ATV: መበል 25 ዓመት ሃገራዊ ኣገልግሎት ብዓይኒ ተሳተፍቱ – ዝርርብ ምስ ዮሴፍ ኣስመሮም 1ይ ዙርያ፡ ክብሮም በረኸት 5ይ ዙርያ

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  • tewelde gebremariam August 2, 2019

    Has there been any National Service In Eritrea? If yes, what have they produced since the inception? If no, what could be the objective of fabricating such euphemistic phrase?

    There is no “National Service in Eritrea”, which the devastated economy and disintegrated social fabric prevailing in Eritrea bears testimony. The phrase, thus, is euphemism for Eritrean Youth Concentration Camp the impostor isaias afewerk meticulously fabricated to disguise his heinous crimes on the ground. Therefore, any one, including the Human Right advocates, who repeats the phrase … National Service in Eritrea…. is inadvertently abetting and aiding the impostor.

    It is not by accident but by design that the Eritrean Youth Concentration Camp has been among the potent Push Factors that have been driving Eritrean youths to flee their country after physically , emotionally and psychological tortured. And who have been their Traffickers? Yes, it was the impostor himself and his lieutenants along with his foreign agents, such as, the Rashaids,Yes, he has been making enormous amount of profits at theirs expense.

    • k.tewolde August 4, 2019

      Not to mention,the tyrant demanded point blank 50,000 USD a head to recycle those who fled blaming their demise on his alleged enemies.If slave trade was legal today,sawa would have been one the main outpost in the continental Africa.Folks the kids are all grown up and talking and evaluating their mentors and willing to forgive them which is generous,however is this only an issue between the sawa conscripts and the ones who molded and trained them? the beguiled nation awaits for an answer.

  • Temesgen August 2, 2019

    Why it is time to those who are still serving in SAWA to turn their guns against their superior instead of beat the drum?
    SAWA was created/designed to advance the hidden agenda of a non-Eritrean psychopath: Uproot & impoverish Eritrea and hand it over to Ethiopia on a silver plate. May be that is why he called the 25 years anniversary a silver jubilee.
    For Eritrean 25 years of SAWA means: lawlessness, plundering of Eritrean wealth and resources by criminal gang, slavery, exploitation of free youth labor, wasted educational opportunity because of the closure of Universities and Colleges, the depriving of our youth to thrive, marry and have children, mass exodus of our youth to Ethiopia, Sudan and , loss of 30,000 Eritrean lives in killing fields of Badme, drowning of over 850 Eritreans in the Mediterranean Sea and deaths of several thousands in the scorching heat of the Sahara.

  • Ghebretsadik Tesfay August 6, 2019

    No military training centre is easy, in relation to our daily life, ours will be difficult. one can say what was a noble idea, was derailed and blundered.
    Have a balanced view

  • Ghebretsadik Tesfay August 6, 2019

    Regret the war, but never regret what you have endured! we have a country because of your scarifies. but the struggle continues