The voluntary ignorance of the Eritrean people

Isaias cannot change; only we can change if we voluntarily let go of our ignorance!9.    On self-reliance: Is the present government really self-reliant as it has been deafening our ears for years on end? What is self-reliance by definition? Are we as a people self-reliant? Are we any different from … more

Eritrean pro-democracy forces in Sweden have startስ its resistance activities against dictator’s evil activities in Sweden.

The Eritrean pro-democracy forces in Sweden have started its resistance activities against the dictator’s evil activities in Sweden. Sweden has been a haven of the dictator’s enablers since long time. We will not stop from exposing their misleading information to the Swedish Parliament, government and political organizations. … more

Eritrean Mercenaries Arrive in Tripoli

Reported: In the past for weeks the Eritrean government has been said by credible sources to have sent two batallions of Eritrean army of artillery unit and a commando unit to Libya in the last four days to support Moamar Ghadafi. Please follow the link……   … more

Libya: Eritrean refugees in dilemma

Tedros Abraham Tsegay As the world governments desperately rush to rescue their own citizens from the ongoing chaos in Libya, the fate of thousands of Eritrean refugee’s remains at stake, as they are left stranded in the middle of nowhere with no one stepping up to give them a little … more

Press Release: Eritrean Community members in Sheffield

We, Eritrean Community members in Sheffield, are issuing this short press Release following our successful demonstration to explain for all concerned people both Eritrean Citizens, and the United Kingdom people and government that we staged a protest a meeting called by the Eritrean Ambassador to the UK with Eritrean refugees residents … more

Resolution passed on Eritrean refugee hostages

The European Parliament has passed a resolution on the Eritrean refugees being held hostage by people traffickers in the Sinai Desert, urging the Egyptian authorities to take “all necessary measures” to secure their release, and to allow the UNHCR access to all refugees and asylum seekers in state custody, including … more