ATV: ብሰንኪ ምልኪ ዝተኸስረ ዕድላት ወፍሪ – 2ይ ክፋል – ብ ሃብተ ክፍለ

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  • k.tewolde December 21, 2019

    Honestly,this national catastrophe,this nation’s epic failure,this humiliating colossal national spectacle…can’t be blamed to the authoritarian dictatorship system only because there are many examples with the same system which are technologically advanced and competing in the world stage and their leaders priding themselves of their achievements and the leverage they have in global power brokerage.Ours is different,it is not only dictatorship it is hatetotorship with envious features,it is a foreign adversary steering the wheel,it is a nation led by someone who despises and loathes the people and calls them ‘LAHASTI SHAHANI’ and wants them to vanish from the face of the earth overnight if possible and he asserted that by saying in his reunion with his roots,’AYKESERNAN’ meaning we lost nothing.For some it took this devastating words from his mouth to come to terms with their life experience,for some of us we knew it all along from the early blood stained footprints which stains the canvas of the Eritrean landscape.He ain’t Kim of N.Korea nor MBS of Saudi Arabia….not even close, we just slept with enemy for far too long until he kicked us out of the bed into the naked cold floor.Until we see him from this vantage point,he will continue to cherry pick us in broad daylight like California farm produce.Happy Holidays everyone.