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  • kozami October 25, 2011

    Temesgen, pt1
    I am still searching for a clue as how a man of your caliber is seduced into abandoning fact for rhetoric. You say that “…you were able to use your six senses if you will when the ugly side of PFDJ was surfacing to the fore…” No where did I allude to anything resembling that. What I tried to tell my friend AT THE TIME that there were ‘allegations’ of ill treatment/arbitrary detentions, of ex-fighters accused of corruption and other religious ‘fanatics’, I was merely advocating then what I am advocating now, that is: strong institutions, credible (not poodle) opposition and Independent HR commission are some things that we need to strive to achieve.

    • kozami October 25, 2011

      Temesgen pt2
      I can understand that for the modern day wannabe opposition who are inebriated binging from Meles’ blood soaked hands; it is not easy to understand the sheer sacrifices that ought to be made to get there. The GoE has done great strides in many areas but has long way to go too. There is no need to back peddle either, credible change is the result of painstakingly slow process of ups and downs, woyane may promise to carry our wannabe opposition on gun mounted pick up trucks to the state palace. Unfortunately, this sadistic clique promises everything to everyone to simply get by and amass its booty. Falsehood is its trade mark and the predictions that the clique makes couldn’t be more hallow. It has now inebriated our amateur wannabe opposition in to thinking that there is a short cut …and we hear the restlessness loud and clear.

      • haqqi Nezareb October 25, 2011

        You seem you are obessed with Woyanie. Do you have any fresh/original idea how to get rid off “the Woyanie clique”? Do not depend on the Ethiopian opposition. You guys tried that path for the last ten years but is having the opposite effect: Woyanie is getting stronger( unless you are dreaming). I need the ” the magic bullet” that brings the demise of Woyanie so that we can focus on election, releasing prisoners, and stop recruiting our youth for endless military service/slavery. Other wise the status quo is bleeding Eritrea slowly and surly. What is wrong with you Kozami to miss this argument? oops! Zombies don’t understand the obvious.
        Please put foreward the ” the magic Bullet” Mr. Zombie.

      • Temesgen Medhanie October 25, 2011


        They say, strategy and tactics are like the Chinese chop-sticks where one glides the other one holds ground. Sure enough, Weyanes are our strategic allies as we struggle to bring about a free, democratic and just Eritrea. It is as simple as that. There is no need for any qualms to state the facts. As much as we are cognizant of the political capital we could potentially garner as we work with partners of similar interests, we are not foolhardy not to take every detail including the fine prints with a grano salis either. When the straight line is the shortest distance between two dots, it would have been much easier and productive if we the Opposition could work with PFDJ in setting the most viable road to put Eritrea on the right track but it would be tantamount to chasing the wind when one expects Isaias to have a change of a heart and reason out with different set of ideas. Thus, we are left with no option but exhaust every venue that could lead our people to the golden promises where Eritrea finds her rightful place up on the hill as a beacon of hope and a warm adobe of every Eritrean of different ideological stripes and articles of faith.

        • Haqqi Nezareb October 25, 2011


          In the above comment you said, “Weyanes are our strategic allies as we struggle to bring about a free, democratic and just Eritrea”. Kozami will not like it. Eza natu tirik-tirik nab sheraerae kitlewot eya. These zombies are still having nightmares from the last war and let us try our best not to cause another panic and pain in them. When the dust settles, they will still be our brothers without the filthy regime they are supporting now.

          • Temesgen Medhanie October 25, 2011

            Haqqi N’zareb,

            I am sure, Qozami is physically fit where he could beat any kind of anxiety induced diarrhea or myocardial infarction. I remember back in the early 2000 or it must had been 2001, the Opposition had their first conference in Gonder where the news created not only a fuss and a commotion but it was like World War III where they were condemned left and right with in the PFDJ camps and the lukewarm elements as well. Sure enough, back then, it was a taboo let alone to have a political meeting in the ‘enemy land’ but to go on a vacation as well. But currently, you’ve no idea how many Eritreans are going to Addis on a vacation where they feel home.

        • Tsahaye October 25, 2011

          Temesgen Medhanie,

          When people are angry at you, it is not bad, but when people start to laugh at you, it is a whole different story. When the opposition first visited Ethiopia in “2000 or 2001”, it was at a time when the border war and woyane’s barbaric deportation of anyone with an Eritrean blood were still fresh in the minds of Eritreans. At that time Eritreans never thought the opposition would abandon them and become a fuselage to their arch and sadistic enemy. So when Eritreans displayed their anger at the opposition’s first visit, it was only because Eritreans had truly felt they were betrayed by the opposition. In case you are not aware of the situation now as you seem to be preoccupied to defending the woyane trash, people are not angry at the opposition any more. They are no longer taken seriously and some years have already passed since Eritreans started laughing at them. loms nAkan kemzi kemakan zAmeselu hawariat mezanagE koynom iyom terifom.

          • Haqqi Nezareb October 26, 2011


            In your last comment you wrote, “First and foremost, let me define what a hybrid is. You don’t seem to understand its meaning. A hybrid is a method, a program, or matter that has dual characteristics. For example, if you have two methods that are used for two different, you can have a third one that does both functions”. Don’t try to be smarty here. To make things clear for you, I am using the hybrid word as in Chemistry which measures bondage in a chemical entity? I am borrowing the same concept to measure your bondage to PFDJ. For me, you are still a hybrid (actually with more P-character, chemistry) which makes you even closer to PFDJ than the Eritrean people. Eritrean people are demanding: peaceful life, enough bread on the table, their kids to be released from the non-stop military services, to have election, fair trial for prisoners etc. Like PFDJ your stand is “let us wait until demarcation”. By the way what is your stand on the upcoming WAELLA in Ethiopia? May be you have a hybrid stand on this one too.

          • Tsahaye October 26, 2011

            Haqqi Nezareb,

            Sorry if I had made you feel belittled. I did not know you are a chemistry genius. I was only using the word “hybrid” in its everyday use in business, engineering and other commercial activities. As to your question of “WAELLA in Ethiopia”, I have no idea what you are trying to say. What is it? I need your enlightenment before I comment on something that I don’t know. If it is about the barbarian woyane and its Eritrean puppets, I don’t think you are that stupid to figure out by now about my stand on those whom I often call “the warlords and the barbaric financier”.

          • Haqqi Nezareb October 26, 2011


            Feel free that you didn’t make me feel belittled; I just tried to give you another definition on hybrid that you missed in your general definition.

            Let me ask you this question: why do have so much hatred on Woyanie? Is it personal or related with the last war which was started by Issais? If you still think that the war was not started by Issais, let me refer you to The Ethiopia-Eritrean claim committee ruling:

            “16. Consequently, the Commission holds that Eritrea violated Article 2, paragraph 4, of the Charter of the United Nations by resorting to armed force to attack and occupy Badme, then under peaceful administration by Ethiopia, as well as other territory in the Tahtay Adiabo and Laelay Adiabo Weredas of Ethiopia, in an attack that began on 12 May 1998, and is liable to compensate Ethiopia, for the damages caused by that violation of international law.”

          • Haqqi Nezareb October 26, 2011

            If the cause of your anguish and anger at Woyanie is the war, I had the same feeling when the war started. I was only being fed the propaganda machines of Issais at that time. In other words I was a zombie like you back then. During the war the Woyanie committed mistakes, the deportation, was one of them. If I was Melles, I would the same thing. During the war these are what your tyrant/dictator was bluffing: the war will be deep in Ethiopia not in Tigrai, we will march to Mekelle in three days, some thing related reversing natural Sunrise on Badme from the west etc. All these bluffing were used by Ethiopians to justify the deportation. Regarding the deportation Melles admitted that a mistake was done and he said sorry. All this was done in 1998. What are the Woyanie doing to help the Eritrean people now? Here are few of them:

            1. hosting about 60000-70000 Eritrean refuges in three camps
            2. giving a chance some of these Eritrean refugees to attend in their state of the art Universities and colleges
            3. returning properties to Eritrean which were confiscated during the war
            4. allowing the opposition and civic society to have a breathing room in Ethiopia

          • Haqqi Nezareb October 26, 2011



            The last point in the above paragraphs answers the question you raised regarding the Waella I mentioned earlier. If you have not heard about Waella, you must be getting your information only from ER TV, Demitse Hafash, and,, and all other pro-dictator news outlets. If you really want to know about the Waella that is going to be held in November 20011 In Ethiopia, visit, with out telling your zombies friend, to other Eritrean web sites such,, and others. You will enjoy your stay at these web sites.

            What is your stand on the looming sanction at UN? Hybrid or all the way “Yes”?

          • Haqqi Nezareb October 26, 2011


            I mentioned in the above comment, but you visit this web site only for destructive purposes, other wise had so many articles on Waella.

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