Eritrea – The Vanguard of its Own Enmity

The background Right off the bat, it must be stated that Eritreans have proved, on many historical angles, their gallantry, dedication, boldness, honesty, frankness on any aspect of Life that they consider to be their

  1. The background

Right off the bat, it must be stated that Eritreans have proved, on many historical angles, their gallantry, dedication, boldness, honesty, frankness on any aspect of Life that they consider to be their cause.  It may sound an exaggeration but a FACT that was glaringly demonstrated, and witnessed by outsider, on many historical occasions in the past.

Now to the present glaring and gnawing fact – though we Eritreans adamantly refuse to admit it. Let us build the case. It is a historical fact that Eritrea has been international pony, being batted from left to right and from rear to the front. It was said – as historical background — that Eritrea was a colony of the Ottoman Empire. Ditto with another colonial power i.e. Egypt. And then we come to our life-time historical fact: the occupation of Eritrea by fascist Italy for a duration of fifty (50) years, which was followed by ten years of occupation by Britain via the authorization of UN as a temporary “Administrator”. We all know better.   Eritrea was being used as a ping pong ball, fully aware by the international body (UN) which is fully controlled by a few powerful nations.

After British conquest, the ping pong ball went to the Emperor of Ethiopia, King of Kings, from the tribe of Judah who was shrewd enough to be friendly with the powerful members of the UN and hence, for strategic reasons, Eritrea was assigned to the monarchy of a humble backward country (1). History indicates that there were a couple of daring Eritreans who came all the way to New York, USA, and tried to present their case to the United Nations – all in vain.  Had it not been a TRAGEDY it would have been a COMEDY trying to be heard for JUSTICE by an Organization which was (and still is) fully controlled, to its bones, by the few most powerful forces.

After ten years of occupation, the Mighty Emperor was toppled by military forces; put into prison; and eventually died in prison.  And Eritrea started its war of Independence, gaining its FREEDOM, at last, after thirty years of War with tremendous sacrifice in all aspect of Life. Alas! Eritrea’s woes know no bound!!! The shock of all shocks; the horror of all horrors; three years after Independence, Eritreans were faced with a shocking REALITY that they could NOT believe: ERITREA WAS TAKEN OVER BY AN INDEGENOUS DICTATOR, MUCH RUTHLESS THAN ALL THE PAST COLONIAL FORCES!!!!   Twenty-seven years down the road, Eritreans are still in castration under the mercy of the self-anointed President of Eritrea –Issayas Afewerki Abraha.

  1. What is the real cause of Eritreans ‘misfortune”

Let us be honest: Shocking as it may sound, THE REAL CAUSE IS NOT ISSAYAS!!!

Issayas was/is shrewd enough to know ERITREANS’ HISTORICALLY  DEEP WEAKNESS; hence, he  manipulated his moves accordingly — playing one against the other, thus defeating ALL. Eritreans’ legendary weakness is in its internal division due to RELIGION & REGIONALISM. It is a cultural cancerous disease that will always be the fault line of the ERITREAN CHARACTER. We can’t help it!!!

Issayas was even more bold in his frankness [with a little help of spirit drink], when he said to a colleague >>> “ ከርእየክን እዬ” Indeed, he did. And no doubt he has still more in his back sack before he is through with Eritrea — the end result of which would be ነበርትያ ነበረት ኤሪትርያ”. Just watch >>> while we are insulting Issayas freely and squabbling among ourselves on the convenient internet, in secured places around the Globe.

It is said that there are over eighty (80) opposition parties, all dedicated to the down fall of Issayas Afewerki Abraha. Question: Why do we need eighty parties to do the SAME job? One is tempted to recall the Tigrigna saying  “ፈራሕ፤ ዓሰርተ በትሩ” but the real applicable reason, in the case of Eritreans,   is the irrational parochial matters of RELIGION & REGION, which become obstacle to the wishful desires of Eritreans to be FREE and INDEPENDENT. It is a vicious circle. Keep on reading.

What is even stranger [or perhaps a curse] is the phenomenon that HIGHLY MODERN EDUCATED Eritreans, with Ph. D Degrees, from well known Universities around the Globe, creating their own respective political parties for the SAME goal i.e. to Liberate Eritrea. But the obstacle is deeply ingrained in the psyche of Eritrean Society >>> RELIGION and REGION!!!

It seems that ERITREA is destined to be stagnant without an iota of change. In that case, it can be inferred that the Intellectuals too remain hungry for glorification and power – just like Issayas Afewerki Abraha who was, at one time, the beloved IDOL, SECOND TO GOD, of Eritrea.

From the above, we are forced to conclude that Eritrea will continue to be the pony of EXTERNAL and INTERNAL dictatorship. Cruelly, it further means that Eritrea has absolutely no chance of being TRULY an Independent Liberated State. As such, Eritrea seems to be infected by a cancerous disease of years gone-by, the end of which will only come with the disintegration of the ‘disease-carrier’ i.e. ERITREA ITSELF. What a classical TRAGEDY!!!

3.   Last word from Issayas Afewerki Abraha

Here is a quotation of what Issayas replied to a reporter’s question about the new development/relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia: Ref. Africanews, NEWS, 9 Sept 2018,  Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban

QUOTE “We have been in an abnormal situation for so long without any rationale without any justification, we are coming back to normalcy, it’s as simply as that.” UNQUOTE. Issayas’ response.

And so, Dear Eritreans, the suffering … the struggle … the extraordinary loss of Life …the destruction of a country during a grand total of time of fifty- seven (30 +27 = 57) years … the overwhelming exodus of Eritreans scattered around the Globe … etc. is equated as merely >>>  “…without any rationale without any justification…” !!!  THE END


(1)   It is HISTORICAL FACT that Eritreans at a particular period of time, more than half a century ago, being exposed to up-to-date modern socioeconomic development of the TIME, contributed immensely in various sectors of development in Ethiopia. What a reversal of development – at the present time !!!!

Review overview
  • Wedi Hagher September 17, 2018

    Iseyas has identity crisis. He never thought Eritrea is his country. But his supporters think he is the only true Eritrean, the rest are ‘Agame’. It’s true that here religion and region are the reasons behind this attitude.
    One of the reasons why he is still in power is that, around 200 colonels of Eritrean Army (more that 70%) are from Hamasien, from one particular area of that region. They control the Army and implement the policies of the regime. Most of these are middle officers who were carefully selected for the job and promoted. No body can change this situation by peaceful means. This is not to say there are no criminals from other regions or people from Hamasien are priviledged, but this is a single large group of people who are highly organized to swiftly act against any change.
    Iseyas knows well that change is not going to come easily. His men control the Army. That is why a call to EDF falls on deaf ears and any attempted mutiny is aborted immediately.
    Iseyas is not a fool. He knew from day one that his background does not help him to be someone in the Eritrean context. So he used anti-Muslim propaganda to win supporters. He used the same propaganda tactics the Unionists had used in fifties to merge the country with Ethiopia. It took 50+ years for Eritrean to realize that the well being and national interests of Eritrea and Eritreans are not his priority.
    Now that he will be protected by Ethiopia, it’s difficult to stop him.
    I don’t blame him. I blame my self and people like me.