ASSENNA NEWS: ውልቀመላኺ ኢሳይያስ ናብ ኣዲስ ነቒሉ – ምሩኽ ፓይሎት በዛበህ ጴጥሮስ – Thursday, July 12, 2018

Review overview
  • Ahmed July 12, 2018

    What are they waiting now those who have high power like higher military personals and government officials in Eritrea. This is the time that they should take immediate action against him. They must say stay there in Adis and we dont need you after he left Eritrea.

  • Asmerom July 12, 2018

    If the news is true then pilot Bezabih Petros must be a dead meat after 20 yrs of higdef’s awful/inhuman prisons.

    • Asmerom July 12, 2018

      please correct and read as awful/inhuman imprisonment.
      I also used to think that evil gedli killed all POW’s. Mercy to all political and useless Badme prisoners.

  • Barazio July 12, 2018

    Why is the second time offender Pilot is free. he probably will come for the third time, no doubt about it..Only those of us who survived the MIG bombardment know what he was capable of doing. He was not satisfied on what he did in Sahel and came back to continue in Asmara, and he is free???

  • Hazhaz July 12, 2018

    Back to the dirty and hopless Eritrean politics after many years of absence. Nothing had changed, Eritrea is still a hopeless and a hell place led by the most worthless generation that is clueless of its important interests. You judge the worthless generation by the fruit: of its “al Sawra” in the current Eritrea it has created: the hundreds of thousands of refugees and the hopeless generation they created, melted down economy, no water and now electric power to its capital city, jails and dungeons erected everywhere, slavery at home and in the Arab Passage, roads and infrastructure in disrepair, currency worthless, Eritrean languages and identity neglected …
    Your information on Captain Bezabih Petros is completely false, it is like saying Petros Solomon and Haile Durue … are still alive. They are long gone. No one under Issaias will leave the dungeons alive. I don’t think, you know the blood sucker Issaias.

  • Berhe Tensea July 12, 2018

    Eritrea is about to be sold as history about to be repeated, but this time, if this idea of union with a country that had committed repeated genocide is going to prove a complete disaster and disunity on Eritrea.
    The ball is on the Eritrean people specially on highlanders court to save their identity. independence,and territorial l integrity..
    The retarded and innocent people must open their eyes before it is too late

  • Abrehaley Asheber July 12, 2018

    Words can not express the Grief Esayas did to the Eritrean Population. Words can not express the Grief in their Heart our young generation, and most of all, he buried Our National Pride. Now, the Truth and time has come to march together and united for our beloved Eritrea’s future. Esayas is self President Not Eritrea.

  • Deglel July 12, 2018

    Long live our great President Isaias Afeworki Abraha.
    Continue to punish the Eritrean slaves. They only love and respect their slave masters like Arabs & Italians.
    Destroy the fake artificial so-called Eritrean independence and replace it with the union of mother Ethiopia soon.
    You will be forgiven for all the crimes you committed once you eliminate the empty inflated Eritrean balloon gurrrras.

    • Deglel July 12, 2018

      eliminate and burst the empty inflated Eritrean balloon gurrrrrrras and miwirizayat.

  • rezen July 13, 2018

    ASSENNA NEWS: ውልቀመላኺ ኢሳይያስ ናብ ኣዲስ ነቒሉ – ምሩኽ ፓይሎት በዛበህ ጴጥሮስ – Thursday, July 12, 2018

    Commentary, 12 July 2018
    Who ever thought of the following development would happen: a) the initiative of an Oromo Prime Minister of Ethiopia for a dialogue; b) the Ethiopian Prime Minister visiting Asmara, Eritrea; c) the reciprocating ‘daring’ visit by the self-appointed president of Eritrea to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and if true, d) the President of Eritrea pardoning the famous/infamous Ethiopian Air Force Pilot; and finally e) the extraordinary nudging to the sideline of the famous Tigrai People’s Liberation Force (TPLF) – needless to say, to the delight of the President of Eritrea. Wow!!!

    Now, where do we go from here? Stay tuned. Miracle may happen – not from Eritreans but most probably from the shrewd TPLF who are pushed aside from interesting political development. The TPLF will not simply pushed aside and doze off while extraordinary development is taking place in their ‘domain’. Anything can happen. In all this development, Eritreans, in all probability, will remain on the side line being recipients of development without their intervention. Eritreans are still – and will be for some to come – in a state of shock as the consequence of the greatest betrayal by their own indigenous charlatans who concocted the Liberation of Eritrea for their own long-hatched agenda. Eritrea has been, and used by, a string of colonial powers for seemingly time immemorial. But the most hurtful deceptive and dictatorial governance comes from Eritreans themselves under the direction of Issyas Afewerki Abraha for almost fifty years. It was, and still is, the greatest Houdini Act, which left the Eritrean people to be numb, or in the Tigrigna perfect description: ተዳሂሉ ።

    The above description may sound as an exaggeration. But consider the following: a) there are about 80 -90 Eritreans opposition parties, conveniently in safe foreign countries, all ‘pretending’ to beworking for the ‘same’ purpose; and b) Eritrean Intellectuals too are divided by their own inner agenda, though all preach about the independence of Eritrea. Issayas Afewerki Abraha laughs at them – one imagines. After all, he knows their character very well.

    Conclusion: Eritreans are helpless, confused, intrigue ridden, and completely lost in the politics of the World. It is actually a reflection of Eritrean History i.e. perpetual subjects of any OCCUPIER. Proof? >>> One hundred and thirty-years of history. When was the last time that ERITREANS were FREE, in the meaningful definition of the word? .

    • rezen July 13, 2018

      Post Script
      Simon G – bless his heart – wrote in his poetic style what I wanted to say in 300-word zig-zag commentary i.e. OUR FRANKNESS to admit OUR HELPLESSNESS TO SOLVE OUR OWN PROBLEM AS A NATION. Hence, an appeal to the Almighty God with the following fantastic words:
      Quote: ነቶም ዘይሰማዕኩም”
      ድሕሪ ነዊሕ ዓመታት:ዝተዋህቦ ስርሕ ወዲኡ: ኢስያስ ዝመጽእ ዘሎ ቀዳም ዓዱ ክምለስ ‘ዩ።
      ኣምላኽ ናብ ኤርትራ ኣይመልሶን ግዲ ኸውን።
      ኣሜን! Unquote Re: Under an Article entitled : “Fetsum: On the Joint Declaration of Peace and Friendship between Eritrea and Ethiopia”, July 11, 2018
      Dear Simon G, I have a question: DO YOU THINK WE CAN HANDLE IT, if our prayer materializes??? rezen

      • Asmerom July 13, 2018

        rezen, so much garbage in so much garbage out from you talkative sick old mam.
        If you are an Eritrean, Genet-Original is asking you where are our men and our EDFs??? But you are only good at sitting around and talking/quoting cheaply.
        Just for a change do less talking and less sitting on your fat ass foreign intruder.

      • Simon G. July 13, 2018

        ኣንታ ሓው ረዘን!
        ክንደይ ከ ‘ረዝን ትሕቶኻ?
        ወይ ጉድ! ንሱ ባኸኣ ‘ሎ።
        ኤእ: ደሓን ንጻወሮ 🙂

  • Genet-Original July 13, 2018

    There is no word to described how I feel right now. I am in shock and I can’t feel anythings. How can we allow one man to kill our people, Eritreans over and over again with impunity? Eritreans men are just sitting around and talking. This man, first he became an instrumental for the so called “struggle”. He kidnapped, brainwashed and murdered young Eritreans, since 1970s. Now he is selling our country and people in a broad daylight. is this means we have no EDF?

    • Simon G. July 13, 2018

      Are you the old member of Assenna, Genet G.?
      If you are, welcome back. We have missed you!
      To answer your question: what EDF?
      The colonels/general’s hands are soaked with blood. Whether they like him or not, they have to do whatever he told them to.
      The foot soldiers are demorilized to the point of almost no return. The country means nothing to them because how they are treated.
      Poverty is a luxury to these young men/women. They have no life at all.
      Your question should be directed to the diaspora hgdf followers. That, I couldn’t understand, at all.

  • Amanuel July 13, 2018

    Bezabih helped prolong his power although brought down by our heros, the g15, pastors, jornalists, intellectuals, other innocent citizens wanted to remove him from his power. Does this need any explanation? I do not think.

    • Asmerom July 13, 2018

      Abdurahiman or Abdurkerim or Abdurobo negis, bizuH TeraAraA ayitebiziH bzeytifeliTo guday.