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  • Eyobel February 19, 2019

    You always choose very nice names like the above slogan but you always lack real actions and determination, pity.

  • Haddnet February 20, 2019

    Dear Eyobel,

    Thank you for your remark. We are working hard and we stand for what we say we stand for. Unity is the first step to any meaningful action. Hence we have been trying hard to bring about unity of all Eritreans which, in the current climate, is not an easy task.

    You seem to be interested in reading nice things. If so, please join us so that, together, we may translate good words into goo action.

    Committee Haddnet is elected by the people, we serve the people and we are trying to empower the very people who gave us that mandate. We are not self-proclaimed group as you seem to imply.

    All Eritreans; let’s unite and save our people.

    Thank you