Review overview
  • sol December 22, 2011

    Assab being the natural gateway for Ethiopia, it is a very story that Eritreacan not use the huge potential to boost its economy and strengthen its potential.Djubouti become aware of the potential competition with Somaliland as another outlet for Ethiopia, it should remind that Ethiopia, China and Somlia land sign an agreement to develop Berebera, so they can use for exporting natural resources. The building of fast railway between Djubouti and Ethiopia also an indication , Woyanes are determined not to use the port even for Tigray as they also building a rail way from Mekele to Djibouti
    Both regimes are not only severing the economical relation between the two sisterly nations but also breaking the natural ties of the two brotherly people.It is a very sad story how the development and relation of the two nations negatively affected by the arrogance and ignorance of the two individuals Zenawi and Afeworki.This is not only affect economical development of the region but also create an ending turmoil in the region.

  • Gebre December 22, 2011

    Sol, I agree with your comments but I feel that you are blaming both regimes in the same way. In this respect, atleast, we have to blame the Isaia regime since it is solely responsible for the initiation of the 1998 -2000 war according to the claims commion verdict. The regime in Asmara is also sowing seeds of hostility.

  • Abrahaley ETiDine December 22, 2011

    The idea of Eritrea is the gate of ethiopia to the external world is killed by the moron Isayas.
    The usual talk “klete wedebatna” and its significance was trashed by the dictator. The physco Isayas closed the refinary assuming ethiopia will beg him to open but ethiopia started importing finalized oil from Yemen. that was the turning point for the neighbour country. Then like a somalian pairate he sold every particle that was in the port to any one who can pay fraction of the price.

  • ahmed saleh December 22, 2011

    The psychopathic and rigorous conducts of HGDF regime is the main problem which caused
    all this socio-economic disturbances. Selfishness, greediness and obove all to undermine someone’ distinguished achievements is part of their make-up. To say we are superior than
    others is absent minded ego who leads to the dark and backwardness. It is not possible
    to see growth and prosper ourselves unless we gain the maturity to work alongside others.
    Meanwhile what we need primary is a leadership who bring together all patriotic Eritreans
    together and united to work for the better being of our people. Eritreans did their best to
    take care and maintain their cities and lands under the harsh situation for the last 50 yrs.
    What people need is opportunities to work then good to go.

  • Palm December 22, 2011

    First, in 1991 Ethiopia learned that it is possible to live without Eritrea. Second, since 1998 they clearly understood that it is possible to live without Assab and Massawa. I had a chance to visit Assab around 2001 and it was heart breaking to see only camels in the port instead of trucks it is deserted. The mentality is that of who cares! and the paradox is claiming that Eritrea is economically developing while GOE killed two of the main economic sectors of the country.
    I see no plan or policy in the so called “mebale” it is pure business …business that benefits their bank accounts. If they feel opening batcher shop makes good profit they go there and open their shops crowding the poor merchants. This is done in all the sectors in the economy. How can a government look for dekuan while expecting to deal with macro level economy.

  • Taddesse T Gebremussie December 22, 2011

    What all coserned Greate Eritrean who care for the people is 100% fact this mad man & his dogs kill our country .Allwayes moran people savegs they think they are poor in maind they have inferiority.That is Isayas & his dogs suffer.Eritreans we need to stand like one man for history to save our Identity not for personal benefit or pawer.Stand to serve the people felow the step of awar patriots like WELDEAB WOLDEMARIAM & thausand Eritrean patriots.

    • Alex December 22, 2011

      It is time to act brave and determined to ask not to beg for our right. Our freedom
      is a gift from our martyrs not from IA and we will take away from the hands of those who stole from us either by hook or crook.

      • Huluf December 23, 2011

        way to Alex…I love what you state…our freedom was given to us by our martyrs….brave souls who told the world “Never Kneel Down”, “Against All Odds”. By hook or crook our freedom & sovernighty will be brought to reality.

  • Abdi December 23, 2011

    Its understood that asseb would contribute alot to the economy of the country however its also a good sign to see ethiopians given up the dream of asseb as an ethiopian port and find a solution else where,we better off with out that income.the eritrean gov’t is improving the ports and airports of both massawa and asseb and soon they will open free zones which will contribute more than the Ethio birr.
    So” genzebom hizom ysherebu”
    secondly,makes me sick when somebody calls the country which causing us all this pain for the last 60+ years as a sisterly nation NO its not our sister its our historical enemy,we overcame the previous ill treatments we had suffered from and started a new mutual relationship but they clearly showed us their bad souls and ignited the the hatreds again,so personally as an Eritrean Im looking forward to build a wall
    alongside the border and cut every ties if any.

  • Tzegay December 23, 2011

    Building bridges and roads cannot harm relationships.Time will show as if, what belongs together will grow together or what not-belongs together will grow together. In long term: We just need to work for a peaceful relationship with our neighbours.

  • Kiflemariam Gebretsadik December 23, 2011

    There is no point blaming others. It has been power struggle between the TPLF and EPLF leadership that ended in years so called border war. It is the matter of time one day will come out the truth. Africa is heading into repartation of colony. For those self-ineterested group we see them blaming others who do not like them