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  • ghezai March 17, 2012

    we all humans are not 100% we all have problems govermet or pepole .way is hgdef 100% all the time?is hgdef is your god?

    • mereit March 17, 2012

      I said 2% is good policy for Eritrea no matter who is running the country.

  • denden March 17, 2012

    AyeMr Amanuel Iyassu, it shows how wicked person you are! and god ha befittingly gave the tiltle of mad man and I call you an opportunist hayna, who pray most on dead creatures. Having followed you over the years your topic always opportunistic with no sence at all, you are the man who is motivated by greed and revenge and rightly so god has made lame in your brain; believe I shall see you soon in some mental institution sooner or later! don’t forget you have alreadty been treated so make you you continue with your medication.

  • Jacob March 18, 2012

    Amaniel is dead right. Your President can only stop dead people from entering Eritrea. Personaly I am humilated that Ethiopia can get into Eritrea militery base and acomplish what ever mission they have in mind.
    As people of a nation, If we do not get rid of a dictator ourself more humilation will come and nationalisme will die. suck it up Denden!!!

    • sara March 20, 2012

      amnuel is dead wrong, and dont get upset, the heroic people of eritrea are still there,
      and those who brought independence have not yet given up on you and many like you , we want you only to be patient…there is a story yet to be told… the game is not yet over and we want you to stay calm.

  • Peter March 18, 2012

    Please change your nik name DENDEN

  • March 18, 2012

    Denden there is nobody listens to meaningless message you wrote I know that you are negligible of HGDF so you cannot change anything even though you are yelling and screaming it is time up.