EFND Washington DC Conference Announcement, 22-25 October, 2014

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  • wedi fre October 20, 2014

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    This time we belive that the time is ripe for unity!!!
    We cannot wait to hear a good news this time because the issue is very simple now. How?
    Our aim is to bring a democratic change in Eritrea. That means Eritrea without Iseyas. Let us not blame the talking dolls.
    If that is the aim of all of us, LET US UNITE for our common couse and the question of “a party” is the issue of the constitution.

    We beg you to UNITE for the sake of the bleading ERITREA!!!!
    We wish you and pray for your UNITY!!!

    God bless your meeting!!!
    God Bless Eritrea!!