ሸለልትነት ዝመልኦ ኣካይዳ መንግስትን ህዝብን ኤርትራ ኣብ ገጽ ኮቪድ 19 – ተስፋ ብርሃን ካብ ኣስመራ



Review overview
  • Mike March 28, 2020

    Only way to call it is Idiotic and carelessness towards Eritrean People by Afeworki!

    President Afeworki was traveling everywhere else (Egypt, Saudi Arabia) working on his games of regional “water issue” to yet play another failing game in the horn.

    It is infuriating to see such carelessness by Afeworki. Every leader in the word is dealing with their own home emergency while Aforki is spinning his path towards the end of his days. This is another side of this man who has no respect to Eritrean people. Where is his whereabouts now? Is Isayas tested for the virus or quarantine for 14 days?


  • Temesgen March 29, 2020

    All responsible governments all over the world are working round the clock to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 by launching a task force consisting of health professionals, politicians, experts and enforcement officers. Their task forces are busy giving guidelines on how to prevent/handle Covid-19 at schools, workplaces, homes, ports of entries(air,land & sea).
    What are rogue regimes like Eritrea doing? The answer is self explanatory. It can’t even make water, soap, face masks and electricity available to the public.
    A regime that can’t deliver the least service to the people is busy orchestrating cash donations and pledges in the name of Covid-19. Don’t get me wrong. Eritreans are always willing/ready to pay any sacrifice for their people at home but that does not mean they are willing to fatten the coffers of a criminal regime with sleazy, disreputable,despicable track record. A regime whose vocabulary does not contain the word “shame” should hang its head low instead of trying to stand tall at this critical time.

  • rezen March 29, 2020

    SubjectL: ሸለልትነት ዝመልኦ ኣካይዳ መንግስትን ህዝብን ኤርትራ ኣብ ገጽ ኮቪድ 19 –ተስፋ ብርሃን ካብ ኣስመራ
    ADMIN 28 MAR 2″

    Commentary, 29 Mar 2020
    First, my apology to ተስፋ ብርሃን for daring to add ONE word [in my mind] >>> woushTwee <<< modifying the last word ኮቪድ..

    I am sad to write what I have in mind. In fact, I was swinging between YES and NO in commenting on the news item. Obviously, something pushed me to Y. instead of N . Any way, here is my short commentary, without wasting words.

    Trying to follow what Issayas does, every minute of the day, is really a waste of time — in fact, I dare say, it is a camouflage for Eritreans weakness, failure and absolute terror from Issayas. Or, is it “something else” that we all know I.e. hidden inherent weakness for seemingly time immemorial?

    How else could one explain the bravery of Eritreans to fight and won for what they believe ( 1961 – 1991 Liberation War) but very weak when it comes to local sociological matters. Otherwise, how could one explain the necessity of 80 to 90 so-called political opposition groups for — bizarre as it may sound — against ONE creature, named Issayas Afewerki Abraha Miratch.

    I dare say, without the above ABSOLUTE need to have Eritrea clean and clear from the insidious nasty and offensive interrnal problem, there can NEVER be a PEACEFUL ERITREA — and by the way, I must add, with all the problems that may complicate the relationship with neighbouring ‘houses’ too !!! THAT is all I have to write..

    As to my own option, as a down to earth regular rezen in a FREE and TRANQUIL atmosphere, where I am lucky enough to be a citizen of a new country like so many countless Eritreans scattered around the Globe and still more are sacrificing their Life to be out of a country that, once upon a time, used to be the most beautiful and, relatively well advanced country to the envy of neighbouring countries and beyond. Yes, once upon a time, "THAT"' beautiful and relatively advanced country ERITREA is now a ghost space, with its children still in emergency mode for survival to any country available around the Globe. By the way, it is in tune with what Issayas revealed,, in a moment of relaxation with a glass of beverage, with a comrade: "keriyekum aye.". HE DID, LET US ADMIT IT WITH HISTORICAL ETERNAL SHAME..

    Dear Eritreans: Why do you think it is so? I can continue and write a string of questions, but I decided NOT to do so and call this narration as THE END.

    • k.tewolde March 29, 2020

      “ሸለልትነት ዝመልኦ ኣካይዳ መንግስትን ህዝብን ኤርትራ ኣብ ገጽ ኮቪድ 19 –ተስፋ ብርሃን ካብ ኣስመራ
      ADMIN 28 MAR 2″>>>>>rezen, the answer is right there in the title of the article,’the total disregard by the (government) of Eritrea..’ I can imagine people saying that here to the Trump administration’s response to the covid-19 pandemic,the question is ,how can you find a cure if you don’t know what the disease is.this mystery is what’s been ailing the Eritrean society for decades.making the impostor a ‘leader’ by default in the Eritrean sublime.

  • Tewelde Gebremariam April 1, 2020

    You see the problem is in us. One day we call the impostors, isaias afewerk and his cabals, Atsneti /genocidals, and on the next, characterize their deliberate evil activities on our people as Carelessness. It is shame. Our people have been paying dearly for our unhinged flip flops but sadly, we do not seem to have any clue about it.

    But what can be the cause for our everlasting inconsistencies?

    Probably because deep down we are not yet convinced that the impostors are impostors for real, and that their motive to undo our independence is for real. Another possible cause can be that the impostors have planted their agents within the leadership of the Justices Seekers’ and are, like a whirlwind, constantly rendering them out of focus. I believe Temesgen Kahasay was such an agent, whom Petros Tesfagegis stated in his article as a hallmark of a Justice Seeker. Petros Tesfagergis also lauds woyane as a friend of the Eritrean people but we, the genuine Eritreans, know that woyane is an enemy and not a friend of Eritrean people.

    What then do we do to save our country and people?

    1. Know your enemies…….. Genocidal and nationocidal

    2. Understand your enemies’ motive ………. decimate Eritrean people and undo their Sovereignty by any means necessary, including spreading Coronavirus

    3. Understand that the so called “National Service” is euphemism for Concentration Camps for Eritrean Youth where they are physically and morally tortured to become living Zombies

    4. The so called “Independent Foreign Policy” is euphemism for isolating Eritrea for social disintegration and economic dilapidation in darkness, out of the sight of the world Community

    5. The so called ” Horn of Africa Economic Integration” is euphemism for Eritrean liquidation

    6. Know that the 1998 war was a long planned conspiracy hatched between the impostor isaias afewerk and Meles Zenawi. The annexation of Badme in 1985 to tigrai was designed to serve them as a convenient pretext for war at opportune time as a means of forestalling Eritrean development into fully fledged Nation.

    7. The fall of Gash Barka Front of Eritrean Defense Forces was not caused by overwhelming power of woyane forces but by the impostor isaias afewerk’s duplicity.

    8. Words matter. When you refer to the impostor,always use words, like Genocidal, Atsnati, Kahadi etc. Never use, tyrant, Wlqe Melaki etc. Remember, our Words are our weapons, and the Media is our Big Guns.