South not interested in war with Sudan, Kiir tells Eritrean FM


June 23, 2013 (JUBA) – President Salva Kiir repeated on Saturday his insistence that South Sudan is not interested in returning to war with neigbouring Sudan, asserting that the two countries need peace.

The president made the remark during a meeting with the Eritrean foreign affairs minister, Osman Saleh Mohammed, who is currently visiting Juba.

Mohammed told Kiir that Asmara is willing to assist the two Sudans in resolving the many issues that remain outstanding from the south’s independence in 2011, including oil and border disputes.

Eritrea provided support to the former southern rebels that now govern the young nation, at points during the two decades civil war.

However, relations between Asmara and Khartoum have improved in recent years especially after a recent report from research group, Smalls Arms Survey, indicated that Eritrean weapons may have found their way to rebel groups in South Sudan.

The meeting, which was also attended by South Sudan’s foreign minister Nhial Deng Nhial, enabled “very good discussions and briefings on current political situation with the republic of Sudan”, Osman said.

President Kiir, according to the diplomat, was very open and expressed willingness to resolve the differences with Sudan.

“He [Kiir] told me that he is not interested in war with Sudan which is a very important message”, he said.

Mohammed said he had to deliver a message of peace and readiness to assist the two countries to resolve their differences amicably from the Eritrean president, Isaias Afewerki.

“I have also delivered the message of our readiness to assist in resolving the differences because we want our brothers and sisters in Sudan and South Sudan to live in peace”, Osman told reporters on Saturday shortly after meeting president Kiir.

South Sudan’s foreign minister, Nhial Deng Nhial, said Juba remained committed to the full implementation of all previous agreements the ruling SPLM had signed with Sudan.

“The president clearly stated the position of the government of the Republic of South Sudan to fully implement the Cooperation Agreement on oil, trade, citizenship, border security and other issues signed in September last year”, he emphasised.

Oil exports resumed in March, but Khartoum has threatened to halt the export of crude from landlocked South Sudan through its territory, accusing Juba of backing a Sudanese rebel coalition that is trying to end the almost 24-year rule of the National Congress Party.

Nhial said that president Kiir restated his government does not provide support to the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), which includes the SPLM-North in South Kordofan and Blue Nile, who fought with the south against the NCP previous civil war.

“The Republic of South Sudan does not support rebels fighting Khartoum. It is in our interest not to destabilise the government of Sudan. Our interest is to live in peace”, said Nhial.

South Sudan’s cabinet of minister has passed a resolution to send a high-level delegation to Khartoum, headed by vice president Riek Machar.

The SPLM leadership has also expressed the south’s commitment to fulfill the implementation matrix of the Cooperation Agreement agreed with Sudan, which requires the leadership of the two countries to meet directly in the case of any difficulties.


On Wednesday June 19, has reported that the Head of Political Affairs of the PFDJ Yemane Gebreab ( Monkey) and  Osman Saleh, Foreign Minister of the PFDJ, were due to travel to Juba to meet President Salva Kiir. The mission was not made public by the the PFDJ media.


South not interested in war with Sudan, Kiir tells Eritrean FM — 34 Comments

  1. Bashir and Iseyas are two losers:

    – Few years ago Iseyas could influence some Darfur groups, now they don’t trust him.

    – The peace deal with Easter Sudan groups did not bear any fruit, but they are not willing to go back to Eritrea, so, Iseyas has lost also that card.

    – Bashir is having hard time at home, the opposition is organizing a united front against him. The country is facing economic meltdown.

    – In South Sudan the churches are similar to those banned in Eritrea, and many ordinary people have come to know that Iseyas is intolerant and very cruel too.

    – The Government of South Sudan suspects that some light arms bought by armed groups is coming from Eritrea.

    – It seems Bashir is desperately in need of Iseyas’ help, to persuade South Sudan to stop support for SPLA-North in exchange of allowing oil to pass though it’s territory. So, he went to see his friend in Asmara, but the two monkeys sent to Juba did not achieve any diplomatic breakthrough.

    – The sad part is that the government in South Sudan is corrupt as the one in Khartoum and Asmara. The number of Eritreans killed by criminals who wanted to steal a little money they have is growing. That country is having it’s own version of Higdef.

  2. Omar al Bashir, the criminal genocider, is the only friend of Eritrea’s Issaias Afewerki. This is the only reason the crimes against Eritrean refugees gets ignored in the Arab world, as the crimes Sudan is committing in Darfur and right now in south Kordofan and Abie region of Sudan.
    Here is a recent video of the crimes of the Arab republic of Sudan:


  3. Some times, I get confused distinguishing right from wrong. The devil sent one monkey and one donkey to preach peace among former Sudanese. How? Don’t peace first had to be learned at home? Does HGDF with its abnominal dictator have innate capacity to do so. It is impossible to fathom it. May be they have a hidden agenda to regress the situation, hence war broke out between the two so that they would broadcast for days if not months, in EriTv as breaking news to the delight of the barbaric DIA.

  4. You korakur weyane and teref meref mahber andnet (kede’at) are too stupid and retarded to criticize anyone. You losers shut up and eat the little tuqabo you get from your beggar mentor Woyane.

    Eritreans are way too smart and forward-looking to fall for your amateurish lies.

    The day Africa will be free from economic slavery is the day when the corrupt Woyane, the moronic Museveni and the rest of CIA running dogs are deposed from power.

    Peace and prosperity to Africa!

    • “You korakur weyane and teref meref mahber andnet (kede’at) are too stupid and retarded to criticize anyone. You losers shut up and eat the little tuqabo you get from your beggar mentor Woyane.”


      Selamat, How is doing the supreme leader these days ?,
      I heard he is having regular yoga sessions, to help him stop blabbering while in sleep (because of some security concerns) .. is that true ?

      Some of you who are looting money collected to help poor martyrs’ families; living in villas whose owners cannot go back home; seating on land whose owners are in refugee camps in Sudan; stealing money given to church or mosques, are enjoying a lawless life, till the day of truth comes to you.
      Do you ask your self this question: What will happen to my kids, when my beloved Issu is gone ?

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