Eritrea’s importance in the Horn of Africa regional politics is dictated more by its strategic location along the Red Sea than its wealth. Despite talks of gold discovery, Eritrea is one the world’s poorest countries with an economy that was further bankrupted by a costly and absurd war with Ethiopia in 1998. Yet, Eritrea remains a regional power to reckon with.

The main purpose of this (current) article is to examine the cultural dimension of nation building and the role of leadership in the management, development, implementation and achievement of the cultural vision and goals as an important component of nation building.

isaiasገምጋም ናይ ዝሓለፈ ቃልሲ ምግባር። መንጠሪ ባይታ ናብ’ታ ንሓልማ ሓዳስ ደሞክራስያዊት ኤርትራ ድኣ  ‘ምበር። ውልቀ-ሰባትን ጉጅለታት ውድብ ንምውንጃል ኣይኮነን፣ ኩሉ ገምጋም ናይ እዋን ገድሊ ይኹን፡ ዓመታት ናጽነት።

Engagement with the failing dictators is an exercise doomed to fail before it begins”

The International Crisis Group report on Eritrea recently published in the media under the title, “ Eritrea may become failed state. “ warned the international community to engage with the dictatorship that is uncooperative.

EritreaEritrea has been deeply troubled since independence in 1991. Following the devastating war with Ethiopia (1998-2000), an authoritarian, militarised regime has further tightened political space, tolerating neither opposition nor dissent.

At the end of the National Conference for Democratic Change (NCDC), some participants gave us a glowing assessment of the conference.  A casual observer can discover only one participant who complained in public about the way the NCDC was conducted (, “2010 Eritrean National Conference for Democratic Change” Amare G/Mariam).

ehreaEritrea, a nation in the Horn of Africa, has won the struggle for independence on May 24 1991. During the armed struggle for independence, there were numerous evidences that the leadership from ELF and EPLF were persecuting their comrades who attempted to introduce leadership accountability and promote sustainable unity and freedom among the Eritrean people.

With WaEla N’HaGrawi  WaEla

Way for ward For the very reason that we do not have another alternative, we are bound to instruct the leadership of “kidan” to bring its act together and begin to listen to the critics of citizens. One aspect of leadership is about listening the heart beat of fellow citizens and be guided by it. This piece deals with the issue of ‘HaGeraWi WaEla for Democratic change’, which its English version is ‘National Congress for Democratic Change’.

Habtom The story began in a dusty, hot village in Eritrea , and ended in an icy wood in Halifax just a few weeks ago.That day, Habtom Kibraeb was told that his refugee claim had been denied by Immigration Canada Deportation was almost certain. Now – on Habtom’s path – from shepherd boy to young solider, from runaway to laundry worker – there was an obstacle he couldn’t face, a fate from which he saw no escape.