Voice of Assenna: ሎሚ ንሃገርካ ሕሰብ ተመራመር! – Veronica Solomon



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  • Dr. zer'ay Deress August 2, 2017

    All of you, who you are from METAHIT KEBESSA TIGRE TIGRY BAHRI HABESHA, try to put in your Brain that, the Amhara King Menelik and the Colonialist, destroy the Unity of our Land Bahri Mellash to Weha (Haic) Mellash, deviding in two Part. This traitor King Amhara and the Colonialist action destroy the Right, Dignity, Freedom our Beloved Life of the Honest People of Adulis- Dubarwa- Axum Independence. So now it is time to unite, as Asmera means Unity, to be together to have our Tranquility, to Defend our Independence. First to cancel, to remove the Colonialist Word Eritra and replace it by Aborigine Word of Unity.. Zer’ay Deress Death, why happened.?

  • rahwa November 25, 2017

    first fix your name. Get an Eritrean habesha name before being patriotic Eritrean. Why they went to gedli is to preserve our name, culture, custom , inheritance and our sense of belonging by blood and bones to the our beloved soils. So VOROINACA for centuries our forefathers spilled their blood went to their graves challenged invaders to keep our name and you voluntarily disgusted habesha(kebesa) name and acquired foreign name while eating chocolates, deserts, cakes and living in air-conditioned during summer and heater during cold.. Of course your parents has to be blamed for your name while they kept their Eritrean name, they have given you foreign name and tell them to change their names first to foreign name if they hate their habesha kebesa name before messing up with your name. but you are old enough to assume your Eritrean name to make your forefathers and culture proud. Be proud of who you are not of who you want to be. Your parents have failed to pass their forefathers inheritance to you. Glory to Our Forefathers who lost their lives to swords, bullets in order to keep and pass our inheritance from generation to generation while your parents voluntarily sold you to foreign name.This is not about politics it is about our who we are and we should challenge HEGDEF,the king of Devils himself and the Evil OPPOSITIONs, Relgious People or Whoever they are if they try to mess up and sell our identity. So do not be caught by dirty politics or by emotions. Our Identity live forever.
    As for the song I do not think you know the meaning of this song.Its when mengistu forcibly recruited eritreans to fight eritreans and EPLF called those eritreans Shefatu(bandits) and will be persecuted in a free Eritrea only to see those shefatu to run the show and to wipe out the daughters and sons of yesterdays hero, all this done with the blessing of the master devil. Give you an example Jet fighter Mig Pilot after massacring the entire Eritrean population with terror the EPLF welcomed him with red carpet.