Assenna: London Candlelight vigil in memory of the Eritrean victims perished off Lampedusa coast-P1

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  • dekibat October 5, 2013

    get rid of that dictators flag under which our children vanished since the creation of that flag.Lets get a new flag.

    • Tuka October 6, 2013

      lets leave the issue of the colours of cherqi aside, lets learn how to oppose to injustice and to expose lies of the regime and his likes in Eritrea.

  • Sam October 6, 2013

    Well done assenna. condolences to the family and all Eritreans. God have mercy on us all Eritreans.

  • Hzbi October 6, 2013

    there was no advertisement that there will be a canndlight in memory of the victims, why assenna did not adevertise it properly so that all people could know,
    its not pfdj supporters or its not the oppostions, its for the momery of the victimes and should had called for all people of Eritrea to participate.

  • Footscray October 6, 2013

    Is this number only we have in London? zigerim eyu?

  • Keren October 6, 2013

    London Hyde Park yesterday was our DAS HAZEN (Mourning Tent) to express our grief and respect for our departed compatriots. It enabled us share our grief and connect with their crying mothers in Eritrea whose hopes was extinguished few miles from their land of hope. ….
    It was a citizen’s initiative which rose above petty politics, which is a good start for our diaspora communities.
    The young multitalented priest who officiated the evening was excellent – It was particularly gratifying to see an Orthodox Tewahdo priest preaching in Arabic/English/Tigrigna. He looked and behaved like the courageous Bishop of the 1970s Eritrea – Abune Abraha Francois
    In times like this our communities need leaders who can speak truth to authority. That truth told to ERI-TV was that these Youngsters are ERITREANS who saved the nation during the 1998-2000 war and served their people without pay for decades.
    There was call for their bodies to be sent to Eritrea …. If that is the wish of their family we should support it in every way including funding.
    Finally, I would like to thank the Italian People and Government for showing us how a civilized society should behave in the 12st century