Voice of Assenna: Interview with Samuel Berhane Regarding the Untold Wi’aa Prison Break in 2009

Samuel Berhane ( Medehamed Shatr), one of the instigators of the ‘great escape’ from  the infamous Wi’aa, PFDJ prison in Eritrea, tells the untold story of the prison break, in which himself along 456 inmates freed themselves from the harsh detention, in June 15, 2009.


Voice of Assenna: Interview with Samuel Berhane Regarding the Untold Wi’aa Prison Break in 2009 — 10 Comments

  1. HGDFwian are cruel , barbarian and evils by nature . Any individual who associated with
    this evil practice has a blood in his hand and their names and places of residence must
    kept documented. Do not worry the day of judgement is approaching and they will get what
    they deserve in return begining from their leaders , INSHA-ALLAH .

  2. We have to do something tangible, we can not go on listning such horrible testimonies, we the youth in the diaspora, we should take practical action, an armed rebellion should be started, and those PFDJ officials in diaspora should be eliminated by what ever means.

  3. Oh my GOD!!!!!Samuel you are really smart and brave! i am proud of you my brothers! God bless you! you defeated pfdj’s armed gangs and you became free! we Eritreans can learn a lot from you guys! thank you for telling us the story!

  4. Sami jignaa kab zgermeka eza tibla zeleka baska bigatami abti ane tewelide zabekulu adi ala btami hakegna Tarik nay bahaki tabaee ewe netom meryet zeytwegih tmrslom esubat hizbom kem barot zgefu zelewuu hiyaaw nay ayni miskir eka ajoka hiji win gena jigninet nbal kemaka zbelu seb sire ya titsbe zela I hope I gone hear your voice in Forto after the dictator is gone to be witness of you brothers and friends

    Thank you the hero of wi’aa and brave of the prisner

  5. Hi Sami,
    It took me sometime to write this. I coudl not believe what I hear! Although there is nothing we can put past PFDJ’s systematic externimation of eritreanism and manhood adn bravery.
    I would like you to write this in an ariticle form and It can go into a UN newspaper. Ther is someone who is always asking for such articles to expose teh unheard of cruelty that goes on in our country. So do something about it adn we will give it to this guy who edits the news leaflet. You can contact me through Anamuel Iyassu.
    What can I say other than ‘I admire your bravery!’

  6. Hi Samuel,
    It took me sometime to write this. I just couldn’t believe what I heard on the interview, although we can’t put anything past PFDJ’s systematic extermination of eritreanism and eritrean bravery.
    I would just like to ask you to write it in an article form and it can be posted on a UN journal. There is a person who is interested to expose dictatorship in our country. Please take your time to put it in writing.
    Otherwise I have nothing to say except ‘You are a brave good citizen who looks after his own!’ God Bless you!

  7. Interesting story, well done!!!

    What thing I am curious about is, is “Medehamed Shatr” sami’s nick name or what ?

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