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  • Paradiso February 26, 2014

    Thank all Eritreans and Americans who participated in this peaceful demonstration to defend the rights of African asylum seekers in Israel. Thank you the Jewish Voice for peace.

    Thank you Boston, we need to copy these brave peace organizers in every part of the world.

    Camera man and video editor, job well done

  • selamawit2 February 27, 2014

    Great job – thank You dear bothers and sisters in Boston!

  • selamawit2 February 27, 2014

    Please read this news on spy among eritrean in diaspora:

    “Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers ( NOAS ) fears that spies are pretending to be asylum seekers receive protection in Norway,..”

    “His party colleague Mazyar Keshvari means that strong lye is needed.
    – Those who cheat must leave the country as quickly as possible.If they can go on vacation to their home country…”

  • Dawit February 27, 2014

    Good job, Boston.

  • Zigerma March 1, 2014

    Well done Boston!!!

    • saleh habub March 7, 2014

      boston strong thanks aziba well done guys.