ conference in Holland demonstrated that he believes that action is louder than words. Therefore, his leadership can be trusted and can be depended on.

  • Stefanos Temolso June 18, 2017

    I am sure this man will create miracles provided we give him our full support. To overthrow the diabolic regime we must act in a united manner and that is what Kubrom is trying to do. With commitment and determination we can do the unexpected. After all Isayas got the chance to survive such a long period because we were as meek as a sheep and lame as a duck. I think the time has now come for awakeness and action.

  • Gezae June 19, 2017

    Mr. Stefanos, yes, it time to wake up from fighting against your kids and grandkids