A slogan borrowed from a different era will not gain us supporters

A slogan borrowed from a different era will not gain us supporters Do I Believe in “Eritrean Solutions for Eritrean Problems”? Yes, I do believe in "Eritrean Solutions for Eritrean Problems” and so does every

A slogan borrowed from a different era will not gain us supporters

Do I Believe in “Eritrean Solutions for Eritrean Problems”?

Yes, I do believe in “Eritrean Solutions for Eritrean Problems” and so does every Eritrean. As such, I was willing to represent EYSC in debating the same slogan with Yosief Ghebrehiwet during EYSC’s conference in DC in May 2012. The response from the audience at the debate is a testament to the enthusiasm with which the debate was received and had it not been for the constraint of time many participants would have loved the opportunity to engage with the debate and contribute to the discourse.

I am therefore rather perplexed that the issue is being debated as a fresh phenomena and a topic of hot debate on Facebook and Paltalk. I am particularly baffled by those who go as far as accusing those they don’t agree with as ‘pro Ethiopia’ a loaded term with strong historical connotation, and a derogatory one at that.

This has troubled me a lot As an Eritrean who is doing the little he can to change the course of history and as a result I decided to start my observation

Why do people see the slogan Eritrean Solution for Eritrean Problems negatively?

In my humble observation the following two reasons are the ones to blame for

The first point is the wrong historical correlation between this slogan and the one from the 1950’s. Some colleagues claim this slogan will be instrumental to engage the ‘silent majority’. The slogan is almost the same in meaning to the slogan of the 1950s “Eritrea n Eritrawian “ and that is the reason why some are saying why it is an issue if one said “Eritrea N Eritrawain “. However our grandfathers used the slogan as an antithesis to the effect of “Mhaber Andnet” not to awaken the silent Majority. Indeed it was an effective slogan for that time. However the current usage of the slogan will not have anywhere near that kind of impact an effectiveness as rather than uniting the people it is divisive and it is antagonizing a large number of diverse groups based outside the homeland, this very division is in fact what is actually keeping the ‘’the silent majority’’ silent!  by exacerbating the division and mistrust between the different youth organizations.

The second point for why this slogan is becoming a point of division is because it was linked to the braking up of EYSC by the Global group. Soon after the division of EYSC in to two groups our brothers and sister at the G-group, were observed appearing to insinuate that the cause for division and particularly the reason behind the move to unseat the then Chairman of EYSC was a move in support of a merger with EYSNS firmly playing the Ethiopia card, this is very clear from the wording and presentation of EYSC G very first press statement.

Meskerem.net’s glorification of the slogan and its interpretation of it is a current example of how the slogan is misused to gain unfair advantage. And it has been an advantageous misuse of a slogan that was commonly held by all of EYSC, the above reason was even given as the reason for the rift within EYSC to the three elders who tried to mediate between the two groups.

Latterly (and rather belatedly) in his recent response to some of the negative campaigning against the BOLOGNA 2013 Summit, Solomon Asefaw has said that the cause of division for EYSC is not the Issue of “Eritrean Solution for Eritrean problems” or the desire of the other group to join EYSNS or use of Ethiopia as “ Mekalesi Bayta”. He clearly said the issue was a leadership (administration issue) “Merhinet ykeyrelna or Aykyern”.

This is all an indication of the reality that until EYSC G  started using the slogan to attack others and make them appear less patriotic, no one had a difficulty with the slogan or it’s correct interpretation (this was fully evidenced by the overwhelming support to EYSC’s founding conference in 2012 convened under the same slogan)

During this phase of our struggle I have not seen any organization that Advocates for the union with Ethiopia as such it is extremely deceptive to relate this Eritrean solutions for Eritrean problems with the “ Eritra N Eritrawian” of the 1950’s . In its original sense (and I should know as I argued EYSC’s corner on the matter during our founding conference) the notion was very much a call for empowering the opposition to be active rather than passively wait for international and regional players to drive the struggle.

At the same time creating an instrumental linkage with the international community as critical not only in speeding up the downfall of DIA’s regime but in post DIA Eritrea as well. In their essay titled International linkage and democratization Steven Levitsky and Lucan Way, have stated that weak states with small, underdeveloped economies— including much of sub-Saharan Africa—are far more vulnerable to external pressure than those with substantial military or economic power, therefore, it is the responsibility of those of us who adopt this theme as our slogan to use it properly and explain ourselves in times of misunderstandings. Otherwise, losing those who are already awaken in order to a wake those in their “deep sleep” will have a significant negative effect in the materialization of the yet to start public uprising.

Last but not least, with all my reservations and the accusation made against me and the organization I belong to, I would like to wish the organizers of the BOLOGNA 2013 summit a fruit full gathering.

Ghezae Z Kidane

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Review overview
  • andeberhan kahsay August 29, 2013

    በዓል ጋዲ ጆሃር ንስልጣን ዝጎዩ መጀመርታ ንኢትዮጵያ ወዲሶም ካልሾ ምስተሃርሙ ተጠዋውዮም መረት ባርካ ተዘሚቱ በሉ ሕጂ ድማ ግልብጥ ኢልካስ አርትራዊ ለውጢ ብአርትራዊ ወይጉድ ዘይሓልፈላ ሃገር ብኩሉ ቆሲላ መስኪን ህዝቢ፡፡

  • Tes August 29, 2013

    Eritrea solutions for Eritrea problem woooow waygud an empty slogan!!Lets look who are those in Bologna meeting. Those who are paid agents of PFDJ who are acting in disguise pretending as opposition and those losers in north America who are disconnected from reality in Eritrea( they see Eritrea in different planet-day dreamers). They seem to care about Eritrea and Eritreans while their main objective is to slow any progress made by opposition by in filtrating in to inner operating circle of those selfless individuals and groups. Who are they trying to fool? The era of deceit and decimating unfounded fear is long gone and every nation around Eritrea are marching forward militarily and economically. If Ethiopia wants Eritrea why she needs help from Eritrean oppositions? If you think she is incapable, think again you don’t need to go far than last year when Ethiopia go after HGDEF deep in to Eritrea. So what is the fear if we get help from anyone let alone from our closest neighbor Ethiopia. If those guys think that is crime so be it. It is more than welcome any help come from any body at this time. Ethiopia is the only neighbor who are trying her best to assist our people flee from the hell and wrath of crazy PFDJ. Ethiopia is the one burden with Eritrea refugees, so what is this guys problem? Are they trying to sell us an empty slogan when the people of Eritrea is draining out and the remaining few bleeding to their death in unknown prisons and telling us Ethiopia has hidden agenda. Waygod!how low can they get. If the love to party let them do it in their own way but not in my name. Eritrean conference really? a prayer to get rid off PFDJ why don’t do it in USA to get nearer to Eritrea? what a losers!

  • aus 17 August 29, 2013

    The underlying menaing definitely in line with the whole idea of “own solution” one feels at home. however its surface meaning refers.. there are others with other than that! that worries me a bit and it plays in the hands of the regime and its sympathisers who propagate exact the same-“the other than Eritrean”. Who then is Eritrean? Are’nt we all Eritrean including ..!!!
    The ball is in your court, leaders; if you keep the ballance between these two with objective approach maybe we can all succeed to hit the target, very delicate though.
    Otherwise the conclusion would be…Aterif by aguday.meaning the quest of gaining both ends up losing both. Which I hope you will not fall on that trapp.

  • Zeray August 29, 2013

    Here is a slogan that might resonate -“UNITE TO DEFEAT THE DICTATOR & FOLLOWERS BY ANY MEANS & AT ANY COST”.

    • Suleiman Salim August 29, 2013



      That is very dangerous. You have to think about the people and the country.

      • Zeray August 30, 2013


        The key word is “Unite”. If we can Unite, majority of us think for the betterment of Eritrea and I believe we will not get into dangerous territory if we can hold hands and say “No” to the dictator. That is the message.

    • belay nega August 30, 2013



      Do not forget that the cost may also include “ERITREAN ID IS FAKE”

  • marsa August 29, 2013

    Eritrean solution for Eritrean problem what is wrong with this slogan, why are you opposing it , if you do not
    Have a hidden agenda or hard die Ethiopian. The way I see it most of the poeple who oppose this idea are the ones
    Who do not want to see our success and unity.

  • MightyEmbasoyra August 29, 2013

    I see this in meskerem’s front page for the last few days and I was wondering that since when does meskerem support any real opposition? I am kind of curious.

  • hawileito August 30, 2013

    No matter who said the slogan it is outdated. The youth knows he has to face pfdj on his own. It is not because you assembled in Bologna and brought bunch of speakers. I suspect the aim of the summit organisers is to divide the youth and delay the fall of pfdj.

  • belay nega August 30, 2013

    Whomsoever is trying to solve Eritrean problem should accept it’s deep root.
    Otherwise all the so called oppositions trying to do is,inviting the people to be on board into a boat with no compass, and in case of emergency no life saver jackets.

  • Adi Habesha August 31, 2013

    Dear Reader
    I want to remind you from where we are? it will happen soon.
    Tigray had always been the northern most region of Ethiopia, and as part of Ethiopia it administered proper Tigray, present-day Eritrea, and Wokait on the western frontier and the Alamata-Woldia area on the southern (Alwaha Milash). In the middle of the 17th century AD Dejazmach Galawdewos of Shireadministered Wolkait and in the early 20th century, both Wolkait and Tselemti were paying tribute to Ras Gugsa of Tigray, whose power was terminated in 1930 when the Prince Regent Ras Tafari was crowned as Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia. Consequently, Tselemti and Wolkait were gradually incorporated (1930-1957) into the Gondar area. If scholars are interested to know more about the geographical extent (area) of Tigray in the early 17th century, they could refer to a book entitled ‘Tractatus Tres Historico-Geographici’ (Portuguese) or ‘A Seventh Century Historical and Geographical Account of Tigray,
    Ethiopia’ (English) authored by Manoel Barradas in 1634, translated into English by Elizabeth Filleul, and edited by Richard Pankhurst in 1996. The map of Tigray in this book covers Alwaha-Milash in the south, Lemalimo in the west, the Afar depression in the east, and the Dahlak archipelagos in the northeast (these are islands on the Red Sea, now in Eritrea). Tigray in the 17th century was four times the size of the present regional state of Tigray.
    God bless abysinia

    • Kalighe September 1, 2013

      “Tigray in the 17th century was four times the size of the present regional state of Tigray.”

      Adi Habesha

      Is is to say there is no country called Eritrea and Eritreans, but Tigray and Tigrawot ??
      The map the TPLF had produced in eighties to show the size of Abay Tigray was only twice the size of present Tigray region (Killil). Now you are saying it’s 4 times the size of Killil. It seems it will keep growing every decade or two. Can you explain why it’s so ?