ATV: ኣብ ኤርትራ ብስም ሕክምና መንሽሮ ዓቢ ምግሃስ ሰብኣዊ መሰላት ይፍጸም ኣሎ – ካብ ኣባል ሚኒስተሪ ጥዕና ኣስመራ

Review overview
  • Hagherawi March 11, 2019

    ዝፍዉሱ ተመሲሎም ሞት ናይዞም ግዳያት የቃላጥፉ ከይህልዉ ምክትታል የድሊ።

  • Senait Teame Ghide March 11, 2019

    zkeberkum asna ( Amamuel eyasu) ezi ab laeli tekiskumo zelokum bzaeba hkmna hmam menshro zfws temeslu seb wediu tblwo zelokum btaemi btaemi guguy haberetan shim nay tadesse teame tetfhu zlezelekum bhgi knhatekum mkana enda geletsna gega habereta eyu elkum keltifkum kthbru bthtna nhatit. kttshbwo bthtna nhatit . tel dewlna knrekbeka aykealnan Amanuel.

  • saba weldu March 11, 2019

    This is totally wrong information about the medicine of cancer.

  • selina Hile March 11, 2019

    Zkeberkum asena dlaykum ktzarebu tkelu ekum mknyatu afkum eyu shim sebat mtslamgn bhgi yehttekum mkanu ktfeltu alekum bhgi kea knhatekum ena bzaeba ab laeli tekiskumo zelekum guguy habereta bnay menshro medhanit bzuhat sebat wedihu ashehat dolarat tekebilu zbelkumo keltifkum bgegaena elkum armwo. neti mizan zenakum zwdik aytgberu..

  • Genet -Original March 11, 2019

    If this not crime against humanity, then what is it? All Eritreans have known Isaias Afwerk is an Ethiopian who has been committing crime against the Eritrean people, since the 1970s. Every Eritreans should know this the act of the so called doctor Tadess Tame, if it is true, he is committing medical murder. Now, we know who Isaias is and we know what he all about. However, this man called Tadess Tame, needs to be reported to UN criminal law. We need to find out which western country was he educated and who gave him a medical licence? Who is he? his family? his work? his friend need investigated. This can be by anyone anywhere. Google him? We need to find out when and where he was in diaspora. Know, Eritreans all of us need to be vigilantes. If you don’t want to do it, you just need to ask yourself, would you allow any of your family member to be killed by a criminal doctor?????
    This beyond sad. We can’t be silent any longer.
    God help the sick and the vulnerable
    Thanks Assenna and Aman!!!

  • Setit March 12, 2019

    Tadese Teame is NOT a medical doctor & thus he is not supposed to see or treat patients. Period.
    This is the first violation he is committing!
    What kind of government allows someone who is not a licensed Medical Doctor to practice medicine??