Voice of Asena 2011-09-21: Abune Mekarios Geez New Year Message

Abune Mekarios, a rare moral voice whose strong words have started to reach people beyond the Eritrean Orthodox Church premises has again delivered a powerful message on the occasion of the Geez New Year. In his recent speech, he touches real issues that affect Eritreans at home and abroad.  Please listen to benefit from his abundant wisdom.


Voice of Asena 2011-09-21: Abune Mekarios Geez New Year Message — 6 Comments

  1. Trusted sources indicated that the Hgdef Eritrean diplomat who died at the NY hotel was a veteran diplomat with many years of experience. The sources indicated that Issaias Afaf was not happy about the recent performance of the diplomat and he was facing a recall back to Eritrea or worse.
    Isaias was not happy about the diplomat’s ability and work, in fact Isaias barked at and humiliated the diplomat several times in front of many other Hgdefites including in the last 24 hours while they were drafting the final UN speech. Isaias told the dead diplomat how worthless the draft speech was, and how ill-informed he was, to the shaken diplomat.
    The New York City coronary report may show either the diplomat died of heart attack caused by the stress and shock or killed himself.
    This had happened before to Dr. Weldeab Issac, the former president of Asmara University, when Issaias told weldeab about the closing of the university. Isaias told Dr. Weldeab, how useless and worthless he was, not even good enough to look after the bee hives (qofo) of Bahri Karneshim, where weldeab hails from. It was after this that Dr. weldeab fled to the USA.
    Issias told weldeab “Halawi qofo nhbi mrara keman ahtbeqEn iKa::”

    • ኣታ ክንደይ ትሕሱ ኢኻ ሰማይን ምድርን ተላግብ. ቦግ በል! ወልዲኣብ ኢሳቕ ኣወል ወዲ ካርነሽም ኣይኮነን። በጃኻ ነዞም ዌብሳይት ኣይተኽስሮም

  2. The above comment is none sense. if Isayas Afewerki barked at or killed any of his loyalists just because their job is badly done why should we care about them. if one is loyal to Isayas to the extent of writing his speech at UN and Isayas is unhappy at his work what credit does this person deserve? Speaking Weldeab Isaak, I wish he had killed him. isayas must have known him better. Isaak throughout his stay in Asmara was acomplice to all the crime Isayas committed against the students of the university, even after he fled if that is the case he never been heard to condem or proclaim the truth. I think we can speak of true patriots real victims of the brutal dictator.

    • My friend, there is no time frame when to join the opposition. If this is the case, at one time, most the patriots who are suffering in jail were alleis of Isais in his war against the menkea and yemin.

      • Eseyas does bark on people, he belittles them and discredits their work. He wants to be seen as the only person who cares for Eritrea. He has mastered the art of deception and he is self obssessed narcissist. Down with the dictator and Power to the people!!

  3. He is not diplomat he is the most trusted body guards of Isayas Afwerki. He was his driver in Sahil and he didn’t had the ability to write for a UN speech. His name is GHILAY BOKROTSION (most people confuse him with the racer Ghilay in Asmara which is not true)

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