ACTION By Fetsum Abraham//4/20/2013 In this particular experience, an Afwerkist named Embasorya wrote “Fitsum Abraham has some kind of interest in Tigray. Business? In-laws in Tigray? If I were Fitsum I would immediately think of teaching position


By Fetsum Abraham//4/20/2013

In this particular experience, an Afwerkist named Embasorya wrote “Fitsum Abraham has some kind of interest in Tigray. Business? In-laws in Tigray? If I were Fitsum I would immediately think of teaching position at EIT (Mai NefHi) after correcting my attitude towards Eritrea and Eritreans. Fitsum, nab lbKa temeles …before it is too late.”

Response: What ever you think about me is your business within your right of expression but I know there is nothing to teach in EIT but rather to control the kids, needless to tell you that I have nothing to correct towards my country because I am standing for the cause of its people’s freedom as I did during the struggle for independence. Your “Fitsum, nab lbKa temeles …before it is too late” threat, however, does not work with me as I feel confident of my spiritual position to continue the struggle to the end. You need to understand that people like you caused the problem and the fight is between the people and you and I guarantee you that it will be resolved either peacefully or violently. As for me, no Ethiopian scared me then and no Eritrean will ever scare me enough to retreat from this struggle for freedom. Intimidation is outdated in today’s Eritrean reality and you should rather be the one that must feel what you suggested since you are in the wrong side of humanity, history and justice. To rap it up, I resent being in this situation rather than teaching the kids at home because of the anti-freedom forces that shattered the Eritrean dream but I feel dignified to resist at least at individual level of the spiritual confrontation. Please feel free to directly face me at any time of your convenience if you want and we will see what happens.
Recognition: I salute Genet and Ghenet for being the most effective individuals in the forum on my last article against the clear cut infiltrators who are trying their best to divert the issues on the ground. They did not give them a room to sneak in and that is how intelligent people identify the weed and kill it before it mushrooms to spoil the plantation. What is interesting is that the pro government individuals are easy targets of intelligent people because they neither are creative to stimulate the crowd with new ideas nor can they learn from civilized interactions. In this experience alone some of the crap in the society have been weeded out through the intellectual might of the sisters. Thank you for this contribution and please continue fearlessly hammering that submissive and terrified mind till it succumbs or gets civilized as a result.
Questions of the moment: The Eritrean regime is permanently condemned to fail on the fake excuse of external enemies and some Eritreans are failing to resist on the unjustified ‘weak opposition forces’ excuse. Failure is ‘vindicated’ through inexistent excuses in the first and opportunism through unjustified accusations in the second. Then comes Dawit with “Did woyane defeated the EPLFs as Fitsum would have us believe in the 1998 war? Absoutelty not. Let the Eastern European Mercenaries speak“, as if the intention of fighting wars was not to win them by any means necessary.
Is avoiding responsibility and reality via excuses and denials part of the Eritrean culture or this is a coincidence?
Apparently many Eritreans are stuck with the notion that the weakness of the opposition forces is responsible for their passivity. They hide behind “they are not effective enough to mobilize the mass under one focused political emblem” excuse.
The question is: So what? Are you doing your part to correct the problem? Can you face the fact that they are at least trying and are not necessarily the only portion of the society responsible for change? Do you understand that they cannot do it without your effort and that you have equal responsibility to change the situation?
Apparently, I have said what I had to say through the articles with a genuine interest to communicate with any one interested to help a desperate society in Eritrea. I believe the momentum for searching a practical solution has arrived as I have decided to focus on from now ahead.
I want to start this new topic thanking God for giving me the stamina and courage to spend the last few months vigorously sharing my subjective manifesto (on full time basis) on the Eritrean question based on concrete experience as neutral as I could have been. Life as suffering as it is, is meaningless without freedom and I am living mine accordingly. I would not hesitate to fight God for it let alone spiritually weak and selfish human beings who chose to hurt society thinking they will live forever. I am determined to do the best I can for freedom before I face mortality with clear awareness that I am getting old and do not have time to bullshit! Sorry for the expression. In other words; “ I will never flinch even an inch” from honestly and independently serving humanity wherever applicable.
I testify that Eritreans are freedom fighters without a doubt that do not hesitate to strike anywhere when confronted by those who tend to take them for a ride taking advantage of their straight forward nature. Many of us are, however, naïve for refusing to accept that some Eritreans are capable of hurting their society as any other enemy in history had been. We have a problem spotting the satanic forces with blind tenacity to victimize their innocent victims. We have a problem accepting that the Eritrean concept of independence has only achieved its first phase (territorial) with the final phase (freedom) being fought on today’s ground between the elements of oppression and those of liberty. We have a problem understanding that freedom is inherent to human life and that it is earned only by defending the freedom of others in our community. Some of us have no compassion to human suffering at home under our own cruel leaders. We lack consistency when it comes to FREEDOM by being a beast to external enemies and a mouth to the domestic.
History asserts that we were victims of the vicious Tedla Uqbit who betrayed our cause back in the days and Isaias Afwerki who is destroying our society today with intense determination. The two experiences under our own brothers went terribly wrong for reasons beyond this forum (2 out of 2; 100% crisis). It is time we wake up from this that no Eritrean including the opposition forces and individuals like me should ever be blindly trusted any longer without deep investigation on their merit. From now on, I will dedicate limited time to share my collective view on swiftly achieving democracy in the motherland and may then soon retire to work on my other spiritual objectives on the question of humanity (books and music) from universal point of view, hoping that the youth will take care of the rest; may God bless this experience!
Dawit Meconen: ”Dialogue among Eritreans is good but why limite to the youngsters. This sounds sinister that, among others, preys upon the young without experience of the past that our country gone through with malicious objective of sowing seeds of discord between the young and old as a means of Dividing and destroy our country etc.”
Response: The adamant, avenging, submissive, dictatorial and egocentric mentality inherited from the struggle can’t achieve peace and democracy in Eritrea. We are seeing it in practice in the country through this outrageous government as much as we do through the stagnant opposition forces in Addis, the useless haters and infiltrators that stick with the Weyane syndrome to justify the dictatorship, THE POWERMONGERING ACTIVITIES OF THE YOUTH and the quietist intellectual community of the society, with all respect to all of them. I think the young and the old should work together to change the Eritrean situation. The young delivers the creative energy and the old, wisdom and experience. The old is the medium between the era of the struggle for independence and today’s reality but the youth preferably should lead the future political parties in democratic Eritrea, needless to state that it has to take the responsibility of managing today’s fight for freedom at the front level of the resistance. The older generation brought independence without freedom and the youth must complete the objective by earning the missing link in our society at least at leadership level of the struggle if not at political power rank in the relationship. Being young alone should not, however, be the only basis for leadership and in fact is immaterial without charisma, wisdom, education and other qualities necessary to lead a society. Obama was 47 when elected not only because he was young but also charismatic, educated, diplomatic, organizer, unifier, orator, reader and writer, tolerant, visionary and most of all, wise and confident.
Not only theoretical knowledge of democracy and freedom but passion for and practical application of the perceptions are necessary for people to play significant role in democratizing a society: no one can nevertheless free anybody without first freeing the self from fear and inhibition (Evidence is Mr. Afwerki).
Petros Haile’s Input
This brother certainly impressed me for bringing timely questions relevant to our situation and has also been active in the forum for change; thank you. I will share my opinion on the first question here and deal with the others in the follow up depending on what may come from the participants in the associated forum.
Petros: “Is it possible to pressure the existing political parties to come together under one platform? And is there a popular movement [that] would take the task of pressuring?”
Troubleshooting: First, I praise all opposition forces for at least hanging on no matter how confusing their efforts have been. They are doing something honorable although divided. The fact that they were slow and ineffective, however, tells that they lack the capacity and focus to answer the call. This means they need help to correct the misunderstanding and to resolve their conflicts.
Second, the youth is trying to do something but it is egocentric, infiltrated, defocused emotional, divided and disorganized. This means it needs help to correct its mistakes and to resolve its internal conflicts as well.
The rest of the Diaspora in the resistance is consumed by fear and insecurity. It has no vision at all. It is neither educated enough to understand the deal on the ground nor conscious enough to enjoy freedom of speech: it is helplessly waiting for something to happen without a clear picture of the cause and effect of the dynamics. It is a pendulum that swings either way circumstantially conditioned to be manipulated by anyone that appears stronger (the government or the resistance). This portion of the society is what they call the mass in my understanding; that easily accepts unsubstantiated rumors and indoctrinations without abstract thinking process. You cannot blame this group for it does not even know what it is scared of to begin with.
The priority and its misplaced requirement
The current situation demands good relationship between all opposition forces (requirement) because the immediate Eritrean agenda is not forming a full-fledged government but only a “TRANSITIONAL or TEMPORARY GOVERNMENT” (priority) that takes us there. This priority cannot be achieved through political parties but only through equal participation of all forces under a single united front that builds the foundation for democracy.
Unfortunately, our forces (youth and the parties everywhere) are a step ahead in mentality and practice: they appear in competition to grab political power in post-Afwerki Eritrea. It is very hard to imagine about 33 opposition parties for about 5 million of us (one party per 150,000 people) having different national agendas to this extent of split without misunderstanding the priority of the resistance; yet, they do not feel obligated to inform us the reason for this premature insanity.
Why premature? Because the forces are more concentrating on strengthening their individual political parties, which should have waited until the dictatorship is over. This step is against the RESISTANCE’s immediate focus, which is a Transitional Government, the second being a democratically elected government. They appear to be in the second focus state of mind rather than in the first. The result would be disastrous unless corrected because of the procedural mislink cannot produce democracy since it is trying to accomplish the second focus without its prerequisite, the first focus. This is like planning to build a home in Africa before figuring out how to get there crossing the Atlantic Ocean, or expecting to do well in Calculus without going through Algebra and Trigonometry: It won’t work.
I may be monotonous here but please hang with me because we need to have a clear picture about the journey to democratic life in Eritrea before we proceed. I am sure most of you know this but few others may not: be patient.
The first objective (focus) thus requires unlimited cooperation through down to earth relationship between all forces in the opposition camp similar to how we were conditioned during the struggle for independence. There should never be a comparative or competitive mentality in between since it benefits all equally: genuine relationship is the answer here.
The second objective (focus) requires organizing political parties with healthy competition for political power based on the merit (national program or policies) in post –Afwerki Eritrea: a genuine competition is the answer here.
Unfortunately, the procedure by which we can score our primary goal seems to be confused and misplaced by the collective opposition force in our society. They seem to be competing for political power without the process of democracy. This tells that they are fundamentally confused on the priority of the resistance itself or they are not honestly fighting for democracy. I do not think some of them clearly know what they want beyond political change in Eritrea and controlling political power after. Neither do I think some of them know the meaning of democracy with substantial academic control, unless they are erring on purpose. The fact that they are vulnerable preys of Afwerki’s divisive infiltration tells that something is wrong with their substance and intelligence. It does not take a given resistance this much time to impact its destination without confusion and inferior commonsense to the regime’s dull, predictable and monotonous intelligence. A well-organized united front cannot be remote controlled by the backward dictator in Asmara.
CATCH: The reason we were fighting under one organization during the struggle irrespective of our outlook differences, was because we had a fundamental issue that focused on INDEPENDENCE. And the reason we are now fighting the dictatorship is because we want a democratically elected government to run the country in order to implement our respective outlooks through political power because the first objective is done and we are working to complete the mission by accomplishing the second objective. Here the first focus necessitated unconditional unity and the second necessitated conditional (democratic) diversity: the first necessitated the unconditional convergence of all forces to one common focus and the second necessitated the divergence of all ideas confined within through different political parties for one of them to control power through election.
LIKEWISE, our first objective (TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT) requires our unconditional unity and the second objective (DEMOCRATIC ELECTION) requires conditional divergence, the condition being the CONSTITUTION.
What we are doing now is focusing on the second objective bypassing the first focus by which the second focus can only be reduced to practice. We want to get the second objective without its fundamental foundation (the first focus).
EVIDENCE: at least 33 political parties and countless youth associations doing things differently behind doors and each claiming to represent the people without any contact and political education. Democracy is impossible in this situation like it is impossible to have a baby without a mother. The only mother of DEMOCRACY is a TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT..PERIOD.
In view of Afwerki, the RESISTANCE does not exist but there are individuals that serve the collective interest of the US and the Weyanes against Eritrea. There is no doubt that he understands the movement has missed its priority (transitional government), thus is doomed to fail. This theory has already been proven time and again. The mass then remains absent from the resistance in the dormancy of the forces to effectively challenge the allegation through unconditional unity. And the Afwerki regime easily continues to uselessly float on the society as usual without any problem, meaning that the opposition forces could not as yet wake up to challenge the president’s total nullification of their existence. They are proving his theory from practical sensation of the matter. He does not take them as a threat because they are not: do you blame him?
Conclusion: It so seems like a solution to the problems of our forces will shift the tide in favor of the resistance in so far as the mass is concerned but as of today there is no popular movement that is capable of resolving the problems in order to elevate the confidence of the mass into neutralizing the regime out of the political game. The subtle popular demand for a solution that radiates from all of the above did not find yet a centralized united front to collect it together. The radiation is scattered all over the place with weak individual energies that cannot hurt the regime. Something has to transform it into a composite high-energy laser beam that can shake or trash the self-destructive regime in Asmara as soon as possible. They call this thing solid INTELLECTUAL INPUT.
The question is if there is a solution to all these, and the answer is yes. How difficult is it?  With correct focus and genuine intellectual participation I believe it is easy to bring change in Eritrea. See you soon for this, but please be respectful to our opposition forces in discussing them and acknowledge their effort if you want to be part of the solution.

Review overview
  • Dawit Meconen April 21, 2013

    Fitsum Abraham,
    I am firmly convinced that ou are more of a problem than a solution with respect to the defense and safeguarding of Eritrean Sovereignity because you are not different from the villain woyanes, who, while deporting Eritreans for no reason but other than for their being Eritreans; desecrating the graves of our Martyrs to take their coffins; racing to capture Port of Assab, they spoke of the love they have for the people of Eritrea and that they would shed their blood for Eritrea.

    Fitsum Abraham,

    You blamed Eritrea for the refusal of woyane to vacate Eritrean territory and to demarcate the border per decision of the EEBC, the decision for which the two parts had signed to abide by as Final and Binding, with no recourse of appeal. …. Nobody can more woyane than you are.

    You are well aware also that woyane, had initially expressed its acceptance of the EEBC decision and urged Eritrea to do so. It did not ask for negotiation nor did it express any worry about the possible impact the border demarcation would have on the people at the border. But that was before your supersmart Meles was reminded by his masters of his blunder, that he did not win Badme, and that Eritrea was the winner.

    And what did his inability to read the EEBC decision correctly show?…..not the intellectual you would have us believe he was but his shallowness and street-smartness, the very reason he was EPLFs’ drone (dependent) for seventeen years, and now of NATO. And if the leader was such ignorant, what about the rest of the woyanes? …… your guess is as good as mine.

    Once Meles was told his blunder,real stree-smart that he was, he took to intimidate the EEBC to reverse its decision, and when that he was an impossiblity, he begged Kofi Annan to intervene on his behave but in vain. Finally, he rejected the decision outright and then,flipped, and he told the world that he accepted the decision in Principle coupled with 5 points Dialogue before implementation.

    Did Meles shine with hallmark of Intelligence when he he could not understand the EEBC decision; insulted the very Commission members he chose to represent him when did not get his way; asked Kofi Anna to subvert the decision of the EEBC he willingly set up and whose decision he willingly signed to abide by as a Final and Binding; flip-lopped so many times contradicting himself? …… He was absolutely insecure,devoid of confidence, coward and intellectually below average. Herein lies the reason he was constantly living with father-figures.

    • MightyEmbasoyra April 21, 2013

      What’s with you and the Woyanes? Didn’t Isayas stated few times the border issue is closed? Woyanes are doing their best for their country and why isn’t Isayas (since he is the only boss in Eritrea) working for the country rather than using the Badme excuse. His statements are contradictory. You should ask him if the border issue is still open or closed. Then, you have a merit to talk about it.

      • Dawit Meconen April 23, 2013


        1. If Meles could not read and understand the decision of EEBC as evidenced by his initial declaration that he was awarded Badme, can there be any doubt as to his low level intelligence…………………..?

        2. If Meles flip-flopped so many times on the EEBC decision he sworn to uphold and implement, can there be any doubt as to his serious lack of self-confidence and security……………….?

        3. If Meles could not honor his commitment to International Law, can there be any doubt of his treacherous nature……….?

        4. Meles was flattered for statesmanship by the Western countries but so was Mobutu Seseco, the brutal tyrant of Congo; Ferdinand Marcos, the brutal tyrant of Phililipines; Haile Selase, the btutal tyrant of Ethiopia, who stashed $ 14,000,000,000.00 at Swiss Bank while the people of Wollo were dropping off like flies of starvation etc. Doesn’t this show conclusively that the Western countries adulate leaders whom they figured out to be intellectually and morally weak for their own advantage?

        5. Meles wrote a Constitution for Ethiopia, in which he declared the Right of each Ethnic Group for Self-Determination Up To Cessation but when the people of Oromo and Ogaden demanded for their Right, he machinegunned them. Does this show his nobility and trusthworthines? Absolutely not. He was simply a gangster.

        6. Is woyane working to develop Ethiopia? No. Woyane is robbing Ethiopia. Remember, Haile Selase robbery of Ethiopia was not disclosed while in power? It was only after he was overthrown that his ugly act was made public. It is the same with woyane. Just wait until its demise is reality.

  • Ghenet April 21, 2013

    Hi fitsum,
    Thank you for the article and for the appreciation although it is our moral and social duty to speak up and say what we believe is right.
    Well, this article is a bold face of the truth. The number of opposition groups is incredible mostly influences by the irresponsible and infiltrators. They are insecure so they divide and weaken. That is what they are good at. If they see any strength building up in any group like the youth groups then, they infiltrate and distract the attention and we lose sight of what is it that we want to do and how can we do it. Then BICKERING FOLLOWS!
    But now it seems that whether we want it or not, change is coming to Eritrean. As Adhanom Tewelde rightly indicated, this change can be ‘evolutionary or revolutionary’. Evolutionary, through the natural and self- inflicted death and decay of PFDJ; but this will weaken our people and Revolutionary, through the right steps and without weakening the people but we have earn it, as we, the diaspora are the ones who have the opportunity to talk about it. However, it seems that we are not doing what we should be doing – having the back of our people in Eritrea.
    The infiltration is deep and is weakening us by throwing one against the other. It is not only infiltration that is a problem. It is some middle aged and beyond people who come with their own personal baggage to this fight. They do not care about the youth they just want to see EPLF go. Both are spoilers and we cannot go through them but past them by letting them be who they are. Unfortunately many of us are falling prey of them. We need to acknowledge the existence of this problem and find a way to deal with it. PRIORITY! Do we fight with these losers or our core enemy at home? If we decided to clean this mess of spoilers first (which is next to impossible) then we will lose truck and that is exactly what PFDG want! DIVISION and WEAKNESS.
    However if we decide to fight the right fight then we have to think of the post – issayas time and the bigger picture. If the youth are as wise as they want us to believe and if they have an inkling of understanding as to what is happening to our people and country, then they have to look at the bigger picture. The diaspora should start thinking in terms of discussing how to deal with chaos that may happen after PFDJ. We should organise ourselves by our professions ( economists, educators psychologists/psychiatrists, social workers, investors, religious leader etc.) and work and look forward to post-dictator responsibilities. Priority and professional networking and discussions on how to handle the mess the ‘BDHREY SAERY AITBKOLA’ will leave behind. This is how we can also embolden the people in Eritrea and gain their trust. It will also give PFDJ the last blow.
    As for change it will come sooner or later. But it better be sooner and revolutionary for the sake of the nation!

  • April 21, 2013

    Futsum you are doing the right thing, and we are happy. i want to see your articles on Afrcan news megazin and pan african megazin. this are good megazines to communicate with african readers. They need people like you to update the africans. I am always with you and I read all your articles and am happy.

  • Semer Amlosom, College Agriculture , Eritrea April 21, 2013

    Futsum you are doing the right thing, and we are happy. i want to see your articles on African news Megazin and pan African Megazin. these are good magazines to communicate with African readers.They need people like you to update the Africans about Eritrea.. I am always with you and I read all your articles and am happy.

  • Embasorya The Mighty April 21, 2013

    Your “Fitsum, nab lbKa temeles …before it is too late” threat, however, does not work with me as I feel confident of my spiritual position to continue the struggle to the end.

    It is not a threat. I was talking about the time factor which could stand on your way, in the future, if you want to do something useful in Eritrea.

    • MightyEmbasoyra April 21, 2013

      Funny, like your boss cares about education. They are destroying the future intellectuals.

  • Adhanom April 22, 2013

    Dear Fitsum,

    We have discussed so many times about the deterioration of PFDJ leadership in Eritrea since the Front has lost all basic legitimacy. Nevertheless, the leadership exists because a true and effective opposition cannot exist.

    For more than a decade the battle has not been totally directed against tyranny, rather the battle is orchestrated inside the opposition blocks which ends up the struggle for democratization fragile elongated the life span of dictatorship in Eritrea.

    Do we have strong justified national agenda and national motive to develop more than 30 petty opposition groups or parties factorizing the struggle for justice into pieces? Have you ever compared and contrasted your national mission, your national goals and your national objectives among you? What stops us to establish a unified struggle for justice? “HGDEF infiltrators” or “our personal ego” or “our personal failure” or “our compromises about out national interest?





    • Ghenet April 22, 2013

      I think the time is NOW. We have to control our obsession and dependency on what the opposition camp is doing or saying. We have to move on from petty news and bickering and focus on what we have to do. Now that things have decayed beyond repair with PFDJ, who have armed the public, it is the right time for people to think beyond PFDJ to avoid chaos. We have to campaign so that educated, elite and experts come forward and together and give back to the Eritrean people. Everybody should be encouraged to contribute in their expertise (no matter how small) something to create a practical vision about how things will be. It should be in an organised way though. We do not need the parties or the groups unless they decide to get over their internal feud and find it in themselves to consider the sad situation our people are in.
      But as it is, we are stuck now in this cyber war with some lunatics and sadists and what not. You and Fitsum and me can start now!!!!

  • Petros Haile April 22, 2013

    “The current situation demands good relationship between all opposition forces (requirement) because the immediate Eritrean agenda is not forming a full-fledged government but only a “TRANSITIONAL or TEMPORARY GOVERNMENT” (priority) that takes us there. This priority cannot be achieved through political parties but only through equal participation of all forces under a single united front that builds the foundation for democracy” (Fistum)

    Selam Fistum,

    Again, I applaud, your direct and convincing analysis on the current standing of the opposition camps, and the masses as well …. Particularly, for taking the right approach towards the formation of a common platform !

    I am in complete agreement that the focus of the struggle has been misplaced, stagnant and best described by you as “premature Insanity” !

    The opposition’s lack of focus and wrong approaches of resistance, and misplaced priorities prolongs the dictators life by another ten years … and left the masses in confusion and disarray … In any struggle, what determines the shift on the balance of power is when one holds and confirms what they consider the critical mass, Some experts put that number to 15% of firm grips of the given population …. unfortunately, non of the divided opposition hold that firm 15% of solid support … So, it remains at large, the fall of the dictator (by default) has many more years to survive, due to the divided opposition !

    Additional input’s :

    While a common objectives were clearly addressed by Fistum on the first phase, but the question of the political groups having an army of their own, and these groups are hoping with the help of their army to influence matters is highly likely … Given this reality, Don’t you think it is appropriate to disarm all the armed groups in order for the phase one to work ?

    Although it is natural for the various groups to have the upper hand in negotiating their position, and some visible differences may appear, even on the first phase, such as, their vision of a federally based constitution, which for some groups, it can be a matter of principle that can not be put for another day … How would you find a middle ground to such sensitive issues as such ?

    I completely agree with you that the united and non ideological approach is appropriate on the first phase of the resistance … I would even recommend the nominally fair and equal representations of various organizations to be considered , However, previously practiced of manipulations and intrigues should be avoided … and neutral civic groups composed of Eritreans and non Eritreans should play a significant role in bringing the various parties to the negotiating table ! Preferrably in a neutral country !

    Again we have to seriously consider the Eritrean Defense Force as the only security and stabilizing army in Eritrea … Given the history of our defense force that brought the newly independent nation and defends its sovereignty … in comparing the the many divided opposition armed groups in Ethiopia, The EDF has more credibility, not only for its defense activities, but its social standings as well … The EDF dissatisfaction of the current ruler manifests itself in all forms and shapes …. be it in mass desertion, or occasional mutinies, … although PFDJ relentlessly tried to make EDF its dictatorial and ideological tool !

    Again in regards to the EDF, the Civilian and all political groups must exert maximum influence on what the role of a national Army ought to be … This uniform and professional approach by the opposition political and civic groups towards the EDF has a detrimental factor in shaping and directing the army to rebel, resist and eventually to take over its historical task … The people’s army ! Mind you the EDF ‘s social standing is with that of the oppressed segment of the population, given its free slave labor, abuse and the never ending servitude …. The opposition major and intensive campaign towards the EDF has the utmost importance .

    Last but least, The Ethiopia’s role in the Eritrean affairs, I think we should come out clean on this matter, As much as I would like to extend my appreciation Ethiopias humanitarian and compassionate assistance to the PFDJ victims, … be it the sanctuary given the the helpless, educational, employment and many other opportunities … many thanks to all the kindness, and this will never be forgotten by the countless youth who will be the future citizens of Eritrea, and this honorable receptions and hospitality by the good host will never be forgotten …and it will be the basis of a healthy neighborly relations in the future …

    However, the wrong approach taken by the ruling class in support of a chosen political groups does not go well to some of us , and not to mention the Ethiopian government’s overt & covert encouragement of the various armed groups ! In this respect the opposition will have to address its concerns, and We want the Ethiopian government to realize the best of the Eritrean objective can not be served by creating many factions of army’s that may hold their turfs and pursue a narrow ethnic and religious agenda after the demise of the dictator in Eritrea !!! This was evident in recent Ethiopian history as well ! So We ask Ethiopian government not promote instability in Eritrea, and we will do our best to stop the Eritrean dictator from doing the same to your beloved nation !

    Hopefully I am contributing my one cent’s idea in developing a genuine platform !

  • belay nega April 23, 2013


    “no Ethiopian scared me then and no Eritrean will ever scare me enough to retreat from this struggle for freedom.”


  • Genet April 23, 2013

    Dear Mr Fetsum
    Thank you again for the article. It begs us to think hard and search for solutions to save our people from the dire situation they are in. At least that should be our priority.

    You made a comparison between Mr Tedla Uqbit and Mr Afewerki how they betrayed their own people and their country. Mr Afewerki has a complete control of our country which Mr Uqbit did not have and died in a mysterious circumstance. Nevertheless, betrayal is betrayal. But keep in mind, these tow individuals would not betray our people if they did not have the support of other Eritrean. After our country was annexed, there were many Eritrean who were rewarded for their support of the annexation officially or undercover. These people were later seen in Ethiopia with a great deal of wealth including lands and villas around Addis Ababa. Currently, Mr Afewerki is being supported and enabled to do what he is doing to our people and our future. In return, his supporters are accumulating wealth like there is no tomorrow. The point is we the Eritrean people have the power to stop people like Mr Uqbit and Mr Afewerki. How we do that is by uniting, regardless of our differences. Basically we as people we have to grow up mentally. Otherwise, we dived we fall and we let our people down.

    My take on, on the oppositions status is that I admire their effort. But i am critical of how they handle the issues. In the past 20 years how did they manage to fall not even to have one stronger party with common interest for the sake our people. But they manage to have 33 fatigue parties and sub party with no sound vision or goal. It seems that they are more preoccupied getting a name for what ever they are planing to do than doing the actual work which is challenging the dictator. They failed to understand PR (pubic relation)101. They expect the Eritrean people to figure it out themselves and just follow them. They didn’t do their homework. They underestimated the PFDJ and the dictator’s operatives hate propaganda. Especially, the use of ethnic slurs directed at the oppositions in order to scare people. The opposition end up validating the hate propaganda by holding meetings in a Tigrain diaspora restaurants. By doing that they alienate the diaspora Eritrean. They failed to understand how the majority of diaspora Eritrean live. Because they didn’t do their homework, they didn’t know that Eritrean in diaspora live all most like they are in Eritrea. They work together; they worship together; they hangout together. Even the one with a good common sense, can’t have a chance to survive alone. If they say, You know what I agree with these opposition, they will be isolated. This how the PFDJ operatives has been very effective in scaring our people and prolonging the pain an suffering of our people in Eritrea. Problems to work on A, know PR 101, B, Don’t rush to name your party before you have a sound idea and goal. C, Tell the Eritrean people who the heck you are. D, Opposition to the PFDJ’s toxic system is any Eritreans’ responsibility. It is not a family or a close friends affair. We all need to learn from our mistakes.

    • belay nega April 24, 2013


      ” After our country was annexed, there were many Eritrean who were rewarded for their support of the annexation officially or undercover.”












  • belay nega April 24, 2013