Voice of Assenna:Interview with Famous Artist Yohannes Tikabo (Wedi Tkabo) on Assenna


Voice of Assenna:Interview with Famous Artist Yohannes Tikabo (Wedi Tkabo) on Assenna — 176 Comments

  1. Wedi tekwabo,ne higdef kihigiz weim tako kikewin,higdef keytsedif be mela zeteleake weruy wata eyu zemesil.haki kemiskir habo,nihin hilinan zeybilu fitret.elul nay HIGDEF amenzira.

  2. Leave him alone. He want see the united eritreans. That is his view. But he is not going to sing for oppositions. Ahaha and he said he is not changed.

  3. Hello brothers and sisters, let us please use the internet as an opportunity to write constructive ideas. What so ever our view is let us express it in a right way and let us reply to other people’s view appropriately with a maximum behavior. By calling names, we do not bring any thing except telling others how weak we are.

    Dear Assenna, I thing it would have been good if you refine the comments are being posted. Regardless of weather it is from someone to oppose or to support the government, please try to find a way to stop meaningless and abusive posts

  4. When I happened to talk about our fate with individuals , and saw the activities of Eritrean political movements (in diaspora) there were many times in which I fantasized for the powerful voice and role of art and artists. “what if…wedi tukabo…or korchach or Temesghen? …perhaps we might be better off with some truthful and artistic voices …? “
    Then I flip on the tv and see these voices singing for the naked king… I don’t have the right to judge, but I hated ,you – wedi Tukabo the most – because I had loved you the most! Every time I see the video when you’re singing “wures” in the front line, yourself your compatriots in the eve of that bloody war, I am overwhelmed by the patriotism! How can he do this, now! how can he let “Merhawi” down, now? How does he feel! Only because I believed in what I thought was a heartfelt nationalism!
    Now, once again I am about to believe that you still care about Eritrea, about the future, and the truth! May be you can say you were doing what you believed in and have not changed your principles…It doesn’t matter, and I have to respect anybody’s position. However, I now believe that you are on the right side of history, and I hope and wish that you will not lose your energy and courage to stay there and sing aloud for salvation, despite the deliberate campaigns that await ahead to silence you. And, yes, I agree, in spite of our differences, let’s try to clear our minds of hatred, anger, and prejudice, because then only can we think like rational beings, and come closer.

    • Hi alltogether,

      did you see the documentation “death of the dream – eritrea”?
      in this interview i think you can read between the lines how wedi tikabo was doing. he did not say anything about the regime but you can see the sadness in his eyes and you can hear the mourning in his voice.
      i think we should be a little forbear with each other because iseyas was fooling all of us and the rest of the world. and when we recongnzed that he was evil it was too late – we already were in a situations we could’t leave eaasily. some woke up earlier, some woke up later and some are still sleeping or are blocked by fear.

  5. Dear Yohannes,
    Wow…Well said. For once I heard someone who made a whole a lot more sense. I greatly appreciate your observation of the diasporas. We, the Diaspora have made each other an issue, when in reality the people in Eritrea are the one who are facing the harshest existence. Instead of sitting down and discussing our country’s problem and coming up with solutions, we have degraded ourselves to name calling. Yet, this has not help us solved our problems.
    The death of our brothers and sisters in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Sahara, Sinai, Mediterranean sea and even south America continues. Our young are facing such a desperate situation, such as torture and rape in Sinai and other places. It is so painful to imagine what they are going thru. Our people inside the country are on the brink of starvation. Underage Eritreans are leaving their home in vast numbers. Our problem is endless.

    Yet…we haven’t managed to sit down and say WHAT IS GOING ON?

    My people, let’s wake up like Wedi Tikabo said and talk AND FIGURE OUT WHY THIS IS HAPPENING. Our unity is our strength. Please people, if this continues we will not have a place to call home. We will be just like the Gypsy.

    So Wedi Tikobo hawai , I hope you will be the voice of unity. I hope you find a way to engage both sides, for the sake of Eritrea and Eritreans. I wish you the best of luck.

    Amanuel, I thank you for all your efforts and hard work. God Bless you both and Eritrea.

    • Harnet
      you said,lets figure out why this is happening,are you kidding me,we already figure it out why this is happening,the mafia regime in Asmara and his supporters in the diaspora are the most responsible for our misery,i am not going to get a lecture from wedi tikbo about unity after so many years of pain full journey and ignorance of pfdj propagandist,now he said lets talk about unity fuck him,our true leaders languishing in prison and dying not a single word from him against the pfdj mafias,there is no middle ground,if you can not call a criminal by his name you are not a man of justice

      • Yonas,

        Trust me, I know who is causing the problem. I was addressing the diasporas Eritreans. Most of us are silent and disengaged. The less one 1% strong supporters of GoE have hijacked the diasporas voices. If we are going to get the support of many, just like the Gedili era, we need to engage everyone. At this point, we need someone to take that role and I hope Wedi Tikabo is up to it.

        Eritrea also needs a united opposition. I also hope the opposition continues to work hard to form unity amongst themselves, so that they can defeat the evil regime in Asmara in a short time.

  6. Dear Yohannes Tikabo
    Well said! Our problem is us. We are our worst enemy. If we only listen to each other, we wouldn’t be the position we are in. Our young are dying every where instead of getting education and being young and happy. I agree with you. We need to change our way of living. We need to unite as one people; WE need to feel our peoples’ suffering. I hope You sing stressing the need for unity. Thank You!

  7. wedi Tikabo I really enjoyed your interview but you live in hallucination world. you have no clue where you came from that is isayas world. what I mean we are divided not by choice but by the work of h.g.d.f. this people were working the last 20 years dismantling and dividing by region, religion and class. It will be very hard to put people people together. I like your idea all I will say is more power to you and I will pray for you brother. and I extend my sincere welcome to you.

  8. Well done wedi tekabo true Eritrean even Thu this ugly Voice journalist tried hard to push him. Lacks of most Eritrean positions are they don’t know the difference between hating government and loving your country ,government goes and comes but our flag will be there forever stop personal hating on individuals and try to work for better of Eritrea hegdef mendef mebal all day on internet won’t bring Amy change.

  9. Well said this guy said it all unity is what we need first .We are back ward shame on us we are reduced to rubish divided by awraja ethnic we are doing and serving the despot.God save eitrea from theawraja ethnic religious fsnaticd.iam safdned to see young kebesites into awarajafanatcisms.what hapned to us.

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