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  • araya March 7, 2014

    Can wait. To see you aman well come to Houston, Texas!!!

  • asmara March 7, 2014

    It is so funny to see folks being so ambitious of masses change with no clear vision and prices organization. I know some of you will have provisional satisfaction by the “Tour” Amauel will do. It is Ok to have fun anyways. But the point is, does Amanuel has the ethical or political standards to talk on behalf of those whom he ignored their voices? Come on people, he hasn’t been showing genuine concern on many aspects that affect Eritreans life. Is he more self-centered or masses-centered? Is he sarcastic or holistic? I challenge all of you who are mindlessly clapping to him to give explicit explanation on this. I am not totally dump like some of you are, who does not appreciate the efforts he has been imputing. I do. My point is, he has to be responsible for the baseless confusions he has been broadcasting and for his denial to the voice of Eritreans in Ethiopia refugee camp . I can see some of you are already victims of his confusing tactics. let’s try to think and analyze things critically. This shouldn’t be an era of “Tselea Tselaeyes Fetawyes.”

    • selamawit2 March 7, 2014

      asmara, why are so reproachful?
      i do not come up with this question easily but are you maybe jealous???
      and what do you mean with “his denial to the voice of Eritreans in Ethiopia refugee camp”?

    • Genet-orginal March 7, 2014

      Zombie get a grip boy! Did you just said, “Let us try to think and analyze things critically” LOL…….. LOL
      God have mercy on your zombie’s soul. To tell you the truth, if you start talking like that, you may have some hope for recovery and come to your peopls’ side soon. Stop saying “My point is; the point is..” You don’t have a point, until you wake up. You may not be dump, but you are a temporarily altered state of mind and Isayas’s programed Zombie. That is all.

  • asmara March 7, 2014

    Really! Jealous of what? Do you think someone in this world with sound mind be Jealous of a lair? I remember some of you barking on behalf of wedi tmnewo, but it is not existing any more. Because your support was baseless and emotional. I see history repeating itself. This is what reproach is.

    • ahmed saleh March 7, 2014

      Amanuel , Wedi Temenewo and others are trying to break the wall of silence . If you do
      not want to hear people’s voices nobody force
      you to do so but at the same time you also don’t have a right to deny others to speak their mind.

    • selamawit2 March 8, 2014

      asmara, you made generalized reproaches and i asked questions because i HONESTLY wanted to know the reason. it is a pity, but you didn’t a single of my questions.

      my advice: If you think you have legitimate criticism, then please put it clear and differentiated. ’cause the way you put it now, it only sounds like emotional chaos.

      (take it or leave it.)

      • selamawit2 March 8, 2014

        please read “you didn’t answer a single of my questions.”

      • Genet-orginal March 9, 2014

        PFDJ’s zombie don’t use logic or reasoning. They are also, programed not to answer any questions what so ever. Their presence here is only one direction. They don’t have a room for understanding reality. They are parrot of the lunatic dictator.

  • asmara March 8, 2014

    KKK, “Selamawi2”, was that you and some other blind-minded folks like you, failed to answer my question or it is me we did nor replied. Come on people! so far nobody has ever gave any explanation why Amanuel denied the voice of Eritreans in May-ayni. Nobody has either answered my question if this guy is sarcastic or holistic. Over all, nobody has, and can’t give reasonable and concise explanation if Amanuel is really to “Empower” eritreans. What does “To empower” mean? If you can fairly see the meaning of this term unambiguously , do you think assena has ethical or political qualification to do so. It is good to know your limits. Being ambitious does take you nowhere.

  • selamawit2 March 8, 2014

    asmara, neither you are somebody who doesn’t get it, that you can’t convince people by prejudging them and call them names or you are simply a “troll”.

    if the second case is the case: thanks, but i can live without this pseudo communication with you.

    if the first case is the case, then i ask you: if you think all the readers and commentators in this forum are “blind-minded”, wouldn’t it be waste of time to talk to them/us?
    and if you think Amanuel Eyasu is either sarcastic or holistic, why do you hang around in his virtual “guestroom”?
    me e.g. i don’t know what you mean with “denied the voice of Eritreans in May-ayni”…

    with due respect: you don’t know what “empower” really means!

  • ahmed saleh March 8, 2014

    Concerning Eritrean refugees problem in Mai-Ayni requires diplomatic approach to look for solution of the case otherwise jumping on confrontation to escalate might jeopardize their safety . Do not forget the result of irresponsible
    government thousands of it’s citizens deported from Ethiopia . And you can not expect someone to make same mistake to be blamed if matters
    get worse . Infact the main source of problems
    starts inside the country and until challenged courageously nothing will change .

  • gebre March 9, 2014