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  • Tsaadaqalai August 22, 2019

    For any Idea to be logicaly true, it must equate with and reflect the fact on the ground. Has the so called Sawa Youth Program through out its twenty five year existence produced any of its declared objectives? The answer is resoundly, None!, As a matter, it’s effects, as evidenced by the devastation of the country’s economy and social disintegration of its people, have been absolutely quite the opposite. And when you come to realize that our country has been under the exclusive control of impostor isaias afewerk and his cabals, all of whom are exclusively of tigrai descent,who, without any scruple, have been leaving no stone unturned covering up the sad situation of our country and people with fraudulent means of rationalization and false patriotism, then we must conclude that the statuesque we are in is a result of their conspiratorial malice geard to achieve their hidden agenda.
    The sad thing is that although we have diagnosed who they are, what their secret agenda is, uncovered the deceptive web they have woven not only to catch us unaware but also to make us their accomplices in our own demise, we are reluctant to transmit this knowledge to our people at home. As they systematically are submerging us into the abyss of under world, our shy tongues would not utter the right words save the so called “poletically correct”ones. Remember, members of the G15 and many others are in prison now becaus they did not take the right action at the right time. Their rational was that such drastic action was contrary to the civilized manner Eritreans solve contradictions among themseslves. Now, after they became victims of their own indecisivenes, they know better but too late to do any thing about it from their homes in dungeons. Should we not learn from their mistakes and inform our people everywhere who really the impostor and his cabals are and what their motive really is…. kedaat, moles etc…… instead of referring them using poletically-correct terms, such as wlqe-melekti? Please remember, as it is too late for the G15 to undo their mistake, very soon it could also be too late for us, and beware, words are also potent weapons if used rightly.

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