Who is EGS | Eritrean Global Solidarity

A. Objectives and Purposes

EGSThe goal of Eritrean Global Solidarity is to co-ordinate, orchestrate and harmonize the efforts of Eritrean civil society groups whose primary cause is the advocacy of justice, human rights and democracy in Eritrea.

Eritrean Solidarity is action-oriented and believes in setting tasks and objectives to highlight and resist against the tyrannical system in Eritrea. It will take initiatives, sponsor joint projects and organize events to create a united struggle to resist tyranny and promote justice, democracy and human rights.

B. Eritrean Global Solidarity Value and Principles

ü  We believe Eritreans are entitled to all rights under the Universal Declaration of Human rights including their right to have a representative government, the right to speech, the right to assembly, the right to worship and the right to change their government;

ü  Eritrean Global Solidarity firmly believes that the people of Eritrea shall be the vehicle of sovereignty and the only source of power in Eritrea;

ü  Eritrean Global solidarity collaborates and facilitates on mutually agreed projects with all Eritrean civic societies and opposition groups who advocate Human Rights, Justice and Democracy.

ü  Eritrean Global Solidarity fully endorses Universal Declaration adopted December 10, 1948 by General Assembly of the United Nations.

C. Membership

Membership is open to all Eritrean institutions: civic societies, forums, non-profit organization, associations, and individuals who pledge loyalty to support the principles of the Eritrean Global Solidarity;

D. Eritrean Global Solidarity Mission

To pull together all Eritrean organizations focused on the development of Justice, Human Rights and Democracy so they can effectively mobilize and marshal their talents, skills, knowledge, resources etc and wage sustainable campaigns, lobbying, political education, public relation, symposiums, protests to globally expose the dictatorial regime in Eritrea and work hard to empower all Eritreans to stand up for their rights, to take their destiny in their own hand and fully participate in struggle to establish a democratic Eritrea.

Eritrean Global Solidarity (EGS) is therefore committed to protect the achievements of all those who struggle to end tyranny and usher peace and justice in Eritrea. The EGS is committed to pay extra attention to the following.

ü  Advocate for Eritrean refugees and Asylum seeks

ü  Encourage women, the youth and all individuals to join and participate in Eritrean civil societies in considerable numbers and work towards ending the male monopoly of Eritrean politics

ü  Empower Eritrean citizens to claim and defend their rights;

ü  Expose the tyranny in Eritrea and weaken its mechanisms of control;

ü  Establish and strengthen communications with Eritreans inside Eritrea;

ü  To empower the Eritrean people to struggle against the dictatorial regime and side with the interest of the Eritrean citizen, people and country;

ü  Establish strong diplomatic channels with host countries, NGO’s, think-tanks, donors, pressure groups, human rights advocates and other activists;

ü  Preserve and promote the diverse Eritrean cultures and bring back the traditions of respect, tolerance and decency;

ü  Help resolve conflicts among opposition and promote the breaking down of stereotypes and other barriers, provide differing groups with the skills to transform how they view each other, and facilitate the development of mutual understanding, trust and reconciliation;

E. Eritrean Global Solidarity Aspirations

Eritrean Global Solidarity is beholden to the aspiration of Eritreans; it doesn’t aspire for power or seek rivalry with organized political organization;

F. Member Organizations

1.       Eritrean Youth Global Movement – EYGM.

2.       Eritrean Community for Human Rights and Refugee Protection EC-HRRP

3.       Citizens United for Human Rights in Eritrea San Diego CUHRE-SD:.

4.       Delina Foundation

5.       Eritrean American Public Forum of Greater New York -EAPF- Greater NY:.

6.       Eritrean-American Public Forum of Dallas and Fort-Worth – EAPF-DFW.

7.       Eritrean Democratic Public Forum-Boston – EDPF

8.       Eritrean Public Forum –EPF – Minnesota

9.       Eritrean solidarity for Justice and Human Rights- Atlanta

10.   Eritrean Human Rights Group Toronto (Qualna).

11.   Citizens for Democratic Rights in Eritrea – CDRiE

12.   American Forum for Democracy in Eritrea (Chicago)

13.   Civic Association of Eritreans in Seattle.

14.   Eritrean Civic society of Las Vegas

Source: EGS web site ( http://EritreanGlobalSolidarity.org


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