IsaiasThe EPLF during the liberation era used to apply clandestine means to liquidate political opponents in the Sudan. Thanks to Sudanese corrupt officials, no EPLF liquidator was ever detained or held accountable. However the EPLF Mafia did not stop their clandestine operations in the political arena.

RSFRelease of a new list of “Enemies of the Internet”. Russia and Turkey added to the “Under Surveillance” listOn March 12, Reporters Without Borders celebrates World Day Against Cyber Censorship. This event is intended to rally everyone in support of a free Internet, accessible to all. The fight for free access to information is being played out to an ever greater extent on the Internet.

UN CallWe, members of the Network of Eritrean Civic Societies in Europe (NECS-Europe), believe that the targeted sanctions solely against the regime and not the Eritrean people are appropriate. As we are highly concerned with the deteriorating human rights situation in our country, we would have preferred to see the Resolution 1907 to have included the human right situation in our country as the compliance to lift the planned sanctions.

Burhan Ali LetterSir, the reason I am writing to you today is that I am concerned over the situation of refugees from the African countries, particularly Eritrean refugees in Libya.  Libyan leadership and Libyan people have responded with generosity and support towards Eritrean refugees since 1960. This generosity together with international support helped many Eritreans achieve a bright future

way forwardThe youth, the women, the intelligentsias, and the general public are segments of our society upon which the success or failure of the struggle for Democracy & justice is based. All have to be in the same wave for a maximum impact and speedy progress in the struggle. The first three are the main determinants of the direction of the struggle with a varied degree of responsibility.

As all we know, the ruling Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) regime in Eritrean has been violating very basic rights in Eritrea. The victims of this brutal regime have scattered all over the world including your country, and you have been granting asylum in Switzerland. Read More As a matter of fact, no one would leave behind his loved family members and his hamlet without concrete reason. Decades ago, all Eritrean nations and nationalities took an initiative and paid their invaluable life to liberate their country once for all their country from their colonizers.

Paul Biondani, Fabrizio Gatti and Michael Sasso
There is an Italian involved in all the NATO summit. And in a few days will hold talks in Rome on the United States Defence Secretary, Robert Gates. Talk of war with Al Qaeda, to send more soldiers to risk their skin and new threats, from Afghanistan to the Horn of Africa.

Development and management of educated citizens is imperative in guiding a nation in a right development direction. Our forefathers new the importance of education and sending their young child into school has been given a top priority. A famous proverb in Eritrean society ‘Zeytemahre Ne’ydhin Zeytewekre Ne’yetihn’ – shows how education is valued in the society. A gracious wisdom preserved for ages. Currently this positive social understanding of education seems to be turning around and assuming a new ungrateful course.

By Fesseha Nair

The Security Council imposed an arms embargo, travel bans and asset freezes on top Eritrean officials. The sanctions imposed on the regime in Eritrea can have comparative. advantage for the opposition forces if they use it efficiently while it has absolute disadvantage to the dictator in Eritrea.

Edited by Michael Abraha
Embracing unity in diversity is key to peace and harmony in Eritrea, says Mr. Hassan Salman who is Head of the Sudan based Eritrean Islamic Congress – one of the 13 members of the opposition Eritrean Democratic Alliance. In a paper prepared for a conference organized by CDRiE’s Eritrean scholars, intellectuals and professionals in London last week,

Michael Abraha (London)
One of the most important outcomes of the January 9 London conference of Citizens for Democratic Rights in Eritrea, CDRiE, has been the heightened readiness to tackle the unfolding Eritrean refugee catastrophe. CDRiE rose to the challenge and decided to form a new Eritrean relief and recovery agency. It is hoped that the proposed agency will adopt effective methods in securing donations of such items as food, clothing and medicines to be delivered without delay to refugees stranded in Eritrea’s neighboring countries. 

January 7, 2010 ( – As per data compiled by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute and reported on, Eritrea ranks number 9 among world’s top ten military spenders on per GDP basis. GDP is the Gross Domestic Product and measures the overall goods and services produced inside a country in a given year.

By Petros Tesfagiorgis

The state Eritrea is in:  
The people of Eritrea are subjected to extreme human rights violations by PFDJ; the institution of the family is put under extreme pressure as the most productive member of the family is forced to work for free under the Warsay and Yekealo development project for an indefinite period of time.

እታ ድምጺ ህዝቢ ኮይና ዘላ ኣሰና፡ ክትስስን፡ እቲ ኣብ ዓዲ እንግሊዝ ዝጀመረ መቓልሓ፡  ኣብ ዓዲ እንግሊዝ ከየብኩር። ኢደይ ኢድካ በሉ ተቐማጦ ዓባይ ብሪጣንያ !

Sanctions are as hard to impose as they are to receive them. The UN often agonizes before punishing one of its own members even when it is a deserving regime like Eritrea. There were endless talks about sanctions and mere threats thereof for a few years now in the unlikely hope that the Asmara regime would come to its senses where it did not have any.


Overshadowed by those with Ethiopia, almost always to Eritrea’s disadvantage. With the exception of a brief window in the 1990s, the US has seen Ethiopia as its primary strategic ally in the region and treated Eritrea as something of an afterthought to be sacrificed when its actions or interests ran counter to Ethiopia’s.

TesfayThe European Union is considering continuing with its controversial development aid to Eritrea totaling 122-million Euros (154-million USD) this year. Widespread opposition is growing in view of unrelenting Eritrean government violation of human and democratic rights. The EU is also criticized for not requiring Eritrea to adhere to acceptable standards of transparency and accountability.  Reporters without Borders says the EU is handing over a blank check to the Eritrean government which is globally identified as authoritarian and extreme.  Civic and political groups have also expressed disappointment at EU’s continued support of the government.