ATV: ምልካዊ ስርዓት ኢሳይያስ ብዙሓት ብሃይማኖታዊ እምነታት ኤርትራ ዝካየዳ ካላኣይ ደረጃ ኣብያተ ትምህርቲ ዓጽዩ

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  • k.tewolde September 5, 2019

    The last remaining cultural fortresses of our forensic identity is about to be erased,the coward is lashing out mercilessly at the weak and vulnerable,it is overdue! now or never! Our homeland has been under siege by the proxy brutal military dictatorship which has to be removed by violent means immediately and the perpetrators who inflicted so much pain and grief to our people brought to justice.To make this task less daunting and surprisingly swift totally and exclusively depends upon us like it has been since this menace to society wrestled the power from the people and crowned himself the supreme king for life with ‘no contrat.’ If you are thinking otherwise, stop for a moment and go back in time and put yourself in Hamid Idris Awate’s shoes who pulled the trigger to herald our armed struggle because that was the only choice left.He is the reason why we celebrate Bahti Meskerem,not Pushkin.

  • Salim Negash September 5, 2019

    Irrespective of who holds political power, don’t we want to build a fair & secular Eritrea that is predicated on strong Eritrean national identity. The religious medical & educational facilities are dark legacies of western colonialist and expansionist to extend their power through their churches. The main culprits of this, over our history, have been the catholic and lutheran churches. In the 1970s, they used food handout to convert innocent Eritreans from their original religious denomination. Anything they operate is meant to discriminate people and use their services as a forcing function to beat poor/hard working Eritrean in to submission and convert them over. In my book, this is not religion, it is modern day mafia operation and I am personally glad to see them get the cease and desist notices from the GOE. it is long overdue and hope we can move forward with our experiment of building a strong Eritrean national identity.

    • k.tewolde September 5, 2019

      ‘The religious medical & educational facilities are dark legacies of western colonialist and expansionist..’>>>>how about the art deco style artifacts the ‘GOE’ boasts about? bright legacies? isn’t it a double standard?>>>’I am personally glad to see them get the cease and desist notices from the GOE…’, Salim, are you personally going to replace the precious services which was rendered by those institutions the ‘GOE’ ripped away? what kind medical insurance plan do you have? did anybody turn you away when you were in need of medical attention where you are? Can you imagine here in the western world closing a hospital and throwing out patients in the street? shame on you my friend for trying to make political talking point from this barbaric and inhumane act of vindication.

      • Salim Negash September 6, 2019

        Brother k.tewolde

        these facilities epitomize DISCRIMINATION in every sense of the word. Growing up in Keren, I am first hand witness to the hideous discrimination perpetuated by the catholic church in Keren and its environs. I wish you had gone through what we went through in the 1970s until the EPLF came in and liberated our town.

        • k.tewolde September 6, 2019

          Brother Salim,this grudge you were holding for years does’t give you a reason to excuse what the ‘GOE’ is doing to our people today.It is a silent genocide the world gave deaf ears including those who are closely related to the victims. Seli Ala Nebi Ya’akuya.

  • Temesgen September 6, 2019

    Which one is the operation of an Eritrean Cosa Nostra? Religious schools teaching in secular context without receiving any funds from the state or 1) An illegitimate regime ruling Eritrea without the constitution and consent of the Eritrean people that 2) Controls all sectors of the economy and plunders the revenues from Bisha/Zara Gold mines, Assab/Massawa ports, diverts the funds from Dubai and Saudi Arabia to foreign Banks such as GAZPROM/HSBC/ SWISS/German Banks through its mafia agents inside and outside Eritrea and hoards the money in privates accounts of HGDEF leaders.

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