Calling all Eritreans and Ethiopians who are in Libya.

I appeal to all of you in the hope that many of you listen to my appeal is to desist from endangering their lives in the desert or in the Mediterranean. In recent months we

I appeal to all of you in the hope that many of you listen to my appeal is to desist from endangering their lives in the desert or in the Mediterranean. In recent months we have learned with sadness of the deaths in the desert on the border between Sudan and Libya, during a shootout border guards against the caravans of cars full of refugees Eritreans and Ethiopians, between June and October, dozens of deaths in the sea, because the unscrupulous traffickers have sent hundreds of people on board boats crumbling and torque of desperate.
Brothers and sisters do not trust even those of your fellow countrymen who act as intermediaries (Semserti) with corrupt military that will offer easy travel with boats, they send you the fray encounter death. In June there is a shipwreck in Libyan waters with dozens of people dead, Only in this week’s two tragedies in the Mediterranean, the first with 13 deaths, the second carrying about 300 people, due to a fire on board more than 80 people dead and hundreds missing.
My appeal is protect your life, there’s nothing more precious than your life, do not make choices dictated by despair, do not be deceived by traffickers who are campaigning to send by sea, they are only interested in your money does not care of your life, I hear that many of these intermediaries (Semserti) are Eritreans and Ethiopians willing to send them to die for their brothers and sisters, because they know for sure what the state will travel, they know they will be loaded onto barges crumbling like animals, it is also a still send meeting to Death. In 2011 we heard 1,800 deaths in the Mediterranean at least 500 people were Habeshia, of which 95% Eritreans.
I say to you intermediaries (Semserti) do not play with the lives of your brothers and sisters, do not sell your soul to the devil, to putting them into danger the lives of your brothers and sisters to have money, it’s like selling your soul to devil. For you arrive to the day of judgment, you have to answer before God for your actions, woe to you Cains of our time, woe to you who are Judas of our time that you sell your brothers for thirty pieces of silver to the Libyans
Fr. Mussie Zerai
Chairman of Habeshia Agency
Cooperation for Development
Phon: +41(0)765328448

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  • H.K October 3, 2013

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    Why are we living our country for Non-Eritreans?
    If we are willing to sacrifice our lives to go to Italy and sve ourselves why don’t we sacrifice ourselves and kill our killers and save the whole nation of Eritrea instead?
    Let us change our course and fight for our right!! We cannot solve our problem by mass exhodus instead we should liberate our people once and for all from this satanic regime by spilling our blood!!
    Let us change our set of mind PLeaseeeeese!!!!

  • erina October 3, 2013

    i have to say that i really feel ashamed of these eritreans or ethipians who are selling their own sisters and brothers…WHATs WRONG WITH US?
    not our culture..

    • Raul October 3, 2013

      please talk about the real cause like what HK has put it in the above comment. lets us do not talk about the effect. as far as the cause or source of pain is alive , eritrean lives will continue perishing, families will disintegrate more and wider, culture and values will be eroded to an irreversible end, nationalism will be replaced by individualism, and that is the target of the wolf in sheep skin. do you think there is any other national agenda than discussing this loss? i think Eritrea is born to host and bettermnet of the lives of its sons. what is after all…

    • eritrean October 3, 2013

      Those selling eritreans are agame

      • ahmed saleh October 4, 2013


  • ERITRAWIT October 3, 2013

    erina, People living from Eritrea because there is no hope Isaias own them.Can any body live 145-480 Nakfa a month on top of that they need menkesakesi God help them if they been found with out it inside like second citizen. Tegaru they have more respect than us they go every were with the yellow paper so what do u say about this? Our brother and sister kidney been sold the money transfer to Eritrea who do u think in this devil job?

  • Shaebia Yiwdek October 3, 2013

    I cannot cry enough for my oppressed people. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Lord please see us through. What a horrible NEWS. Ohhh Isayas, you will dearly pay……….your torment is soon………

  • think October 3, 2013

    This is really a tragedy. But still you are blaming Ethiopians and Ethiopia. Typical. Your morals are beyond reproach. You are the ideal human beings that any one else is measured with respect to. Still your brothers and sisters are perishing in their hundreds and it is the Ethiopian who is sending thme to their death. Please guys after 20 something years later, get a life(ironical).

    • ERITRAWIT October 3, 2013

      MR think, who is blaming Ethiopia in this issue we can only blame the man in side in Eritrea shall i say chamelon they might be Ethiopia somalia,other Africa lets pray for the victim and the family u can bring u issue another time.

      • ahmed saleh October 4, 2013

        Well said ERITRAWIT in fact typical Eritrawit . Either be Eritrean , Ethiopian , Somali or Sudanese we will not politicize the death of humans because we have moral obligation to respect and feel the pain of their loved ones left behind .

  • EYOB K.M. October 3, 2013

    Dera Brothers and sisters,

    It is very very sad to hear such a horrible news about the death of our people in the mediteranean sea. You mediators (Semserti), becareful you are selling your own people, including a young children born about 1,2,3 monthes …even some days or weeks ago. what will do with that dirty money ???????????????

  • love eritrean October 3, 2013

    We created eritrean people problems. We will not stop this issue unless with stand together and remove the eritrean leaders from power. For example, we need to learn from our African brothers, how to stop the organ trafficking and salver:

    Madagascar mob kills Europeans over ‘organ trafficking’

  • Tamrat Tamrat October 3, 2013

    Now i feel helpless. We have a country or countries which can give more than wee need. We have People or poeples who can do well more than the avarge i have ever witnessed. Why all this is happning to us?

  • Tesfa Zemene October 4, 2013

    I Don’t understand why Unite nation give strong action for Eritrean govermonent abut this proble money people dead everyware .