The UN Commission of Inquiry determined the Eritrean regime has committed crimes against humanity & called for the Eritrean authorities to be tried by the International Criminal Court. Do you Support the decision made by the COI?

The UN Commission of Inquiry determined the Eritrean regime has committed crimes against humanity & called for the Eritrean authorities to be tried by the International Criminal Court. Do you Support the decision made by the COI?

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  • Berhe Tensea June 26, 2016

    The determination of human rights abuses was going on for decades, by the Ethiopian sent spy turned a freedom fighter to disguise his true agenda and evil strategy to destroy our trusting people. To this day many people are unable to really know fully who really this snake is..
    This venomous snake is originally from kola Tembein, and it must be clear how much dangerous are snakesthat come from hot desert like environments,
    The more this criminal stays in power Eritrea’s existence is in question, the country is losing its productive young people , and its natural resources is getting looted before our very own.
    We must fight back as hard as we can to save the nation and stop the mothers agony..
    The proud owner of hundreds of prisons, and thousands of grave yards, must be put in one of his prison containers and left to roast there..
    The march to freedom is wide open and thousands are joining it till the final and ultimate victory.
    Victory to people.
    Shame and agony to janda heghdef or mendef.

  • Berhe Tensea June 26, 2016

    In the above post ” The determination of human rights abuse was going on for decades, needs to be corrected, it should be read as “the human rights abuse was going on for decades “, but the commission has determined it now. Thank you

  • Teshome June 28, 2016

    Yes definitely I support for the decision made by the col Commission of inquiry,
    must be bring to the International court for the authorities of Eritreans.They are criminals of the world Eritrean people were suffering by those people for more than 25 years.Our heroes disappeared by those criminals we need low to solve our problem at the short period of time right now.

  • tesfay June 30, 2016

    oui je soutiens la décision prise par la Commission d’enquête des Nations Unies sur le régime éryhréen.

  • Maria July 1, 2016

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssss of course! I do agree with the decision of COI & I encourage to myself plus all Eritreans to stand for our basic right.

    ( ´´Nai HGDEF aluta continua…Perooooo! la Vitória del popolo e’ certa**.)

  • Berhane Tekle July 14, 2016

    I fully support the decision made by the COI..

  • Tinsae July 14, 2016

    Yes I do yes I do

  • Raya atsebo July 14, 2016

    There is not opposition in Eritrea but fews and criminals done in Eritrea .

    Those trying established unsacessfuly and desire own inesting business just put them selves and their families all mostly corrupted and lies about Eritrea

    Like assana and Asmarino .others mostly their blood is from tigray root.

    Those just wanted Eritrea peoples put it on war and civil war nothing belong there.

    At the end if Eritrea destroyed by regim Ethiopian then they will be poput of Agame.

    The truth Eritrea peoples love their government. If don’t it ,is easy to leave the government but Eritrean government and peoples of Eritrea the same side by side never have deference but just like number 1 .
    Unity and sucrifies for the government? it’s easy , Who Eritrean peoples.

    Think because Eritrea government only support by his peoples.

    But Ethiopian government refused by his peoples but support America and others sarivel in western hand and food aid.

    So comper the truth which one is true and easy can understand it

    So don’t spent your time for Eritrean opposition because just lab lab chakichako. …

    Did you see or listen in side Eritrea about opposition never .

    Eritrea country only free opposition and peace in side Eritrea than any nation.

    Please go Eritrea never had or have in street bomb or confilect or problems.

    Eritrea peoples peacefully and save in side Eritrea city or out side country.

    Today Ethiopian or middle east or America or Erupean countries too much problems and bomb and gun shoot and others there is not peace.
    This is truth.

    But Eritrea is full peace and quiet never heard or seen any problems in Eritrea .

    So peoples of Eritrea know the truth and supporting their Government and sucrifies for their leadership.

    Don’t lies and making your self for nothing just out in ground too much we are opposition were are you ? Peoples of Eritrea never you known you and listen you hoy hoy Do you seen Eritrea celebrate 25 silver univarsaliy of Eritrea with all crowed peoples with out security or save guard or police just civel and free dancing and enjoying day and night 24 hours free in street and in every where so what you think the security?

    The peoples of Eritrea themselves so don’t worry about Eritrea because their peoples are known more than you Agame blood ok.
    Stop root Agame.

    We are Eritrea don’t care about you.Because we know you are root of Agame.

  • Ogbai Ghebre-Medhin July 29, 2016

    The bitter truth on the ground does not need witnesses. Eritrea has been subjected to a subtle, unique genocidal war by the fascist hgdef regime of Isaias Afeworki. for over 40 years. The decimation calamity of the Eritrean people is indisputable and unprecedented in the entire world.
    However, this being entirely an internal problem, the yet unanswered question is why we, the Eritrean people, made it possible for such a monster to come to power and left to destroy and decimate for 25 years after independence, unseen in the entire history of Eritrea. Why are we, Eritreans, facilitating our demise under the darkest clouds of fear and indifference? We need to look deep into and examine ourselves, for there is the answer to our problem! Self made problems need to self corrected. There is no other way and means. Ogbai Ghebremedhin

  • Yonas August 3, 2016

    I don’t support Agames. Long live Wedi Afom