Voice of Assenna:Interview with Famous Artist Yohannes Tikabo (Wedi Tkabo) on Assenna


Voice of Assenna:Interview with Famous Artist Yohannes Tikabo (Wedi Tkabo) on Assenna — 176 Comments

  1. At least wedi Tukabo said something. Where the hell is Ali Abdu, the former minister of misinformation hiding after sending many Eritreans to hgdef gulags.
    Ali Abdu, stop reading this from your hide out hole, come out and talk.

  2. Wow! Huge credit goes to you Wedi Tikabo for abandoning the dictatorial regime at a time when the Eritrean regime has reached the summit of the continent’s barbaric status. By virtue of distancing your self from a decaying totalitarian regime you made a noticeable dent in the regime’s vital organ, thus accelerating its demise. In my view, your initial interview may sound diplomatic or lackedsome articulation and substance, however, having lived/worked/nurtured and conditioned by the notorious African North Korean regime for decades, I find your tight rope’s walk and talk highly understandable. Your interview reminded me of another interview by someone who barely survived torture, and when asked to tell his story, he said in very soft words “I will leave it to God, and if they meant to hurt me/kill me, they were wrong”. Yes, I understand what the monstrous regime may do in Asmera “Zehmiko aleni betri habuni”, therefore you may have to take it slow, in order not jeopardize members of your family and friends. One great thing you said is that we need to communicate better/discuss/understand each other’s position/respect each other’s views, in which case you made a great point, the very issue the monster and his cronies have deprived their own people in Eritrea. In time, as you conceptualize the magnitude of “Individual and social freedoms” you have, I am sure you will shine to your full potential. Keep on talking and keep on singing, declare your freedom, let no higdefit try to shut you up/intimidate/blackmail you, nor opposition members try to pressure you to point of break down. Thanks


  4. Who call themselves the opposition Phil learn from this young man how to talk way
    And how to criticize the other party, this biggest proof of their ignorance and their knowledge of what is the word of the opposition
    And when and where it is used, you salute, O hero, Phil learn from you how criticism of the other party. Will always remain lovable people your message to our people

  5. Wedi tikabo kisab lomi wedi tikabo metekaeta yamane barya iye zekosreka nere.nabraka ketemahaysh ab usa mitrafka tsegem aykonen (kokob hasew kiblu tefer zeyuelu).tekewamai aykonkon mibalka gerimoni mis amanuel eyassu (assena) interview migbarka mis mintay kikoser iyu.izi kulu tefetawnetkan fikri hizbkan berizkayo.ygermena alo tibel niska gerimoni alo.good luck.

  6. did i hear wedi tikabo correctly. he said he is a member of EDF.Let me tell you EDF does not exist beacuse it is overrun by DEMHIT(Ethioian). Eritreans fought the border war so that can not be controlled by ethiopia but we know now who is rulling eritrea with iron hand fist. It is the ethiopians DEMHIT.Where were you wedi tikabo when DEMHIT rounding up our people and raping our girls and you said you were in the EDF. The EDF is just a simbol formality so that ESeyas can claim that eritreans are in charge of their country. Shame on you EDF,ethioians are telling rounding up taking and controlling your land and people on your territory(turf). you should challenge them by sending tanks and soldiers to save your people.

  7. It is not secret the dictator is replacing our EDF by DEMHIT can you believe there are over 70, 000 DEMHIT solders inside Eritrea.and you know what? They suppose to be weyanes opposition , but they have never shot a single bullet to weyane .they are there to take over Eritrea .it is to late our young men have left the country for them.

    • Mansa
      Thank You for your concern about the illigal occupation of our land. Having DEMHIT a forighn forces, in side our country is not only inappropriate, it is a reckless endangerment of our sovereignty. I raised this issue several times in the past. I have been very worried. The DEMHIT forces are controling two very strategic bases inside Eritrea. Those DEMHIT are Ehtiopian/Tegrayn mercenary for the dictator. It is not new for any Gov. to keep oppostion forces from other country in its land. HOWEVER, NEVER EVER ALLOW THEM TO MOVE FREELY OR KEEP THEM IN MORE THAN ONE STREATEGIC BASES. We need to keep this issue current and talk to all Eritreans. We have Eritreans supporting this dictator blindely. May be, PFDJ’s supporters are not aware of how DEMHIT is being allowd to control our country. The fact on the ground is that DEMHIT are highly armed compared to the EDF. I don’t know their numbers. I think, Assena or members of EDF can help confirming the numbers. The idea of having 70,000 DEMHIT foreign forces in our country is a total nightmare. At Assenna, we need to talk about it daily. We need to talk about it not for venting, but to exposed the dictator’s hidden and deadly agenda.


  8. Please tell the fool’s those who call themselves (hagerawyan) supporting the dictator, their hager is being run by DEMHIT they do not have Hager anymore.

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