Deputy Head of Economic Affairs of the PFDJ seeks asylum in Norway.

Mr Negash Afewerki, Deputy Head of Economic Affairs of the PFDJ seeks political asylum in Norway after abandoning the dictatorial regime in Eritrea. Mr Negash, who served at the crucial department of the ruling party for

Mr Negash Afewerki, Deputy Head of Economic Affairs of the PFDJ seeks political asylum in Norway after abandoning the dictatorial regime in Eritrea.

Mr Negash, who served at the crucial department of the ruling party for 15 years, was the second most trusted high ranking officer after Mr Hagos Gebrihiwot (Hagos Kisha).

The Head of the Economic Affairs of the PFDJ (Hagos Kisha) has been stunned by Mr Negash’s decision and made several fruitless attempts to convince him to return back to Asmara.

Mr Negash Afewerki is a graduate from Commercial School and he had served as an accountant at the Assab refinery before the Eritrean independence. He then deserted the Ethiopian Derg regime and lived in Auckland, USA, until he came back to Eritrea in 1992.

Review overview
  • Truly truly i say to you July 7, 2013

    What a perverse world!
    The one is healer and savior of the world, for that he brought good news to the poor, for healed broken-hearted, for announced captives to release, and freedom to those in prison, for healed people with every kind of disease and sickness for all good that he done, because Jerusalem due to luck of ignorance and didn´t acknowledge its savior and savior, the Jewish authority to Lord Jesus Christ to who is savior of the world as well as they handed over to roman governor Pilate so that he be sentenced and crucified it is reported in (Matthew chapter 27 history.) When we come back to now days Eritrea, with evil spirit because possessed, to the one who perished all intellectuals since struggle for liberation time, after liberation, to who ordered disabled veterans to be persecuted, because they asked primer demand, with unnecessary war, with in two weeks war 24, 000 innocent citizens to who caused to be perished, because demanded primer by denying all kinds of human rights to who is causing our people to be suffering, to who is destroying our nation economy, social culture and to who exterminating our citizens, the Devil Isayas Afeworki, Eritreans, instead this Barbaras like thief, (Wolf with sheep skin) asking to be crucified they praying and worshiping specially some useless women by saying “How happy is the woman who bore you and nursed you.” to this Devil with ship skin to who exterminating their children,to ruling them for life. What a perverse world! What a curse!

  • Ali-lol July 7, 2013

    This is the right moment to tell the truth about the stolen Eritream money. Negash is responsible for the wrong doing of issayas if he remaind silent like ali abdu.

  • Yemane Haile July 8, 2013

    Congratulations Mr. Negash welcome and wish you the best. Mr. Negash could have stayed in the United States and live comfortably like the rest of us but he chose to serve the Eritrean people and helps rebuild the country which he did with dedication and dignity until his last day in Eritrea.
    It is easy for most of us to judge and criticize from the comfort and protection of western countries. Instead let’s give him time and let’s stop
    being self appointed judges, prosecutors and jurors.
    I think it is relevant to talk about Mr. Negash’s identity or character. It might seem bla bla bla to some people but unless we know who he is, then we are always going to speculate and we will never learn the truth. Some of you
    even tried to give him Gojamie identity. That person with the pen name
    “Eritrea superpower” himself/herself is not Eritrean. No person from Eritrea would spell AFEWORQ for AFEWERKI only Amharic or Arabic speakers would spell Afewerq or Aforqi. so Mr./Ms. Eritrea superpower stay away from Eritrea’s internal affair leave it to the real Eritrean people.
    For those who are eager to hear from Mr Negash, be patient there is time for every thing and let him choose or decide his own time frame.


  • Hitsit July 12, 2013

    Although I know nothing about why he abondoned Kisha and in turn GOE, Negish took me by surpris to take this bold move after he has been serving the PFDJ Hanchos for decades now. His departure signifies a lot of things to me. That, Who ever is serving his/her country diligently and honestly has exhausted his/her tolleance to all dictatorial governance of PFDJ dynasty. All top of the military generals are to blame for allowing the PFDJ top gangs and themselves to own the country as their only ancestral land. There is always an end to a tyranny.