Eritrea coach proud in defeat

Omer Ahmed, the Eritrean national team coach, is delighted with his side’s effort despite the Red Sea Camels losing all their two opening games of the GOtv Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup. Eritrea lost by 3-0 margins

Omer Ahmed, the Eritrean national team coach, is delighted with his side’s effort despite the Red Sea Camels losing all their two opening games of the GOtv Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup.

Eritrea lost by 3-0 margins for the second successive game, this time against champions Uganda at the City Stadium on Monday.

The defeat left them with the slimmest of chances, if any, to progress as the best losers while victory ensured Uganda made the last eight with a game to spare.

But while the Cranes were all over Eritrea in the first half, scoring all goals in the period, the Red Sea Camels did make an impression after recess, boasting of great chances themselves but being let down by inexperience and poor application in front of goal.

That second half display especially gave Omer some encouraging notes. “For me I think I have been happy with my boys’ performance,” he told

“As you can see, we have been losing big in previous campaigns but not playing well, but now we lose 3-0 against Sudan, and now 3-0 against Uganda, but we play better (than before).”

Omer added: “We play a very tough team, Uganda… we play the champions. In the first half they play better and score their chances.

“But for us in second half we play very well, beautiful football, we pass the ball better but when we reach the box, my players don’t have experience to score. We are a young team and have no experience like Uganda. But we are growing and will be better.”

Eritrea face Rwanda in their last group opener with each side hoping to score as many as possible to hang in there, depending on results elsewhere.

Source: Super Sport

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  • abab December 3, 2013

    Oyyyyy eritrawyan ena kea ybluna. Hgdef ena zeyblu. Lomi hgdefn eritran bebeynu mkuanu yfeltu do alewu. Abotatom abalat mistrawit selfi hgdef eyom. Kab gele kab gele eryray entay kseru eziom dea.eritrawyan eko edl ms rekebu hiwetomyedhnu alewu edl ztsbeyu zneberu dea edl zeyrekebu hiwetom kedhnu ember. Hgdef msara meas yegedsen eti tarik bsm eritrea sle zsefr eyu zehzn.

  • Truly Truly i say to you December 3, 2013

    Yigerm iyu, you are right my self i didn´t hear such name in Eritrean football history. Any way Isayas select him to embarrass Eritrea and he deed it. So why you are wonder if the coach proud the defeat, didn´t Isayas self in worst form proud about the Bademe defeat as if like winner, after he let 24, 000 innocent citizens to be persecuted and our territory and islands occupied? It is foolishness as well if people assume Isayas will be sleepless, ill or bother let alone for 367, in Lampadusa and before 400 in Mediterranean Sea perished, even the wole Eritrean exterminated. Actually he is in power to what he is doing now, namely to destroy nation and people.
    Bach to the topic if you want to see real Eritrean football, this cursed censer evil man should to be eliminated first. Then mark my word in free democratic Eritrea will be African Nation Cup champion, even in World cup not only we will see them when they qualify, but when the be champions as well. God´will!

    • Selaah December 4, 2013

      You are an ideot or a chauvenist, never heard of Ahmed Abdella, Abdulrahman Pace , Jemil

  • hailu December 3, 2013

    Eritrean Defense Minster Sebhat Ephrem’s Wife Claim Asylum in Norway and Get Free Medical Treatments (Abuse of Asylum System by Shabbia Leaders)
    Post a reply
    Postby atsie » 01 Dec 2013, 08:43

    Eritrea: Defense Minster Sebhat Ephrem in Sweden

    Sunday, 01 December 2013 03:37 berQi

    General Sebhat Efrem, the Defense Minister of Eritrea, has arrived in Sweden three days ago. The reason for his visit, be it official or private, is not known yet.

    It is to be known that his wife has been getting medical attention in Norway after having asked for and secured asylum status in Norway.

    We will update you of any new developments.

    • Wedi-Hammasien December 3, 2013

      Dear All,

      This coward wedi Gojjam Sibhat Efrem is in a coward. His father is from Gojjam and he is responsible for the impressionist of G15 and for the killing of Menkae. He should be meet with fierce in Eoupa. Viva wedi Vacaro! He is giving them hard time and also Wedi Tikabo. He should be cough and brought to justice.

      • Tamrat Tamrat December 3, 2013

        You see what wrong With People like you. You create a Virtual land With a dream and opportunistic circumstances. Now when the shitt hits you hard where it makes hurt very much you start saying he is ethiopian, she is ethiopian they are ethiopians. What does this tell you? If you open Your brain for a fraction of a second making a nation needs sacrifice. The failure of pfdj is the failure of all of you. Half the suffering of Your country is caused by the opposition to win the Power. So the mass has to suffer. Why dont you for the sake of at least for Your concious Accept that you as eritrean faile Your country. Accept the mistakes you have done. And try to fix the problem. Calling each and every idiots non compitent leaders of eplf calling ethiopian shows only one thing. That is playing by the lives of million People for nothing. Oh i forgott one more thing. If eritreans meant to live lavishly in the west then from beginning of elf and up to now it Works very well. Long live Eritrea to live in the west without suffering like the rest of the world by working hard.

        • MightyEmbasoyra December 4, 2013

          Tamrat Tamrat,
          You are indeed found us at our low times. So, sad.

          • i and i December 4, 2013

            when was your highest time?

  • Galiano December 3, 2013

    Eritrea is a champoion in cycling what do you say about that ia that beacous of isaias

    • MightyEmbasoyra December 4, 2013

      You are indeed testa di galino. Buy a brain.

  • Hazhaz December 3, 2013

    ኵዕሶ እግሪ ኤርትራ ቀደም ብግዜ ጃነሆይ ኔሩ፣ ጋንታት ኣስመራ ከም በዓል ወዲ ማርያኖ ጋንታ ኣዱሊስ ምስ ኣሰልጣኒ ወዲ ልቢ፤ በዓል ሃይለ ዱባ ናይ ቴለ፤ ቦኽረጽዮን ናይ ሓማሴን፣ ጋንታት ኣምባሶይራ መንደፈራ ቀይሕ ባሕሪ፣ ምስ በዓል ድሬዳዋ ቅዱስግዮርጊስ ቡና ክቡርዘበኛ ጸምቢርካ ንኣፍሪቃ ከንቀጥቅጡ።

    ሓቂ ንምዝራብ ውን ናይ ዘመነ መንጌ ኵዕሶ እግሪ ኤርትራ ብዞባ ምብራቕ ኣፍሪቃ ኣዝዮም ዝነኣዱ እዮም ኔሮም። ከምኒ ቺፖሊኒ ኣዱሊስ ሓይሊ ኤለትሪክ ሴዳዎ፣ ምስ ኩሉ ጸገማቶም ዋልያ፣ ብደረጃ ኣፍሪቃ ይወዳደሩ ኔሮም እዮም።
    ዋእ ድሕሪ ሓርነት እሞ ዘረባ የብሉን። ኵዕሶ ውርደት እንተተባህለ ምግናን ኣይኮነን። ሽም ሃገራዊ ጋንታ ኤርትራ፣ ብዓይኒ ኣፍሪቃውያን፣
    “ሕጂኸ ክንደይ ክጥፍኡ እዮም፣” ኮይኑ ሳጎኦም።

    ገድሊ ምስ በልካ ኵዕሶዶ ይበሃል እዩ።

  • waEro December 3, 2013

    The fact that they played better in the 2nd half in both cases show that they could have been a very good team had they practiced together for a long time. But this was a rush. I am sorry for the players. The wedi Abdela time where Eritreans were considered good players will come soon.

  • Mike December 3, 2013

    Unrelated story to the topis above but sad:

    I just run in to a few Eritrean at an Air port. I took some time to chat my lingo since I miss it at times. Sadly these folks were frustrated on how to get to Eritrea. The sad part is that these folks had just lost their beloved once. Moreover, these folks I meet at the airport were trying to get the body of their loved once back to Eritrea. Apparently, there is no flight to Eritrea! As I pressed more as to what they mean by “no flights” – German Air line has given up, Yemen Air line is unreliable, all other flights do not accommodate the cargo and the body of deceased one is in limbo!

    Another story I heard was also bizarre! Some one went to Eritrea to visit but could not find any flight to get back to where he resides. So this person had to drive to Sudan and get a flight and book back home to USA.

    At this point, my conversation with the folks I met at the airport had to come to and end, and had to catch my flight to my destination. I stopped to say hello and chat and got hit with some reality check on what goes on in Eritrea. I been out of touch for months but I did not expect it this bad….. Well, all you die hard fun of the Eritrean gov. What else is left? This is the lowest this country has gotten….. sadly – there is no single brave man to stand against few, including I guess Issays, to get rid of them. Where is January 21 heart! Anyone out there…. God help Eritrea people.

    • Sarah December 3, 2013

      Dig deeper you idiot. You haven’t even scratched the surface of why things are occurring. Do Eritrean men always whine this much?

    • i and i December 4, 2013

      try Egypt air.

      • tg December 4, 2013

        try ethiopia air line it takes you may nefhi shebelba the new eritrea capital city

  • monicasalguero December 4, 2013

    Ahyyyyyy! Hezba dem endazareye habta bserekti…Endatefahque,deka bbarenet btmetn, bxmn, behmamn, Enatesake KALEH MEXEBAY helenaka mdea-as Eyú.

    Haye belú Hezbjum: Kendi xeruy megbi-zwedeke, Knd xeruy may-may bela Fañatura, kende tmhrti-sawa abú kshetekúmn kewtekúmn metan keteemeni Entezey- tebarabrkúm natkúm gúdyú Ilúna Isaias Entay negber?

  • Zeray December 4, 2013

    Omer Ahmed will consider a great achievement if he can keep the rest of his players from disappearing. He is there to work as a guard disguised with the title of a coach.

  • Gual_Kehawta December 6, 2013

    I qoute the PIA..” If an Arab kid fails in his school exams, then he blames Israel”.

    Alternatively a certain commentor is telling us ” If an Eritrean General fails people’s expectations, then he must be an Ethiopian.”

    For we had sacrified a lot to be free from Ethiopians, only to be abused by tigrinyia speaking Ethiopians, then we probably are the foolest in the enitre world.
    Isaias Wedi Medhin Berad – Agame/Ethiopian
    Yemane Manki – Agame/Ethiopian
    Yemane G/Meskle – at list his wife is 100% Ethiopian
    General Yishak Efrem – Gojam/ Ethiopia

    Why do you guys choose to be a fool ???

    Instead of tracing faults by race lines, then you would end up making the same mistake again and again.

    P.S did I sound agame/Ethiopian?