Review overview
  • Berhe Tensea March 18, 2016

    Yes,the oppression of the current regime is worse than suffering our people endured under different colonizers.
    People who shut their mouth and didn’t involve in politics where not that much affected by Ethiopia.
    Under Ethiopia there were no hundreds of prisons, container prisons and underground prisons.
    In Ethiopian prisons family members were allowed to visit you.
    There was also no mass migration , no boat people and organ harvesting by bandits, and no general was involved in human trafficking was under Ethiopian colony.
    There was water and electricity and consumer goods and people were able, to study and make business as they wish.
    Under Ethiopian colony people were allowed to build and rent houses as they see it fit.
    The youth were learning in university any where they want, unlike now where they are taken to a very far and uninhabitable land where the temperature can reach 45 degrees, and full of mosquitos, and khamseen sand storms.
    the youth now are living in hell.
    Generally people were living OK compared with life today under pfdj.
    PFDJ and his boss are the worst enemy of the people ever.

    • Musa Ali March 19, 2016

      Dear berhe
      You are comparing a government and a mafia group.

  • Sol March 19, 2016

    ገዛእቲ ስርዓታት ንህዝብና ብበሊሕ ካራ ይሓርድዎ ነሮም ስርዓት ውልቀ መላኺ ኤሰያስ ድማ ብጎዲም ካራ ይሓርደና ኣሎ።

  • new user name March 19, 2016

    a colonizer deprives every sweet aspect of life to the natives. controls all the political, economic (including land and the resources) and there is a stark difference between the life of the colonizer and the colonized. In a colonial world, natives can not own land can not trade, etc. Or if allowed, it is only limited. they just slave for the master. where eritreans became slaves during haileselassia and or derg era ? was there an amhara land lord in eritrea? was the relation between ethiopia and eritrea really that of a master and slave relation ? I am questioning myself, does this question bother you in anyway ?

  • keshi mars March 19, 2016

    Hello there,

    It does matter how you die. Death is death. What is important is how do you live your life? Starting from your own home if there is unequal treatment among your siblings then how do you feel about it. Do you fight it back or reason it out. If you can’t stand your parents, siblings, etc you can’t stand Isaias Afewerki, who has different personalities at different occasions.

    “Wake up stand up
    Stand up for your right.”
    Bob Marley


  • k.tewolde March 19, 2016

    HGDEF is a colonizer masquerading as liberator, period.A new era of colonialism in its highest form is upon us, the burning question is, who is going to emerge as the new AWATE to drive out the occupiers who are holding our people hostage? The Eritrean saga continues….