A restaurant owner from Shagerab refugee camp in Sudan, Ghirmai (Kasko) and his wife, Million, who had been sold to the Sinai Bedouins by Sudanese security conspirators, with the knowledge of UNHCR employee in the camp, 6 months ago speak about their ordeal in the

READ MORE Samuel Berhane ( Medehamed Shatr), one of the instigators of the 'great escape' from  the infamous Wi'aa, PFDJ prison in Eritrea, tells the untold story of the prison break, in which himself along 456 inmates freed themselves from the harsh detention, in June 15, 2009.

READ MORE Do you remember, Hiriyti, the amputee young woman, who was featured on Radio Assenna “Voices of Torture from Sinai”? Her anger and despair that she lived to face the ugly side of life as if her disability was not tough enough was evident throughout the