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Review overview
  • Temesgen July 7, 2019

    Why Eritrea should be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council?
    All of us have read the scathing human rights violation report by the current Special Rapporteur for Eritrea Ms. Daniela Kravetz. I commend her for the detailed report but at the same time the council should not tolerate an obstructionist role/behavior by a member that has:
    a) failed to comply with the procedures and mandate of the council.
    b) failed to failed to uphold the high standard as a member in the promotion and protection of human rights and its failure to cooperate with the council ( UN General Assembly Resolution 60/251).
    c) failed to engage with the special Rapporteur or her predecessor Ms. Sheila Keetharuth.
    d) neither invited the special Rapporteur nor accepted her request to visit Eritrea and do her job unrestricted/unhindered with unfettered access to all detention and prison facilities and speak with both political and conscience prisoners.
    e) continued to violate the freedom of religion and belief as recent as June/2019 (Detention of Monks in Debre Bizien and closure of Catholic hospitals and clinics).

    The UN Human Rights Council does not need a human rights predator on its council that tarnishes its image/integrity and undermines its work.